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What are we doing here playing? What are we doing here me? We are playing the new DlC for
Dead by Daylight Jeff what when did Jeremy replace you as Jax like what are we doing Jeff?
I don't know. I guess I was on votes on so that it just became jared
This is Jerry again what I mean you [sarah] mean everything we were playing jeez yeah, but what are [we] doing Jeff?
I'd be I guess Jeremy. Oh, [no], that's true. [all] right everyone ready
I want a red t-shirt isn't the best way to go it was mighty check out good because they won't know when you're bleeding
It's true all right, so this is a new DLC right yes, so this is called Arc of Madness loadable content and Jeremy
You're the killer right? [I'm] the killer
what's your name Jeremy what I doctor the doctor wake you busy here we gonna find out so I you
[know] that not only under [this] [I] guess who knows I don't only understand have a new killer work
So I'm kind of has a madness meter then yeah scream Jeremy
[we'll] find out when he slaughters us all and we kill along and then I will relay it to the rest
I wasn't here for the hag [of] the expanded universe yeah, and let's just throw andy [at] German yeah also hopefully the game loads
I'm like the Red Bank
Ooh, I'll distract him [moses] get away folks welcome to the abandoned the Erie
Memorial II why am I so fucking creepy all right? [cuz] you're a murderer. [oh], God. I don't have God
I just [probably] [Tandy] chill the fuck out
All right guys. I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna go [pose] a camera
I'm gonna fucking turn my volume up. Oh deden later. I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna fucking shock. Yeah, dude
I [just] like doubled my volume bigger
Oh cuz I doubled my volume are now getting a liar who's screaming that
Well [it] was a woman it was a woman here was a woman. I'm a woman where the woman who was that?
I'm youngman someone was over here jingling
Electricity is working. I almost beat Jeremy. Yeah, I wonder if everything. I'm hilari right now
Boogie woogie woogie yeah, so how does this screaming work if I make you have a Madness meter? Yeah?
If I'm shocking you for too long. I guess [he's] screamed. Hey, Jeremy. I guess there was a pin me when I was just
Intimidation, I just started screaming. Yeah, I must have been close enough to be zapping yeah, so you don't have to do anything
It's like a reason that I have to be in shock mode. Oh, you know I got shocked. [oh]
Jesus well stop by oh stop buddy
Boneun um [zapping] are you I'm zapping out good [with] the [quarry] and I forgot we're supposed to be like looking for generators
[I] don't see no yellow [rays]. I didn't do
Yeah, dandy looking for although. It looks pretty well [lit] and [II] know I know I like to know
Smacked already I see there are gonorrhea. Gothic. Oh anyway
Angie get away, oh
Screaming oh, jesus you're in front of me. What the fuck probably antony more places than once what's happening
I think you're probably going crazy. Is that what's happening like in the [gamer] real? Oh, yeah, and [you'd] go nuts. I
Need to turn off my game audio. Can [you] shit? Yeah same here?
It was pretty rough then I get away fuck. I think you didn't hear that
I've never gone to weed
You know excite you didn't hear it. What's up? I'm all exampie. No. I'll give you a jab
Does that got to tell you Miss oh?
Did the red give me away Jeremy, or did I blend into the white environment ah he?
Fucking mirror's Edge parkour objects again. I'm really like
Trying to still learn this what what generators inside of a building probably not smartest ideas
The fumes be really careful. Oh, they're fume count generators. Oh no, [ha]
[though] our skills [Paul]. Why is it with creepy noises of course kill [tex] please fuck
Night doesn't generator turned off. We got one
I'm going that stuff. I like the brain neither. I guess I got ya freeman. Are you going to raise [me] Jack?
Yeah, there's a hook. I want to get away from Mom
That was interesting oh
What happened Jack I made you scream is that the floor got a?
Lectric around me yeah, why don't I keep getting like that when there's nobody around be still here? It's me. Did you do that?
She's a killer man. He's a monster. He's a miner my ability. I don't see you when use that
It's fun though. I know Jeremy. Did you just look at me and walk away? Uh kind of yeah?
[oh] [my] it kind of attempts. Just getting used to the six is there a cow in here on here
There's a cow in here. Is it like a cow hospitals TV. Just fucking birds all over the place wow
Here you go nuts, bro. I'm losing it. I'm fucking losing it
Dude Michael you going cray
I'm gonna get you my this place is a fucking maze [like] normally I don't know where I'm going out in the woods and shit
[like] this is like fucking Psycho. This is I'm always out [there] Michael
Real creepy he loves it. I like zappa a real fun. I like zapping zapping okay. Yep. I just ran past
Scott Bailey for sadler because I'm crazy
What's it like a doctor or like? I don't know if it was a doctor or not
It was just like a guy standing there with like shit
be serious
Yeah, get a machete [Jerry] [no]
[pretty] sure one of the other killers that sucked. Hey Michael
Yeah, I'm just the thing is if I'm doing the electric thing. I can't whack yet. Why I like that
Why [don't] [I] just like I am crazy person?
Jerry please you're gay it is noise. Democritus. You just stand on there. Oh fuck. I'm gonna die
[I] hope you guys are hitting me Jenny
Good one. I'm in Wacky Emotes. Gonna walk. Yeah, matt, and I got waxed black and blue fuck you are I see my friend and
[you] displace a long distance. She's really the camera up on the walls watching me. I'm gonna watch that footage later jackoff
Anyway, [you] get a fucking deal like that [goes] on the top wow
Because I am the dog gut dude getting you to a host in this place [those] heart not fucking there was a fucking hook goddamn
it I was almost off goddamn it I
Thought I had waited is this what's up like Jeremy keeps appearing and disappearing so it's not [riding] him. There is you cray?
No, no, oh yeah, being done got shocks on out
You got shot. Son. I did a little bit the dead end fucking room. Demon jump on me outside
It's right around the outside. I'm dory eggs
It is like if if we got all the [jim], I think it's where Jeff would hey I never got [them] or just so [blimey]
No, no, [oh] wait one. Okay. Get jungle [Devil] a holy. We really are oh
room it's so sad oh
I bet you're gonna. Give me nope [alright], okay? Who can I fuck with?
I'm in electric mode. I mean I did a generator and a half. I'm a helper I haven't even done one generator
I've been walking worthless. I can see that you guys are definitely not coming over. It's all night Dandy
It's deaf. I got even moving well. I'm not even in my direction moving it creates
Not exciting minute we'll get one generator, but I got it
Michael no Jerry didn't see me Michael ah
Right in here. [yeah]
I think is that Michael are like if no one fits you do you look the other way?
When you first up like walk in the hallway, and I was hoping you'd miss me. There's a hook right there
Yeah, there is dude exactly sorry about that. [oh]
[no], oh my God
[goddamn] it. Oh, [oh] sucking me into space my space. I mean hell
Andy you're over here dude. No. I'm not you. Are you are over here somewhere Jeremy, Sobbing?
Andy no no no no
What is that you?
I don't feel like it's dark enough to hide at all and you [know] it's very oh my knee can just fucking see us like
Okay, oh
[doctor] vision, I zapped you
Do you hear me laughing? I hate cheap?
Well the doctors laughing yeah, all right
Let me know Michael. God damn it. I am blaming them. Those are some safety whoo come on
Any change is it this is it? I'm done after this than 80 different. I staged a coup at Michael
I didn't say what a moves like a really beautiful girl
[all] right Michael. I'm sorry, but I just want to make sure one person dies we just gonna kill me [right] here. God boys
I hope you escaped get them fucking generators
Go get a great hook in the sky all right. I'll bend your does. Yeah, goodbye Michael walking up again
What the fuck what nothing that was hard Jeff - automated place is fucking confusing yeah
I just see a scary bad guy making the ladoos name is like. No, that's it like last like forever
It doesn't dissipate. Yeah, your insanity level
Well, then I'm going to go back to icon mode mike. You just keep fucking squeeze stop with the fucking
Game what oh it's a real you
[is] the real [you]?
[Rod] yeah, because he keeps appearing. I was like definitely him. I was never fazed by him anymore because like that's not really jamming
That was the real man. I was oh, that's my fucking shoulder has anybody else been in the basement yet
I was my favorite
Oh, what is leave a shit because it was the kill what do you call [it] [toolbox] Jeremy the toy gasps holy chest yeah?
That's my basement
you're a weirdo uh
You might have to get yourself off [that] hook if you want to drive
Show me just Fyi. [I'm] just might keep it open jumper you so [Mecca] [during] the base. I'm looking around
Have anybody around I mean you can see where they all go Jenny only one more why would you ask closes, okay? Well?
Because you were talking about the basement now. I'm just ready
Who else is Dead? [I] just need to focus Michael. I'm gonna be joining me shortly here
That's not accurate I bet [Tom] will save them
break a sweat baby Jeff
Thanks, buddy. I'd see the thing is I [don't] remember where you [were] talking cry
You should try and get to where he is so he can heal you [but] forget it now, Jeff. Don't come here here
With you John titude fucking run headaches Jack run or walk
God, I have no idea where you guys where that hook was at an all right? Did three of you or night?
That's not really I've got two ha blurs, but only one generator left
I'm tied because usually usually they're like marks, but [thought] that [snuff] out of it. What was that?
I'm in real sick of seeing people that aren't there
Tripping balls over you yeah, you are I can't wait to fuck this up at the killer Andy. What are you behind me? Oh?
Jimmy what are you doing? I gotta fake me. I know it's fucking weird right driving yourself. Crazy me good
Oh, you got it. That was the first one of those I use notice right shane what with a [fucking] pallet
[oh] yeah, I'm validated think watermelon for just have just ran past a million and that one was worthless
I'm going up here. So okay. This is like the bye classic horror tropes walking. Yeah, really fun
Really you literally even be made it around that corner dead end in point. Yeah, [andy] I'm gonna answer a question for ya
Another question. Yeah, you did what you out [something] would have been in the basement yet. Oh, baby. Oh
He was already struggling. I mean you're gonna die right? Yeah, I'm done. I'm done
There is quite er talking a [few] left there. It is alright. Well, I got a generally good. Hello Jack
Well that doesn't feel good. Oh jack. Yeah Michael. I'm working on
It's actually good on the crazy meter there's only got one one. I have rarely seen Jack
I really [feel] you're crazy on the right-hand side of your screen, okay, right? I never noticed it. Yeah, that's like Chevron
[yeah], right. We don't you the more you have the more fucked up you are Jax Jax only got one there like that Madam
Fuck you, Jack. We've got you've got three now. So I love are you real I'm ralph the fact you get
I'm fucking real
Jax is [Gonna] come on. Oh my God this [geoff] is I'm a real champ
[a] real doc Doc, so if you see that [trapdoor] yes, I exercise
How you saw I did bill from [Leper] [dead] yeah
Struggle geoff struggle, yeah rattling everybody all right
He does yeah, [get] [scott] on that bridge [right] boylar. [oh], sorry [just]
[look] at that cigarette though Jeff [moe] I'm working my way for
Your God, [I] mean he's dead Dead Dead [Mary] [struggle], okay? Yeah, oh yeah, oh
my God
Go ahead Jeremy gets to just say you know. [I] don't even see where the eggs, and I hope you did fucking sweater physics though
Nice, Jack, you kidding me
Jack how how do you forget away from I don't know Jeremy you were walking straight at me
That wasn't [illusion] right or was it was that big Jeremy was an illusion
Maybe it was a jeremy in the corner of the room and you literally jack finished a generator
Yeah, you might not really you oh, what unless like a googly eyes
Oh, I wit some of my screen kind of went weird because when Jack fix the generator
It looked like the blip was behind me okay, so it's like a fake Jeremy, no
I think that was probably the real me
I was next to a general you're like walking towards him the fake ones don't move um I know you were the fucking eggs
No, well, I didn't even notice where it was yeah, I didn't I
Panicked because you right by their fucking idea so you have the iron have been to both exits shit well
It's probably on a wall, so yeah, jack. That was why we you but then my
My screen went like oh, God. I would guess it's an outer wall, but I don't know that it is
I'll tell you that was Jared Jackson is not inside
You can get outside of this place. Yes, I was at lunch for [us]. Yeah, you're at the egg
I didn't know there was an outside. I mean, [uh] neither me not
but there's um
So I highly recommend staying on the outer edge jack. This is heroin. Yeah, this is fucking terrible
[oh], what's that? You're close to the up put me?
Yeah, what's that jeff those okay? I hear a scream. [I] don't [know] that's actually jack though. I don't think Jack's crazy now
You're not hot that was like fun to happen
Are you near me [Jerry] screaming didn't realize this a whimper [you] [hear] I?
Hear like constant screen, it's just like wailing. Maybe [some] map. It's just a level
It's just your madness. Oh my God could be I mean you do drive yourself crazy. It's you're not you're not wrong about that
I'm yeah, there's the side of just jeremy. Where are you?
I'll tell you this though Jack can make your hands clap clap clap clap that iPod blah
I can [make] look at my head off. You're fine door jack
Know but yes, I wasn't even a good song I was offended by that I was like fuck you
Why should you find yourself in Jackson?
Jack I never saw you once the entire game. Love you marilee. Shit. You fucking a log drug user. Got me fucked
I don't my best match of [debt] by Daylight ever yeah
They never saw I saved Jeff and Michael and twice a piece. You loose anyone well
Yeah, I got a dance twice. I gotta lead up
He'll jump for sure yeah, that was fucking nobody full double hook one finding a way that Jeremy systematically slaughtered us. All yeah
Well advertised in points the big [was] Laurie locke now. That's me. I'm a g drug user
So we're gonna have to back out and then whoever wants to be the killer just say
We don't have to you don't have to do that
What do they finally fucking [dead] [guy] think like why and now whoever wants to be the killer just click watch like a real game?
No, I'll do it others
I had a good run so yeah
How do I wow can we just like that eyeball [mate] on your right hand side?
Find our name
Actually no one's name is it a gift or great to do this thing the [HDMI] got plugs on and when you're doing you like?
This very tightly you don't have to hold it right mouse. I bought you doing okay?
Just like you hold it until it activates
And then you can let go [and] you'll constantly have the electricity coming out around you be pulsing out of your buttholes
But well if you hold the left mouse while you're in that mode shoots a wave of electricity out in front of it both
So like if you're if someone's running away, and you want to shock them you can do that. Yes, all right?
Sorry, jer we see the left mouse button
It does what sorry I'm all the things I got really distracted by broken glass a little [healthy] way
I mean - yeah, I can't figure it out. Look. I'm sorry. I'll figure it out. Let me get ready
I'll kind of talk to you all by our oh, dude there. We go hipster stink [now]. My webcam looks good
Hey, there were more times [wear] your crown. I bumped into me. I know I just didn't see right no
There's like three patches of grass and I was hiding it okay every time and you literally walk right past me
Yeah, it was fucking terrifying yeah, when you turn on that generator
I was in the same room as that generators are not all you know. I literally like well
I'm gonna Die now and like I hit it and then I guess you turned
I fucking bolted yeah, well like a blip
[oh] hell up a nice animal or what even generator turning off behind me so I just turn on went you
I you had fucking radar on my ass
Hello. God. That's crying. So loud
They're already screaming yeah, so yeah, I already great. So treatment is electricity. Yes, treatment mode
What does electricity mo do just scares people it up there [Madam] a person who's in a red shirt come back?
And when you're mad around in the bad, that's bad, [I] just saw you yes, oh fuck. I never saw that room
I'm so glad did that work. I just saw a head go down the hallway. Yes, it sounds like connect down the other side oh
fuck oh
Here, but all kicking off
So I ran outside that's not good. Oh boy. Yeah, that's not good. That's not good. Oh this stuff
We go [Jack] [101] um no um kids. I know [it] isn't a bit
When saying what it is oh no?
Fuck off
[hey], Andy, Jack fuck are we candy yeah. [yeah], you jeff stop running [a] [nico] knock here for one hour. I'm wiggling [uh]
Andy's already on the ground. Yeah
Well jeff you were a hundred [percent] right [about] just throwing him out as the bait yeah
The Red shirt in the ugh Lisa died in comfort. I got zapped
at One [oh]
All right, we should ignore the a tard right yeah, I can't didn't even pick him up. It's not my new name a tard
Yeah, [fuckin]. Love it. You didn't you started chasing me?
everybody's screaming
apparently everyone all the Time [I]
Definitely hear whether you're like healing yourself on the ground
[I] am but I go in great like the meter [stop] [and] it says find help. Yeah
Yeah, well you can only go so far up and when someone gets to you. They can just like okay
Yeah, I let the find help part so [I] [thought] is there was a generator with only one slot
It's that you could fix it like so hey one person can fix that. What do you just stop oh wait?
psycho, Krisily, oh [don't] [worry]
Do Jack made me scream?
Sup boy. Why don't you just finish me off, okay? [it] was a desert you [Mr.]. [Jetley]
[oh], that's what I oh, no. I thought I saw another version of me
Yeah, I saw [ball] being you're like twinsies my buddy my buddy
I'll fool you wherever I go there you [go]. I'm not gonna be able to hear this skill check
My bother me Keys, Mr.
Jack it doesn't matter. Who's like sucking singing songs fuck us
Loose women - it was
No andes. I saved them from the hook and fucking [heal] them yeah, but to be fair
[I] healed them to the new get wax Katya and get well, and II think it's believe me right - Michael. Damn it
Was a chance encounter. I really had no idea to bring her. I know here. Come on. Looks like the red saw last night. Oh
Michael nice joke
Okay, hey, hey screaming screaming idiot move it off in
not moving
Go all right. Hey, just wow Jesus Eddie Michael. Think you really mean a [Jasmine]
That's amy's fault. You main anton what am I doing come here? We're out okay?
Hey, [Claude] out here now here walk to me. Okay. Now stay okay. Thank you
Thank you Andy ran into Jack like eight times while he was running around there. Thanks for the back Road
All right, so we got to hit boys Jeff
Okay [my] [guy], and he's good. So just Japanese, ooh ah [that] time it
And you were making that 10 times worse for yourself with every room. It's gonna snap out of it. That's all right
[snapped] off
Yeah, no longer has any power over me
No, no, that's a gulet. You'll play that game andy, ha ha ha really are you right here? Holy fuck is right here
Are you right here?
[Dig] oh
Jeremy so startled you lucky bastard. That's what I am they call me. Yeah
Hey, sake Jack
You call me LB. Go Lucky bastard
my Jack
But w walk right past me. How many tried it yet? Oh, we got three we've got two, but I'm almost like super crazy
Tyrannous, it was super Super smell crews you hold
It's like hello the fake killers [don't] [even] phase when you want so yeah, well the horse just like you can feel [now] oh
Where were you? I saw you over here, right? I kinda get cray-Cray
Pretty easily cray hey someone needs to come here and fix this generator is very close to done no
No, there's more jam. I'll accept that challenge there are [ginny] the mini Tom's try to get away
Follow me over town hey. Hey
When that want to help me fix [a] [generator] on I was considering doing and I'm not doing [right] now. That's the [impression] I get
That's the impression that I get [oh] God jack
Andy, I know I need to hi grant hmM
[oh] there goes andy so what I was just really just gonna kill andy at this point, so
Know hit me real touch and go for a while there jack
Oh, you can't you're in right. [tool]. [no], I didn't
Miss your lag anything all right there was the [mother] yeah. [yeah], I [did]. Have my thanks
[wow], fucking fake jack
Oh, where is [he] where is he I don't know [dammit]. I thought you were serious
Jenny I saw [you're] [serious] ain't doing michael um I'm good and working on Jenna's
Hoping other people are [too] skill. I got to say this oak is pretty fucking red. Oh shit. I can't get around though
I'm not working on engine ever because I have not been able to find one
Huh, alright. Got another one killings all under the rule is dead. It's over Jack. I have the high ground
I'm Gonna
Okay, here's something oh
You're yelling stops no, okay?
Look pretty cool right about now boy. That's all right wait skill check so I
Was not that was not yet, man. You're really [too] drama just to watch me die pretty much. Yeah
Yeah, that's bad Jeremy
You should go for Japanese. He's around somewhere. What are you?
doing boss for
God damn you guys just I can shit like crazy. I heard the fucking thing and I left dude. Oh
Jeremy stuck around
I'm in trouble [anyway] opaline it back man. [don't] [run] [over] here our heartbeat dale and chug guys out
Iii hit, Jeremy won't that make me happy well. I mean, I'm gonna die
Probably, not dad
Well that we need you
Need two more generators. I'm going to die guys. [I] don't care - shut your mouth. [you] [got] [a] live damn it
[alright] long fuck
Whoa Jeremy your hands finally pops up flat?
Let him write - I kind of did another one how evolved [we'll] tell it to [God] [their] generators. Oh, sorry down
Jeffrey makes it pain, I can't find them check around
Finding the fucking ones that are already on
That's on a hook oh as a sad
Scream my screams right if we can if we can finish the one that Jeff was working
I just love like I'm working on another one gloss white
Are there any upstairs are they all in the fridge? Oh? Yeah ah?
Everybody [oh]
Nice, you got one it's fine guys right okay? So Jeff's on a hook and [Jeremy's] getting got right now calm down. Yeah
I'm Jeremy's. [oh], Jeff just a longer so andy up. What's up Gonna want to do something [alright]? I'll say lady
You know I get more heroic you are heavy. Jeremy. Jeremy. Maybe get away away, Jeremy. I looked at you and fucked up generator
Nope couldn't get away
[alright]. [see] you guys are on fuck [alright]. I'm coming for somebody. What's up Jeff?
[uh-huh] alright, so just gonna die got a struggle right now. He's dead
Jenni [oh] boy
Alright, that's bad for me. [oh], lord Michael. [just] fix it and get away, huh, I mean, I'm trying Randy's Gonna get God no
I'm not
No, he's not oh
Come on, wait a minute
oh my God bad really bad I
Can recover [oh] [my] go [alright] how close to would you a hook?
Terribly close
I'm struggling
Sounds and Chris went out here. Oh
Right, what are you doing? What kind of game? Are you playing?
Michael what are you doing? Why I got over there Michael punished. He was over there
Michael oh boy back that bad guys want to play
You sick fuck you left me outside to die. [let's] fuck. Yeah. I did I'm sitting the fucking so cool
That was crawl around crawl. Andy he won't find you away. Oh Michael. Y'all you lucky bastard. I was the wrong mode you crawl. Yeah
I'm working [her] man out of there get [out] of where he dropped you [oh]
I'm still recovering well stop recovery and crawl away then recover some id [no] you could do that. Yeah
[he'll] let me in the wrong direction problem. Solved guys. I'm dead
I'm [also] Dad Jeff
Got that [Jenni] on before I dive down [beside] going to the other side. Oh my god oh my God
That's what someone who's going for this I would say oh
Andy Ran Away, [I]
[heard] you yelling [so]
[I'm] seeing scratches everywhere yeah, Michael's doing some runny
Directionally go so theoretically at the gate [open] I call the people
At bad. Oh my God is not good if your mic off a lot of blood. Oh, it's not good. It's like
[I'm] trying to say man. Here's a problem. Sped you up. Well the issue is like
Coming for you buddy. [hotel], jack. Yeah. Oh boy. Oh boy
Might want to hide soon buddy little ship
Was that how many people still like these me Michael? It's not gta like [any] back in now. It's yeah
You might want to crawl around try to find the trapdoor and [see] he's one of your ass'll all I know
They're like. Oh there we go obvious like I always try [and] fucking lead them one way, and then you back another way
[but] then I run back before they fucking go the way. I thought they were going to go Michael. You not feel that
According to the developers of the game they designed this character to break the game
Well, I can all right design a insanely overpowered, but not really really strong or lorry struck
the doctor
Yeah, they design all their killers to be very holy a good owner from wait what yeah come crawl to me, okay?
And we'll die together
live Together die together
That would I mean that's the thing you find the trapdoor and [E18] [escape]
Well there. I know yet to see the [treble] and Eq scream again, please oh ah
Hills everyone now and [II] [just] went out. Oh, you bloody
Was the last wire I 100% thought I would get killed just [a] [knee] and [I'll] be in any survival
Yeah, and you need to kill her that way it gives us a chance to live okay
Yeah, you guys [are] actually very difficult to run away in this map it is yeah, and to get away from the killer
It's just like yeah, the shit you can drop. It's not nearly as plentiful
Think that's what makes that's what makes it so hard to just like you can't run but they be trying to hide the electricity will
Fucking usually like you're getting chased you can get out of the area you're in get out until the open and hide
But it just does system now about so my cat knocked a glass off our table naughty little loadout you call the cops
Stole my lunch on their way. God damn jeff. You look like a douchebag
Yeah, [all] [right] wow so no Jeremy Jeremy. You look like a dude. Oh, okay, nice. Let's say
I just wring a diet coke well. That's what I want to do
Gavin free
All right, why why am I all wet now? [I] just [don't] know what I go through diet cokes
[no], you're playing the fucking killers, okay fucking [tear] already. I haven't even though everyone absolutely want if you get in one of you
Yeah, I'm ready
When the polls come out and it's a you know who's your favorite is [he] [monitor], and he consistently beat at
everyone's Favorite Andy
Jacked like a funny [mini]. He got to where did he go holly don't tell your [momma] no shame in Hwacha hit ready?
This is this is last round [everybody]
All right, hopefully my [ten] Holly keller so flashlight [a] killer. [I] technology will kill me
I've been working with him did not kill hide a real flashlight
If anyone's best [light] [God] okay come already seeing dots [double] [the] [or] any chest in this map at all like anybody [guys] [awesome]
Why didn't pick [it] up? Hey? What's up dog?
What's up a douche bill. What bill aiden my generator? Yeah?
I can't be callin a bill a douche [not] documenting. I don't jeremy. It [dude] jazwares. It's a treatment. What does that mean?
That's the that's the electric mode
Okay, sure [I] i literally ran into the room and he was running at me. I turned around and left
He didn't see me. Okay. Well. I was like using my my shock pen
I could tell you were talking out loud about what you're doing. That's how I noticed a big old [sock] fit
Oh, man that canceled out my great skill [trick]. [oh], no. I heard laughing you do [rightful] answer is that it no? Yeah?
[fuckface], you know [a] little item by heart
I'm all like her so what you wouldn't
What's not? Oh, wait? How do [I] do some how to do anything? Yah? Yah? Yah? Yah?
Whirring and you still whacked it. Yeah, I did check would you go?
Generators, I just kept fixing through my scroll
Already well here's one. I got well back though. I'm on the board. Oh, I fucking hate coffee cups now because of prey
Capping you blow this up. I'm not gonna man. I'm gonna be nothing on you. I'm the shit
Was it me screaming fuck that hey boss. I got [one] already nice. Yeah, we're awesome
Andy sure to lose anyway, and he just like went chasing Jack
And I got all screaming while I was working for you by the old song screaming while you work
screaming lolly work doo doo doo boo [crew] [Tube] oh
Great [skill] did while you were
Video [Andy] sucks, my blood [oh] my God
What am I music constantly going? I'm a garbage can
Yes, I am well Jack once I saw somebody on a hall in good skill check nerd God. They're just throwing them at me oh
fuck up
My only chance yeah my music hasn't stopped and I'm Gonna get
Me or help me with the generator, and then I'll fix you worry andy. What's up Justin fortunately? I'll fix you
What is it if you're just running around and don't get off the vibrator. God damn it be in electric mode oh
Okay, you see more people that was no. It's just like even if they're hiding in your hands and [ducts]
All right forget it
Oh my God
If you're near them while they're hiding still make her generation mode God [junk] of a window you dumb bitch just standing there with Andy
Andy was like rubbing his nuts on me. I know I
Just shot literally Michael going with it one way andy was running the other
Perfectly, I also loved who I saw hiding. [I] don't know who that was I don't get these come through the window
I saw someone getting into a fucking closet, or nope
I think it was I think was bill coz I get like a solid whack and then I lose that like so funny dude
I were just standing looking. I like I [helped] my child you know how this thing [works] when I'm holdin
I'm trying to hit you with a shot what I'm like. How do you switch?
So you were like blocking the window so I couldn't [fuckin] bump through it. I'm standing next to it. Oh
God [I] [resent] that company. I'm a very my understood going on swine are you know your period right now fun yep?
Thanks, please who is [you] annie what?
You can't crouch
right way, oh, oh
You yay?
Okay, Helen had me dead to rights
[I] was in a closet with no way out, and he was in the door
And he was just saying they're going to cow house was there a midget in the closet. [oh] my God imagine
Somebody hit with a flashlight. I don't man in the closet. [you] know, that's a good point
I don't want to fly like I don't mean one of the little uh
Like lock boxes lock box anywhere. You can get shit at us. No, you're right there. You're right
How's anybody else? You know like fuck no like I said?
I thought I saw an item I don't even know if it was in a box or not without I
Will t be fair? I was like running for my life, and I saw the flash of like pick something up
What is it cling to what what about what? I want to cleanse this totem? Oh?
That might make you less crazy no. I think that has to do with the hag well, why would it be here?
[I] it's just on every map now anyway fucking guess what or didn't get me? I know think I was close though
You're almost you were close. Yeah, you're such a fucking idiot alright
True. I was just trying to pick some generator
Longest time I wasn't the best food into my class at horror high I was like you know or ha I got a ged
[oh] shit on my game. Yeah. Oh fuck you ran past the palette dude. Oh
I'm back to the cheese second a
Fact right now now that I go again now that I mentioned that totem I see them every dead [Ridgeback]
Yeah, there's three [per] [map] last time there were
Candy sex Andy's back
And he [whacked] me, and then I left
I heard Dad
Becoming odd this map is so confusing yeah, yeah, oddly large map. Not oddly a large man
It's weird
It's just the fact that it's all inside makes it was another generator. Okay? That was a mistake
[last] [time] mistake
No, that's two separate actions
Woohoo, no generator [is] I made a mistake
What the generator the oopsie?
Holbein oh crap on me all bye million dollars month. Oh, that's right [flag] game. No wait chicken wait. Oh
Taking an extensional call right now. [oh] hey. Hi. Yeah
Andy, I just touched your back. Oh, hey, I
Wasn't out here. No. I don't know what I'm running from Andy, and he's a killer right now in Debye Daylight, oddly
Andy's he's trying to kill me
But I should be able to leave
pretty soon if I escape
Yeah, trying to escape Jeremy like [it's] proud shock there some people would say that dying. Yes, isn't [as] bad as million dollars, but
[Hawaiian] streamer like the real thing the real oh, no. I'll be [fine] with that. [did] we salute all right?
Thanks, if you need me fuck. [I] can't fucking find the other [fuckin] January. Yeah, where's the fucking goddamn?
He said he hopes. I live all that week. I found the gentleman here
[I] don't know Jack. What's [the] joke oh?
Who's Laurie me Michael you walked right past me, okay? Did you not see me, or didn't know I'm running. I'm look
I'm on Jerry here. So hard. You're by far. The hardest are you a generator? I'm a generator. Well. We should have seen
[totally] sitting you're working on a generator Michael walked right past me not really yeah, I'm completely miss. Oh great there
You help me why am I doing this? I think Reddit it was a fully funded
By tell me you're working over here idiots. Yeah, jack your root cellar
All right, who's hit me and well me okay. Jack you want to run off and heal me after this who's still alive? Oh?
No, one's alive
I'll follow you Michael
Administrators officer over here [goddamn] it any [good] [there]
[yoo-hoo]. [we'll] split [up]. If he shows up and good by that I mean I'll follow you oh
How cute oh like so close like a trained medical Kennedy question professionals. Yeah is Andy still the game
I don't know yeah. I'm here. Okay
Have you guys has not been dealing with him? And I don't I don't know not at all. Let's see okay
Bill yeah crotch to me. I doing yeah, hey damn. It's good. I'm fucking [full] [health]
[hey] look at you. I like a fake in are you making fun? [oh]? No? I was over there all right?
Let's find this life generator. He's on out. Yeah
What would that be over there?
I stand he I don't think that he did [not] sprint just a boy okay people. I hear one [gianna]
That's cuz I can hear that right. [I] mean yeah, that's what a delvian essentially yeah
[yeah], and I usually it's a dead end is it a dinner?
No, I lied and take a right winner means that corner. So now we lost Jack what's on there
[well] here, you get got what's down there
Down [bot]. There's no bad. If that's a bad point. There's a bad place. Oh yeah, that's where you win
[oh], can you guys not know their own home?
What's that ever been knowledge [a] safe space? We can't get guys there a generator down there? No, no
Okay, where's the copy how many generators are there? I don't know [one] not more than us
And he's in the vicinity
That [auntie] palpitations. [I] [know] or I thought make me why do you [fight]? Oh?
God what maybe we should watch?
This more if we quite desirable, just get it so much faster. Oh
Yeah, you owe me big. Don't move I don't tell
Me all right. I'll turn it away that bitch
Come here. I kept I was in the basement, and he was walking on top of me
just making me scream over and over and over again like we
We go wiggle wiggle
Michael you sumbitch, [no]
Right now. I don't know you gotta go [ah] I don't know if you didn't see me, or just didn't stop
I'm assuming he didn't see him. Oh my God
I had tunnel vision for German [yo] you were carrying him he walked right past me fixing a generator. Oh, is that what happened?
I just didn't stop okay
Also, I was walking right behind you you are. I saw you don't find me jack all right. We got doors. [oh]
Move aside
Mamillius door yeah, actually, I love you [ah] all right. I can meet your doors [classic] endeavor
Indoors feel so fucking good you open a door Michael, not ya know
Anyone opening a door no
we technically
That was don't you scream Jeremy credible [all] right? Where's lawrence. Let's make fun of [Laurens] a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, let's talk. Are you?
on the [call] button 1 1 or 2
Jeremy you making it. I don't know [making] [this] hey. What's up? I just [any] other [door] let's
Um I saw any of you some of you
[that] was fun. [what] a good amy. Why are you after me? I am horrible come back to you
I had tunnel vision guys do that all right? Well. That's the new deal [seep] dead by Daylight. It's called A
Spark of Madness people are gonna hate me in Reno. They're gonna love [how] [in] the world is overpowered as the doctor except for Andy
the important thing is [behind] something you michael got away with your lunch [uh] no, [but] [I] mean that's
Look, I got a peanutbutter salmon boat. I did Lava butte a little boom [way] [oh]
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Let's Play - Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness

259 Folder Collection
DarKnightOuO published on September 17, 2018
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