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hello friends, today m going to teach you how to take measurement of new suit from old one
this is my old kurti, first of all we measure the length of it
the length is ready 36 inch
the second one is shoulder to shoulder width, from this stitching to that one
it comes 12 inch
after that measure shoulder length, from top take 0.5 inch above and in straight with chest i.e 7 inch
after that chest, start from where shoulder length ends and measure it width wise
it comes 21 inch, so we take double of it i.e 42 inch
after that take waist length, measure from top till the waist curve i.e 13 inch
now take waist, taken in width wise it comes 17.5 inch so take its double i.e 35 inch
after that take hip length, measure from top till the opening of front and back slit i.e 20 inch
and in width we take hips, from the same slit opening line it comes 22 inch, so its double is 44 inch
after that we take half bottom width, which is the bottom hem and it is 22 inch ready
now we come to front neck length, place inch-tape in straight with shoulders, and measure in length
it is 7 inch
after that we take back neck length, at the same point put inch-tape and measure the length of back neck
it is 6.5 inch
now we take neck width, measure it from middle of neck and it comes 6.5 inch
after that come to sleeves length, measure from the stitching line till sleeve's end i.e 7 inch
after that we take half arm-round, like this we measure it, .e 6.5 inch
that is our complete measurement of kurti, and now i'll teach you how to take bottom's measurement
in salwar's measurement, first of all take length of salwar without belt
we leave the belt and then take the measurement of salwar, this upper portion is our belt
place inch-tape leaving this and take measurement till end of foothole i.e 31.5 inch
after that we measure crotch length, put inch-tape in center of salwar and measure it leaving the belt i.e 8.5 inch
after that we measure half foothole, like this width wise, it comes 7.5 inch
after that we measure the length of belt i.e 5.5 inch
in last, we measure width of belt, place your bottom like this and measure from one corner to other
it comes near about 24 inch
this is our complete measurement of salwar, like in this way we complete the measurement taking of new suit and salwar from old one
and now we do drafting of this measurement on new suit
if you like how I take measurements of new kurti and salwar then hit the like button
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in next video i'll teach you a new cutting/stitching in a simple way..thank you :)
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How To Take Measurement For New Kurti And Salwar From Old One | DIY - Tailoring With Usha

49 Folder Collection
賴正華 published on September 23, 2018
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