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  • Hi. It's Day 12.

  • You know what's one of the harder things to hear?

  • It's a word that's part of a contraction.

  • Like the verb IS.

  • We'll talk about IS and OF in this lesson.

  • IS, as you know, often contracts to a single letter: 'S.

  • You heard a few examples earlier.

  • what's / it's / that's

  • It's quick and it's quiet.

  • But you need to hear it in order to understand what someone's saying.

  • OR...what someone is saying.

  • As you heard, these contractions with IS are not always written.

  • Look at these sentences.

  • Does each apostrophe + S stand for "is"?

  • No.

  • Take a look.

  • "Nick's dad" ...that's a possessive form. His dad.

  • "It has been" the present perfect.

  • But in fast speech I'll use apostrophe + S

  • in each of these sentences. Listen.

  • So your ear needs to recognize

  • what that 'S stands for.

  • OF is also quick and hard to catch.

  • We can reduce the vowel sound to a schwa,

  • but we might even drop the F altogether.

  • So instead of "one of the harder things,"

  • you may hear "one uh the harder things."

  • Listen closely.

  • I'll say a sentence or phrase.

  • You try to understand.

  • That's all for now.

  • Thanks for watching and happy studies.

Hi. It's Day 12.

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