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  • Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

  • I'm gonna tell you three facts about "the".

  • We use 'the' when referring to a specific thing and both you and the person you're talking to know which one you mean.

  • Please pass me the milk.

  • We can see the bottle so we know it's that one.

  • Number 2

  • We don't use 'the' when we're talking about something in general. For example, I love chocolate.

  • Number 3

  • We don't use 'the' when it doesn't matter which thing we're talking about.

  • We usually use 'a' or 'an', here. Give me a cup of tea, I don't care which cup, any cup will do.

Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

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3 Facts about 'The': English In A Minute

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