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Hey, it's Coach Tief from tips4running.com with some cross country running tips, specifically
tips for high school and middle school cross country runners. The most important tip by
far is to train in the pre-season. You've got to come into the cross country season
into decent shape if you want to have a good season throughout the whole year. Uh, you
need to run, bike, swim, do something to get yourself aerobically fit. That's the best
tip that I can give you. Some other things that you can do is make sure you have a successful
season is, well you have to eat healthy. You've got to put good food into your body. Also,
you need to get enough sleep. It's hard to do, specifically in high school, but you got
to go to bed to get your zzzs. The next thing is to set some goals. You have to have a goal
going into the cross country season. Do you want to run a specific time? Do you want to
run a total number of miles during the season. Set your goals high. Cross country is all
about running the hills. You have to learn how to run up hill relaxed and fast, and be
able to crest a hill and go. You also have to learn how to run down a hill by going fast,
but not out of control. A great way to make sure you have a great cross country season
is to run with your teammates. You can run with them in the races. Pack it up, move up
as a pack. Or, run with them in the pre-season, and get into shape so you have a successful
season. Pacing is a huge part of cross country. They hand out the awards at the finish line.
They don't hand out awards at the first turn. You've got to learn to go out at a steady
pace and be able to hold that pace, in training runs, and in races. Pace yourself. One tip
that I can't stress enough is you've got to be mentally tough. Cross country running is
tough. You're the one that has to push yourself. You have to set those goals high, and be mentally
tough during training, and during racing. You've got to stay positive. My last tip.
Have fun out there. Cross country is a great sport. People get better. You live a healthy
lifestyle, so have fun.
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Cross Country Running Tips

967 Folder Collection
sheng-de published on October 4, 2013
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