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Ice baths are becoming more and more popular
with professional athletes as well as the

so-called weekend warriors.
Immersing tired joints and muscles in ice
water stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation.

It causes the veins to constrict, removes
toxins from the blood, and alleviates the

delayed on-set of muscles soreness.
So, if it works for people who have done strenuous
exercise, then others should be able to adopt

a similar regime an expect good results too.
Many health professionals involved in physical
therapy are considering the health benefits

of acupuncture and its relationship to Eastern

Within these circles, the importance of having
healthy feet is widely accepted as essential

for overall health.
They reason that the nerves in our body, all
the way down to our feet are connected.

A certain area of our feet where the nerve
endings exist may affect the nervous system,

while another area could affect the pulmonary

So, damage to our feet could result in serious
internal issues throughout our bodies.

By putting these two theories together, we
arrive at the conclusion that caring for our

feet and improving blood flow from the foundation
up, could improve our general health.

Then, why not try an ice bath for your feet?
It's meant to be done for two weeks, and
is best done in the evening so you can relax.

It also doesn't take long to prepare or
to perform.

Plus, you'll be strengthening your immune

You can do this even when your suffering from
a minor illness like a cold or the flu.

Here's what you'll need:
-A bucket large enough to completely immerse
your feet in;

-Tap water;
-About 20 pieces of ice.

Here's what you'll do:
Put the water and ice cubes in the bucket
and wait for the water to get nice and cold.

Put your feet in the water until they're
totally submerged.

At first, you'll want to remove your feet,
but don't worry, they'll quickly get warm

in the ice bath.
Your body will compensate by trying to regulate
its temperature.

Count to 15 and remove your feet.
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Soak Your Feet In Cold Water Every Night, What Follows Will Surprise You!

1276 Folder Collection
George Lin published on September 18, 2018
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