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- And if you wait to be perfect,
then you won't get the natural
practice that you need,

and you won't enjoy speaking in English,
which is the number one reason
why most people want
to learn this language.

Hello, this is Jack from tofluency.com,
and in this lesson I'm
going to share five tips

to help you overcome your
fear of speaking in English.

And this will help you become
a more confident English speaker.
It is important to overcome this fear
if you want to make progress,
but also because most
people who learn English

want to do so, so that they
can have conversations.

And if you are too fearful to speak
then you'll never do what you want to do,
which is to talk to people in English.
So, be sure to watch all this tips
and then at the end of the video,
I need your feedback.
Tip one is this:
Know that native speakers don't
care if you make mistakes.

This is vitally important to know
because the number one
fear that people have

when they speak in English is that other
people are going to laugh at
them when they make mistakes.

I'm sure you have this fear too,
that people will judge
you or say something

if you make a mistake
when speaking in English.

But again, the majority of native speakers
won't make fun of you.
And in fact, we are so used
to hearing different accents,

the different ways that
non-native speakers speak.

And also, the mistakes that
people make on a regular basis,

that we don't really care about it.
We're used to hearing this.
What we care about is making
that connection with you.

Know that there will be times when someone
will laugh when you say something.
This has happened to me
so many times in Spanish.

People have laughed at
the way I said something

or they smiled or I said something
that didn't make any sense.
And the key is just to
embrace it, enjoy it,

to know that you are going to
make mistakes when you speak.

And tip number four is going
to help you overcome this problem.
But for now, know that native speakers,
again, don't care when you make mistakes.
Tip number two is to get
out of your comfort zone.

Now, your comfort zone is
where you feel comfortable.

It's where things are easy,
it's where you don't really
have to make any big effort.

When it comes to learning English,
this maybe lying in your bed
and watching YouTube videos.

But in order to make
meaningful improvements,

it's important to get
out of your comfort zone

if you need to do this.
And this is important when
it comes to speaking to,

and it can be difficult
to take that first step

in order to get the
practice that you need.

But I'm here to tell you
to make that extra effort

to do something that might
be a little bit uncomfortable

at first so that you can make
the progress you want to make.

Tip number three is going to tell you how.
What I want you to do is this,
take a baby step.
Now, taking a baby step
means taking a small step.

Something where you just get a little bit
outside of your comfort zone,
so then it's not too overwhelming
or too difficult at first.

When it comes to overcoming your fear
of speaking in English,
what I recommend to do is to find a person
who you can practice with.
Just one person, somebody
who you can practice with

on a one to one basis.
Someone who you like and
someone who you trust.

Practicing with this person
will help you build up your confidence.
And after a while, you'll start thinking,
"This isn't so bad,
I don't have that fear
of speaking anymore,

instead I'm excited to speak in English."
And then you'll find
yourself taking advantage

of other speaking opportunities.
For example, speaking up in
class when you know the answer.

But it's all about taking that first step
so that you can build up your confidence.
So, look for a teacher,
a language exchange partner
or a friend who can help you.
Tip four is so important and it's this:
improving your level
doesn't necessarily mean

that you're going to have more confidence
when speaking in English.
I know people who have
really high levels of English

but they still have a fear
of speaking in English.

And I also know people
who have lower levels

but they are super confident
and they're always speaking.

Now, the reason why those
with high levels don't speak

is because they're waiting to be perfect.
They want to be perfect
before they start speaking.

But you have to let this
idea of perfection go.

No one is perfect and if
you wait to be perfect

then you won't get the natural
practice that you need,

and you won't enjoy speaking in English,
which is the number one reason
why most people want
to learn this language.

So, don't wait for perfection.
Take that baby step today
in order to improve.

Having said that, it's
still important to improve

your speaking because when
you have a higher level

and when you say things in
an ultimatic and natural way,

you'll enjoy speaking more.
And, you'll be able to
talk about a variety

of topics with different people.
Now, I have a method that is
going to help you with this.

Here it is.
Firstly, learn the sounds of English.
Know what to do with your mouth
in order to produce the correct sounds.
And then, start imitating
English speakers.

Do this by finding sentences and phrases
with audio and repeat them.
Record your version,
compare it to the original
and then make any necessary
changes you need to make.

Now, you might have to get out
of your comfort zone to do this,
because it isn't so easy.
It isn't as easy as
watching YouTube videos.

And you might not like the
sound of your own voice,

but this method is powerful.
And then once you have made changes,
get long-term repetition.
Repeat these sentences
and phrases over time

in the most effective way.
Now, I have a program that
gives you the full method

and the materials that you
need in order to follow these.

So, learn more about that
at tofluency.com/tfp.

Now, I want to hear from you.
Please let me know what has stopped you
in the past from speaking in English.
Think about specific situation
where you have the opportunity to speak
but you didn't and what
stopped you from speaking.

And then once you have left your comment,
check out my other videos to help you
improve your speaking and
become more confident.

Thank you so much for watching.
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Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English & Become a Confident Speaker (5 Powerful Tips)

32 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 22, 2018
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