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Good afternoon everybody!
Today I'm starting off my day in front of Boroughmarket
I filmed a "Get Ready With Me" for my main channel
So definitely check it out
But right now I am waiting for my friend to get here.
It's funny because we only
followed each other on YouTube

And now we're finally going to meet together, so
I'm really excited to meet her
And I think we're going to grab something to eat
At Boroughmarket because there's so much food here
Alright, let's just wait for her
So we've been following each other for.. some months now. A couple of months?
Emma: Feels like forever though.
Joan: Yeah! And then

We're finally meeting!
Joan: It's super windy!
Emma: I feel like we know each other for quite long

Yeah! And she loves Big Bang, so that's how we bonded online
All the bread, Matcha Latte, Orange Juice and .. more bread!
This almond croissant is SO good but it doesn't compare to France
I got the leftover bread
And now we're just gonna explore London together-
Wow! It's so bright!
Um.. Yeah! We're just gonna walk around, no plans! Right?
I mean, you know this area better than I do?
Emma: Weirdly enough?
Joan: You know, I've been walking an average of thousands of steps?

Emma: (gasps) I looked at my um.. What is it called? Pedometer? On your phone?
And the other day, it's at like.. 200, 300 and I was like "OMG I'm actually like sedimentary, I'm going to die."
Yesterday was 12,000 for me!
Emma: (shaking her head) How??
Joan: I just walked everywhere!
Emma: I mean I can understand, you walked around..

Emma: I just sat like.. in my office!
Joan: Uh-huh!

All day, everyday!
Emma: And I wonder why I'm like, out of breath?
Joan: Yeah!

I'm so confused by this weather!
It's so gloomy
This is lovely to you? It's so gloomy!
Back at Covent Garden!
We walked- (pigeon flies in)
(both laugh) Emma: Did you catch that?
Joan: Yeah, I got that!

These birds do NOT care!
We're gonna look for afternoon tea because I still haven't had it yet but I think this is a lovely place to have it
Alright, let's look for one!
How does this smell?
Emma: Like.. chocolate??

Chocolate tea??
Oh! It does smell like chocolate! Wah!
Look at this case!
So pretty!
Emma: (laughing) That hand!
Joan: THE hand! You gotta do it!

Emma: I can't even do it! I can't!
Joan: Yes you can! You LOVE K-pop you KNOW how to do it!

You can try the tea here! Ooo!
We're gonna get afternoon tea though...
Oh! This is really good!
Oolong is good for your skin!
We got the menu,
And there are over a HUNDRED teas on this menu!
Even these plates are SO cute!
So cute...
Alright um...I think...I'm gonna do...
We got our tea! I got the Jade Oolong
And then she got a boring English Breakfast tea...
Just kidding!
It's not boring, it's just-
Emma: It is boring! (laughs)

No! It's just that she had ONE HUNDRED teas to choose from!
And she chose something that she could just get anywhere!
And so I was like "Okay! Up to you!"
It's your "Cup Of Tea"! (pun intended)
Ooo! Smells Really good!
(explaining the food)
Let's try the sandwiches!
This looks so yummy!
It's soggy, 'cuz I spilled tea on it! LOL
Emma: Which one is this one?
Joan: Salmon!

That was good! Right?
Emma: Yeah!

You enjoyed it?
Emma: That was my first... What is it called?

Her FIRST afternoon tea experience!
And she's from here!
Emma: I don't leave my house!
Joan: She doesn't!

But she has a lovely YouTube channel! She is SO good at makeup!
I want her to do my face one day!
Emma: Stooop! I will! When I come to Korea, soon!
Yeah! So check out her channel!
We're gonna take a a selfie and then say bye (cries)
Emma: Oh nooo

Try it (the hand movement)!
(both LOL)
Mine was REALLY creepy, it was like
This girl's homepage is GD! (heart)
Do you wanna know like a really sad story as well?
This was like my original background on my phone,
AGES ago?
Joan: Really?

It wasn't this phone. And then I got a new phone then I was like "I could make a change here, do something different"
Joan: Noo
Emma: No, I found the exact same picture,

Scaled it the exact same and I was like "I gotta have GDaddy on there!" (relatable)
Joan: That's what she called him!
Emma: Are you telling me,

you wouldn't call him GDADDY?
Joan: (laughs) I don't know!

Well we got our photo, and now she's leaving :(
Emma: Don't leave!
Joan: I don't want to, but she lives in Brighton,

And I need to stay in London
She's lovely! Check her out!
I'll link her channel down below!
Emma: Thank you!
It was so nice to get afternoon tea and meet Emma!
She's SO lovely!
Now I'm just waiting on K.Choi to get over here, and then
We're probably gonna explore a different part of London? I don't know yet.
But I'm so full because I had so much bread, so much tea and lots of scones
So... We'll see!
This looks like a very interesting, extra shoe store.. Let's go inside!
Woahhh It smells so good in here too!
Check out these shoes, they move up. Wow!
Look at that! It moves. Those are all shoes!
Look at how small!
When I walked in I was like, "It smells really good in here!"
The shoe smell like candy! (laughs) So cool!
Marble Shoes. (HEART)
Such a cool store!
And downstairs, there's an exhibition!
"Dancing with Dreams" Woah.
That's... A bit creepy.
Exhibition, and then it says Clara Barrel here
So the history of this store is up here,
And all of this
makes the shoe!
(gasp) So cool!
I love stores like this! You guys all know I try my best to go to all the extra looking stores in Korea!
Let's see if they have more!
This is a very hip area of London, in my opinion. Covent Garden!
At Doctor Martens!
with K.Choi!
K.Choi: Hellooo!

And then I wanna buy shoes
But because my feet are small, I could probably get the Children size?
If they have my size!
Yeah, it's cheaper too!
I usually buy all my Converses that way
And all my other shoes.
They don't have my size! :(
K.Choi: The quest to find your shoe size
Yeah I know! That happened at Allsaints too!
But it's raining now!
It did not say in my weather app that it was going to rain? (unpredictable London weather for you)
But now it's raining. (laughs)
Sooo cute here!
I wish it wasn't raining so I could capture it more beautifully
But I guess the colors look more vibrant because they're wet? Right?
It is getting too difficult to vlog out in the rain
Cuz it's starting to rain harder and harder every time
So we're just going to pick up groceries at Marks and Spencers,
Go back home, make pasta and call it a day
It's gonna be a chill day
You know, today I got lost in London?
Because I was like... "Where is this place??"
And then, we had afternoon tea,
And then, it's just gonna be a lazy day!
K.Choi: We need that because we walked so much.
Joan: Yes!

I wonder how much I walked today, Let me check!
14,000 steps!
Okay, pasta sauce!
And we're going to get wine
We have some tomato pasta sauce,
And the wine! Cheers!
We're just waiting for the bus to come!
Best seat! (thumbs up!)
But look at my hair-
Kchoi: We got really lucky!

But my hair... All the curls are gone (laughs)
But yeah, no time lapse because the window is just,
I'll show you guys that
Yesterday it was Toy Story skies
Today.. is gloomy
Wine... pasta sauce...
Foil.. on the tray...for the bread...
-This...side up?
-Doesn't matter, right?

Joan: You just wanna do the baguettes or all the other ones too?
K.Choi: Uh, it's up to you
Joan: And then this one has flavor on it-
K.Choi: Okay, we'll do it like that
Joan: Okay, cool

And then..
K.Choi: oh I didn't even turn the oven on! LOL
Oh that sound is GLORIOUS!
That looks amazing!
Just finished dinner!
It was so gooooood!
And now we're just gonna snack on chips!
These amazing caramel Digestives- I fell in love with these!
And yeah, I'm gonna edit videos
I'm gonna try and edit the GRWM by tonight? But if not,
Probably tomorrow night?
But if it's up, I'll link it right here!
I hope you guys enjoy watching today's vlog,
I know it was kind of all over the place but the rain makes it so hard!
Weather makes a big difference
In like my vlogging style so
I apologize but tomorrow we're gonna go see
"American in Paris" the musical which I'm very excited about
And I wanna go to Camden, a lot of you guys have been commenting on
My videos and Instagram and Twitter to check it out
I'm gonna go tomorrow! Hopefully, if it doesn't rain (laughs)
K.Choi: I think it's not raining?
Joan: Yeah? Well that's what they said about today!

And then it started raining... But yeah.
Thanks for watching! Thanks to everyone who translated and transcribed my video
Here's the shoutout of the day for this vlog right here
I really appreciate all the hardwork!
Like yesterday, I was editing in Korean subtitles for my vlog and it took me one hour
So I do know how long it takes and I really appreciate it!
Alright! I hope you all have a Joan Day, Bye!
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London Afternoon Tea at Whittard + Making Pasta

82 Folder Collection
Olivia Shen published on September 19, 2018
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