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  • Hey, it's Coach Tief from with some cross country running tips, specifically

  • tips for high school and middle school cross country runners. The most important tip by

  • far is to train in the pre-season. You've got to come into the cross country season

  • into decent shape if you want to have a good season throughout the whole year. Uh, you

  • need to run, bike, swim, do something to get yourself aerobically fit. That's the best

  • tip that I can give you. Some other things that you can do is make sure you have a successful

  • season is, well you have to eat healthy. You've got to put good food into your body. Also,

  • you need to get enough sleep. It's hard to do, specifically in high school, but you got

  • to go to bed to get your zzzs. The next thing is to set some goals. You have to have a goal

  • going into the cross country season. Do you want to run a specific time? Do you want to

  • run a total number of miles during the season. Set your goals high. Cross country is all

  • about running the hills. You have to learn how to run up hill relaxed and fast, and be

  • able to crest a hill and go. You also have to learn how to run down a hill by going fast,

  • but not out of control. A great way to make sure you have a great cross country season

  • is to run with your teammates. You can run with them in the races. Pack it up, move up

  • as a pack. Or, run with them in the pre-season, and get into shape so you have a successful

  • season. Pacing is a huge part of cross country. They hand out the awards at the finish line.

  • They don't hand out awards at the first turn. You've got to learn to go out at a steady

  • pace and be able to hold that pace, in training runs, and in races. Pace yourself. One tip

  • that I can't stress enough is you've got to be mentally tough. Cross country running is

  • tough. You're the one that has to push yourself. You have to set those goals high, and be mentally

  • tough during training, and during racing. You've got to stay positive. My last tip.

  • Have fun out there. Cross country is a great sport. People get better. You live a healthy

  • lifestyle, so have fun.

Hey, it's Coach Tief from with some cross country running tips, specifically

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