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- So, what's your favorite color?
- My favorite color is neon green,
I like neon colors.
- My three favorite colors
are, blue, red and pink.

- I gotta say red, because
I just like the color .

- Mine are, yellow, pink and light blue.
- What's your favorite subject at school?
- I have to say art, because
I love to make things

that are in my imagination and stuff.
- What do you like to do at school,
and how do you like school?
- School's pretty good,
my favorite thing to do,

is do recess 'cause I get to play
with my friends all the time.
- A lot of people disagree with me,
but I like math personally.
I'm actually not sure why,
but I just like multiplication, division,
and all those operations.
- Oh wow.
- What do you like to do at school?
- My typical thing, is
basically recess and lunch,

but I think my favorite subject
in school is language arts.

- What's your favorite sport?
- Probably dancing,
because it's kinda energetic.
- Do you play any sports?
- I do swimming, because my
mom used to be a lifeguard.

- I like to dance and do gymnastics.
Usually I dance hip-hop and
when I'm doing gymnastics,

I just do it for fun with my friend.
- I do football, baseball,
and track and field,

and I did hockey a long time ago.
- I wanna be a model,
actor, singer, dancer,

or a gymnast, and also a veterinarian
'cause I love animals.
- What do you wanna be when you grow up?
- I wanna help animals and be a singer.
- I want to be a teacher
because I wanna see

what it feels like teaching kids.
I wanna see if they're way
too crazy, way too loud.

- [Charlie] What do you wanna be?
- I'm gonna be a football player.
- What do you think I look like?
- I think you may have short hair,
probably blonde hair.
And I think you're white.
I think you're wearing a red shirt, pants.
I think you were born in California,
and I think you're eight or nine.
- I think you have long brown hair.
You are wearing
some pants and a blue shirts,
and you are from California.
Think you are in 4th grade,
and you're nine years old.
- You have black or brownish hair,
and you're white.
You'd be wearing green shorts
and a dark blue shirt.
I think you're from Los Angeles.
You're at least 10.
- You have blonde hair.
I think that you're wearing some pants
and a grayish shirt.
You are from Los Angeles, California.
I think that you are in 4th grade,
you're nine years old.
- Hi.
- This is interesting.

It's the weirdest thing in the world,
because I didn't expect
you to look like this,

I got this all wrong.
So turns out, that I'm
not really wearing pants,

I'm kinda wearing leggings,
and you were very close
with the red shirt.

I'm wearing a pink shirt.
- I was going to say pink,
but then I just thought you
were wearing a red shirt.

- I said dark blue, you have
light blue on as a shirt.

- I know .
You saying you wore green shorts.
- Yeah, that was completely wrong.
You're wearing jeans.
- And you got my skin color wrong.
- Wrong.
- Yeah.

- Completely the opposite.
- Are you white or brown, just saying?
- Both.
- Yeah.

I was thinking of mixed.
I said you were like eight or nine.
- I'm nine, what are you?
- I'm ten.
- You're ten?

I knew it.
- Yeah, you knew it.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Chicago, but
originally born here.

- I'm from here, just
here, I was born here.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- So I was right about the jeans.
- And I was wrong about the pants,
you're actually wearing a pink dress
which is really pretty.
- Thank you, so I said
that you were wearing

a purple shirt but you're wearing red
'cause that' your favorite color.
- I said that your hair is brown.
- It's brown.
- And I was correct.

You said that my hair was blonde,
but it's actually red.
- Yes.

And I was born in Los Angeles, California,
so got that right.
- And I'm actually born in San Bernardino,
so you kinda got that a little wrong.
I'm eight years old, last
year I was in 3rd grade.

- [Kayla] So you're going to 4th grade.
- Yeah, I'm going to 4th grade.
- I'm actually 10 , and
I'm going to 5th grade.

- I thought you were white
because of your voice.

I know it sounds weird, but.
- I thought you were white,
because on this show I saw a guy
that sounded exactly like
you and he was white.

I was like, this must be the same guy.
- Can you show me one of
your special talents .

- Well, I'll just show you a finger,
- Oh wow!

- With all my fingers actually.
I can make my fingers crack.
It's really crazy, it
creeps my friends out.

- It was nice meeting you.
- You too.
- Wanna floss?
- Sure.

- One, two, three.
- Nice meeting you.
- High five.

♪ Soul Pancake♪
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89 Folder Collection
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