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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It's Linda Raynier here. Today I'm doing another special
video and I'm going to be talking to Shavar, Top Notch Resume success student
of mine he was looking for a job for about six months and was unsuccessful
until he took the Top Notch Resume course and now has finally landed his
dream job offer which he's gonna tell you all about
so Shavar thank you so much for joining me here today
thank you so much for inviting me I'm actually happy to be here I'm excited to
chat with you and I'm excited for you to share your story what was your situation
before you took the Top Notch Resume course when you were searching for a job
what was the whole deal with that I say throughout my career I've had a hard
time selling myself in a resume I think a lot of us we learn in college in even
high school how to create like a basic resume just like the bullet points like
the very thin bullet planes in a one line career objective and we hold on to
that because that's all we know but for me that we didn't take me many
places if I'm being quite candid you know it's been a period of time after
graduate school being unemployed and not being able to get a job at all so any
job opportunity like that came for me I kind of took it and ran with it looking
for another job everybody came up about six to eight months ago
I'm currently a manager and I knew I did not want to stay on this course of being
a manager for the rest of my career I already want to get into a training
opportunity and eventually accept my own business so when I discovered your
resume writing course I was actually really excited because I was able to
learn how to sew myself everything you you said in your course was really just
spot-on my looking at the keywords and looking at you know those those action
items we're really helped me to learn how to sell myself a lot better so I'm
very thankful for your guidance throughout the course cuz I was able to
come up with a much better resume and now I'm able to not only help myself
also help others too a year ago I was like okay I know I want to move forward
now I want to move to California and have a new career how can I get
there what can I do and I was kind of feeling stuck like you know where do I
go what what can happen but thankfully I came across your YouTube channel and and
the rest is history what was the statistics in terms of when
you were looking for a job with your old resume how many interviews would land
you know with your new resume what was the success like what was sort of the
statistics my success rate back then my waiting to get a phone call I will send
resumes left and right to different agency he's looking to get there's a
callback for an interview and nothing will happen we're asked with your with
this new resume that I have to your program I got a job phone calls for
interviews from agencies in Washington DC and California so it really does work
I mean if you just have a strong resume and you know how to sell yourself based
on based on that resume you can you can go many places in your career so come
across your program and learning about looking for a good job posts and good
job descriptions and looking for those keywords and what that actually means
and the formula that really helped me out a lot so I know that you you have a
job offer now tell us a little bit about what that process was like just and how
you feel about it I am super excited so I'll be a trainer I'll be working with
health departments across the country they really saw that I have a lot of
experience based on how I saw myself in my resume so it really worked like
clockwork I knew what to expect it was very straightforward after my first
interview they call me in for a second and the second interview was again very
straightforward and and being a couple days afterwards I was give me a phone
call from an HR about you know the possibility of moving to the Bay Area
and I didn't want to get my hopes up too high cuz I'm gonna you know if they
could choose another candidate so who knows but early last week I got the
phone call with the offer so you know because of my resume and because of how
I sold myself in the interview they offer me the higher end
their salary range for this position which that never happened to me at all
in my career I've always been a person who would get the lower in other salary
range because I did not have enough experience so the fact that this
organization is not only offered me an opportunity in a field that I want to
get into you know my dream job but they also offered me to hire in the salary is
something that you know I'm just totally blown away by and totally grateful for
100% that is amazing and congratulations Savard I love this story so I want to
take it back because you said before you were seen as someone who would always
get the lower end of the salary because they thought that you didn't have enough
experience because of the way that you sold yourself on your resume and in your
interviews I mean how do you feel now about yourself personally and
professionally knowing now the approach on how to really sell yourself on your
resume and your prospects for your career moving forward I now see that
offer a lot more value than I did before I think oftentimes for professionals if
you are in a work environment where you're being told either by each our or
your supervisor or some kind of upper management that you don't have enough
experience to get this certain paid pay increase or or salary you oftentimes
will kind of internalize that and personalize that to where it's Harvey to
feel like you have any value to offer another organization or company to get
the salary that you feel like you deserve and that's how I felt throughout
my career after doing your your course and seeing what I had on paper and
talking to other other colleagues that I was not working with people with this
resume like you know I'm looking to move to California and I say you know I don't
happen a lot of experience but I'm looking to learn and grow as I know you
have a ton of experience and and that helped me out as well so I was like well
maybe I do have more to offer maybe I should kind of reframe how I'm thinking
and not necessarily take heed or personalize some of the comments that
were made to me in the past about not having experience to give the kind of
salary day I feel like I deserve so when I got the call for this interview I just
said you know let me just going there sell myself based on the things I know
so I think I'm just really helped me to go into him
you feelin a lot more calm bring a lot more self-assured feeling a lot more
competent and and I think that really you know what's coming from me to to the
interviewing team what would you say to someone who right now is in a situation
that you were in let's say a year ago and who is now looking for a new job but
who's struggling to land interviews or struggling to get the job offers and
they're considering taking top-notch resume what what would advice or what
recommendation would you give to them I just say this take the step in in take
the course if you just take the step by taking the course then you can come out
with it with a stronger resume and you can come out feeling a lot more
confident professional and you said it's a funnel the profile is the top of the
funnel and everything kinda trickles down so I'll be able to do that in my
time our resume and you will come out feeling a lot more confident at the
current moment you don't feel confident because it's been theirs take the first
step by taking the course awesome and what if they were thinking oh you know I
don't have a job right now so I can't invest in myself I mean what would you
tell them in that case I will say I understand I got my graduate degree in
2012 and the same week that I got my degree I got a notice of eviction from
my apartment and I got a hard times I found from house to house for a year and
a half I did not have a job for you to have I went back on food stamps and and
it was it was it was horrible I can really relate to a person who says I
can't take care of myself right now I mean I don't have a job your course
teaches people things that no one else is teaching right now I'm a strong
believer in this is that there are resume writing programs out there
through like you know the Department of Labor that really doesn't give us a
quality resumes that we need to get the jobs that we're looking for the jobs
that we deserve the jobs that will help us sustain our own economy personally in
an often times we get tired the basic format on how to create a resume
in high score in college and their videos and service very well but if you
just take this course you will learn how to come up with the quality resume and
you'll learn that you do have a lot more experience saying than you actually
thought so you'll be able to take care of yourself you'll be able to find ways
to cure yourself and and if you have a dream in your heart you have a goal you
have you know something that is keeping you going in some kind of way didn't
really just believe in that and take the steps that you need for yourself
it's your life for a reason he's gotta live your life for you beautiful and you
know this ties in with the work that I do too and I'm glad you mentioned that
shavar because the reason why I do what I do I teach people how to land jobs and
how to move forward in their careers is because at the end of the day it's your
life your career plays a big role in your life right I mean it brings you a
lot of meaning and if you're not going after it the right way you don't have
the right strategy or the right tactics you might be missing out on
opportunities that could easily be yours but it's just because you didn't know
how to go after them so thank you for sharing one other thing I want to
mention is some people when they're comparing oh I have to take a course I
have to figure this all out myself I have to write the resume myself why
don't I just pay someone to write my resume for me what would you say to them
about that I know someone right now who has fall onto hard times and is actually
you know working with a corporate headhunter to write their resume and
send it out to different company it didn't help them get a job and
unfortunately you know she just hasn't found any opportunities whatsoever and
my heart goes out to her I say you know this program is amazing that Aranea is
amazing I mean I learned so much from her please do this course but she was
really this leaning into the idea of these headhunters give me giving her an
opportunity and it this has somebody worked out so you know sometimes when
you put all your eggs into that particular basket of someone you know
writing your resume for you or finding your opportunity for you it may work
based on them being a quality professional and give you a quality
product or it may not work and I think that's
that's a gamble you take with that so you know I say I say learner skills
learning steps and pay it forward to those who need it most beautiful
beautiful thank you so much so far I you know I I really appreciate you sharing
your story with me and with everyone that's watching I mean it's amazing and
I'm so happy for you that you've you know finally landed your dream job and
you you're getting paid what you deserve as well and you're moving to your dream
location all these wonderful things yeah yes yeah I'm really excited about
because I live in Ohio right now and oh my god I got the seasonal back to this
order where I get really depressed or no weather and I'm like I told myself
last winter I said I cannot do this again I have to buy an opportunity out
west and and I'm so thankful like I said you announced your course like I was
driving home and I pulled over I'm like I'm getting of course now like I'm going
to Scranton so I just want to say thank you to you because I this program really
helped me to take the necessary steps to to get myself out of this tundra and
into the warm climate and to pursue my career and my personal goals I feel like
you know this opportunity it's gonna be very amazing for me because it's gonna
help me to learn some more essential skills and then build a business I want
to have and maybe meaningful purposeful impact I want to make with hopefully the
world so you know I'm just really thankful and I'm really excited thank
you so much revoir for spending the time with me and with us here today did you
come for those of you who are in a similar situation that shavar was in who
are looking for new opportunities if you're looking for a new position and
you've been applying but you haven't been getting the jobs that you've wanted
time to according to Shavar and to me to try out Top Notch Resume you can head
on over to my website lindaraynier.com/topnotchresume
just read through the success stories you know that your resume is not in the
greatest shape it's time to revamp it and top-notch resume I will
walk you through that whole process step by step as shavar just mentioned so if
you liked this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe to share it with
your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time
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How to Sell Yourself and Get a Job Offer at the Higher Salary Range (Exactly How He Did It!)

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Emily published on September 30, 2018
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