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  • China has total respect for Donald Trump

  • and for Donald Trump's very, very large brain.

  • Why has president Trump given so much to North Korea?

  • If I wasn't elected, you would have had a war.

  • President Obama thought you had to go to war.

  • You know how close he was to pressing

  • the trigger for war?

  • We're not doing well ...

  • Err, let me call the Russian's to help.

  • We have pictures of president Trump.

  • Woooah, where can I get 'em?

  • Err, wow that's a lot of hands.

  • You're with who? – Hannah Thomas Peter from Sky News.

  • OK good, Sky News. Congratulations on the purchase.

  • [Laughter] – Nothing to do with me.

  • I hope you benefited.

  • Yeah, you. Guy looks ... Guy looks like he's shocked.

  • This is going to be not good.

  • The guy looks totally, like, stunned.

  • Have you ever been picked before for a question?

  • Excuse me, you said where, from where?

  • Rudaw Media Network from Kurdistan region,

  • northern Iraq. I'm a Kurd. – OK. Good. Good.

  • Great people. –Thank you, sir.

  • Great people! Thank you. – Mr President ...

  • Are you a Kurd? – Mr President ...

  • Good. They're great people, they're great fighters.

  • I like them a lot. Let's go. I like this question so far.

  • Yes, please, Mr Kurd.

  • New York Times, come on! New York Times.

  • The failing New York Times. Stand up, go ahead.

  • I like president Xi a lot. I think he's a friend of mine.

  • He may not be a friend of mine anymore

  • but I think he probably respects ... From what I hear.

  • You were talking about your administration's accomplishments

  • at the United Nations and a lot of the leaders laughed ...

  • Well, that's fake news. – What was that experience like?

  • That's fake news and it was covered that way.

  • OK, they weren't laughing at me,

  • they were laughing with me. We had fun.

  • When you say 'does it effect me?' In terms of my thinking,

  • with respect to Judge Kavanaugh,

  • absolutely because I've had it many times.

  • When I see it, I view it differently than somebody

  • sitting home, watching television, where they say:

  • "Oh, Judge Kavanaugh" this or that.

  • It's happened to me many times. I've had many false charges.

  • If we bought George Washington here and we said:

  • "We have George Washington", the Democrats would

  • vote against him, just so you understand.

  • And he may have had a bad past, who knows? You know.

  • He may have had some, I think, accusations made.

  • Didn't he have a couple of things in his past?

  • Always like to finish with a good one.

  • Elton John said: "When you hit that last tune

  • and it's good, don't go back."

  • Well, let me ask you ...

  • I've seen ... Have you ever seen? They do great , they're great,

  • they hit the last tune and everyone goes crazy.

China has total respect for Donald Trump

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The strangest moments from Donald Trump's UN press conference

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