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Hi there! I'm so glad you guys enjoyed learning French in one word, I hope you took something with you.
Obviously French is much more than that, but it's just one of those words that I felt needed to be shared with the world.
At the same time, I got a ton of comments saying, yeah but there's a word in English that means the same thing
But for me, it's not quite the same. I don't know if it's because French isn't my native language, but for me I don't
walk around going, "oh my god, that's f***in awesome, f***in cool, f***in wow you're the f***in man. Actually maybe I do
...maybe you guys are totally right about that one. But in any case, being here in New York. Oh yeah! I'm in NYC for a week!
It made me remember that actually there's an expression in English that is far more magical. It doesn't have unicorns
exploding from it, but it does have puppies and kittens and sugar bonbons exploding from it. Now really, this is for anyone
that is not from the south U.S. All you have to do to speak English really "interestingly" is just adopt a southern accent
and put the words "bless his heart" or "bless her heart" and anything you say automatically becomes positive.
Because you blessed their heart afterwards. Just to give you an example : Oh she’ll never get married, she's uglier than
a rats ass, bless her heart. See? I just called her uglier than a rat's ass, but it's totally OK because I blessed her heart.
There are just so many possibilities with this expression. Oh, that baby weight just will never go away, she’s doomed forever
bless her heart. It's like the most horrible thing that you can say to someone that just had a baby. But it's OK. Because you
blessed her heart. If he were any dumber, no I guess he couldn’t be any dumber, bless his heart. Why she looks just like
a prostitute, bless her heart. Why he couldn’t get a girl if he tackled one down, put her in a bag, and stored her away,
bless his heart. They keep that stereo up til 3 am again, I’m gonna shove this phone where the sun don’t shine
bless their hearts. See? You can just say the most horrible things and "bless her heart" afterwards and you're totally good
to go. You're welcome. Now remember what I said about magical phrases, You can't use this ALL the time, or
it will come back on you and people will think you're a d***. And I realize it can be difficult to speak with a souther accent
but give it a shot, trust me. People will love you if you say this phrase. Bless your heart. I'm sure there are way better
expressions that need to be said with this, so if you know them, please put them down below. And like and subscribe
to share with your friends, right? Bless your heart.
Like I said, I'm here for the #140Conf so I put some of the info down below, it's Wednesday and Thursday
If you're in NYC, GO to it! Thanks to Jeff Pulver for organizing everything. I'm excited to finally meet you in person
I'm talking about hugs and serendipity.
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學會三個英文字!就能讓你人見人愛Speak English in 3 Words

2525 Folder Collection
Zenn published on March 12, 2013
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