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  • Daddy Clay:  Today in the lab, an interview with one of our very favorite children's authors.

  • Come right back and find out who. [music] Daddy Clay:  Today's episode is brought to

  • you by Baby Bjorn, you know creative, interesting people that we did their children, they like

  • Baby Bjorn products a lot. That's why we're grateful to brought to you by Baby Bjorn.

  • Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to interview authors here at DadLabs. I'm

  • really excited when it's one whose books my kids love. Today we're talking with Jarrett

  • Krosoczka, who is the author of "The Lunch Lady" series.

  • In addition to that famous and very popular series, he also has a series of picture books.

  • He's recently released a new one called "Ollie The Purple Elephant."

  • Jarrett Krosoczka:  Well, my new picture book is called "Ollie The Purple Elephant."

  • It's about a dad who promised his kids, that should they ever find a purple elephant, they

  • could keep him. One day, on a stroll through the park, they meet Ollie who is indeed, a

  • purple elephant. So, the daddy has to keep his word to his kids and they invite Ollie

  • to come back and live with them. They live in the city, so, they don't have a very big

  • place. They live in a very cramped city apartment but they love Ollie, and Ollie's happy. He

  • becomes a part of this family, but the family's cat, Ginger, really doesn't like Ollie, nor

  • does the downstairs neighbor. Because the McGlocklan family have dance parties

  • after dinner, so, as you can imagine with an elephant, that gets to be really loud.

  • So, the cat and the downstairs neighbor conspire to get rid of Ollie.

  • Fatherhood has certainly influenced my work. The stories, I would say, happier too. The

  • colors are brighter and happier. I'm also married so, I have a wife who supports me

  • and will give me an honest opinion about the story. It was my wife, actually, who suggest

  • that I first draw an elephant. For my daughter though, she's just about to

  • turn three. This book is brand new to the world, but to her it's always existed because

  • I actually drew these characters in a mural in her baby room. So, I think for her, the

  • story is old hat. In fact, I remember when the book first came

  • out, I suggested that we read it at bedtime and she was like, "Eh. Let's read this book

  • instead." It was hard not to take that personally. I'm like, "It's dedicated to you Zoe. It says

  • your name on the title pages. I named the monkey after you." She said, "No. Let's read

  • that book instead." One of the greatest parts of being a dad now

  • is that, because I get to read picture books to my child, I get to read more picture books

  • in general. We've been reading some comics too. There's this great comic's collection

  • called "Nursery Rhyme Comics." We've been reading this graphic novel called

  • "Bake Sale," which is about an eggplant and a cupcake that are best friends. "I Want My

  • Hat Back" by Jon Klassen, is a really funny book. "My Name Is Elizabeth" is a great new

  • picture book that was just published this past year.

  • "Say What?" by Angela DiTerilizzi, is a really funny book about wondering what baby animals

  • are really saying to their moms and dads. One of the biggest challenges as an author/illustrator

  • is you have to spend so much time worrying about the plot, worrying about the story,

  • and the characters and the structure. When you come on as just the illustrator, a lot

  • of that stuff has already been worked out. Not to say that there isn't a lot of work

  • when you're just illustrating a book, because you have to decide what the characters are

  • going to look like. You have to decide how you're going to break down the text. There

  • are pros and cons to both. The stories that I've written, I feel a bit more of an attachment

  • to the characters, because I've spent much more time with them, and they're a little

  • closer to my heart because I created them. Host:  Wow. You can see why Jarrett is one

  • of our very favorite authors. Such a creative and articulate guy and a great dad to boot.

  • Thanks Jarrett very much for being on the show. Thank you also to Baby Bjorn. Talking

  • about a work of art, have you seen an original spirit, in one of those beautiful colors?

  • Baby Bjorn. Host:  We'll see you next time here in the

  • lab.

Daddy Clay:  Today in the lab, an interview with one of our very favorite children's authors.

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