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So we guess you like someone, which is either great or absolutely terrible. We have no clue.
However, you might be wondering, what are the things that make us attracted to each other? What roles do our brains play?
Well, lucky for you, us at Psych2Go got a list of nine comprehensive facts about attraction.
First off, you've got to sound and smell like you're bigger and better than you are. You fake your smell and sound until you make it.
Studies from the University of Wroclaw - thank you, Poland - held a study about the effects of one's sound and smells into attraction.
You can tell a lot about someone from their voice, age, gender, weight, dominance, emotional state, and personality.
So, if you sound more attractive, or even more confident, you'll come off that way.
Then you have scent, where an androgen steroid, called androstadienone, comes into play.
This steroid has an odorless chemical compound which people can smell on each other, which naturally leads to attraction.
This actually occurs in body odor.
Deodorant still recommended.
Secondly, womens' attraction changes throughout menstrual cycle.
According to several studies, women are attracted to different things depending on where they are in their menstrual cycles.
For example, when they're fertile, women like more masculine features, and vice versa when a woman is not ovulating.
Thirdly, men don't value intelligence as much as women,
which I think is pretty self-explanatory, but the stats explain that women are more likely to date less-than-average looking men with higher intelligence.
However, average women with intelligence being deemed attractive by men, is at a 40%.
Four: a study that delved into speed dating found that people who were the most narcissistic, scored higher in attractiveness.
So pretty much, because narcissists care so much about their appearance, that translates to them being more attractive.
So, number five is really shallow.
To stop people from cheating on you, date people in your 'league', or settle for people who are traditionally less attractive than you are.
Which, again, SUPER shallow,
but studies from Harvard showed, that people who felt more attractive than their partners felt less satisfied, and felt like they needed more and cheated more.
Number six: opposites attract.
A study found that people are attracted to a different genetic blueprint than their own,
which lies in our HLA complex, which is crucial to our immune system.
So, supposedly, we can sense each others' HLA complexes through smell, and opposing complexes lead to sexual attraction.
Number seven: a study found that beards are hot, and women think a full beard is hubby material, while a little bit of stubble is great for one night stands.
Over to eight: it's better to be weird in pick-up lines.
A unique metaphor like, 'your smile is a sea of flowers', is better than 'you're pretty', because it shows that you have some creativity and intelligence.
Finally, women are attracted to people who are like their brothers,
which is pretty much an offshoot of us being attracted to people who remind us of our parents.
So that's all from us at Psych2Go and our nine facts on attraction and psychology.
'Til next time!
Still, wear some deoderant.
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9 Facts About Attraction

4692 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on November 20, 2018    Amber Li translated    Evangeline reviewed
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