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  • Lucy, I love this hair.

  • Thank you.

  • James: It's a triumpth .

  • Are you finding blonds have more fun?

  • We'll about to find out.

  • Let's go.

  • James: So far -- She just, She said "Let's

  • go."

  • James: Let's get on the fun train

  • talking about her.

  • Look at this beautiful -- >> James:[cheers and applause]

  • James : Beautiful hair.

  • Is this what we're going to do is talk about hair?

  • James: No.

  • I wouldn't of said yes to coming,if I was a kid.

  • James : Mandy, you have more hair than all of us.

  • On my face.

  • You've gonna up run back to anywhere. You are a huge man.

  • James: top, back -- if you can ask the barber to

  • send me your clippings.

  • I could tape them in.

  • Much appreciated.

  • James: you have the most beautiful head of hair, Shawn.

  • You have thought about dyeing it or bleaching it?

  • I would.

  • I would go red.

  • I wouldn't go red.

  • James: Did you -- Were you in line for " The Price Is Right "?

  • Really, red?

  • I wanted to when i was a kid, a lot.

  • I never did it now i definitely won't do it.

  • James: You have to do you, man.

  • You have to do you.

  • I think like a platinum silver.

  • Ya.

  • You have to do your eyebrows as well. Right?

  • Not really.

  • James: I think like a salt and pepper, silver.

  • I could do a "touch of grey"commercial.

  • James: I will di dye your hair tomorrow.

  • -Let's not do this. -That took it change.

Lucy, I love this hair.

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How About a Red-Headed Shawn Mendes? #LateLateShawn

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    Chloe posted on 2018/10/06
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