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Fit like 'en loons and quines, welcome to Aberdeen, also known as the Granite City.
Quite often we get asked by students, will I be able to understand the
language when I come to Aberdeen?
The dialect we speak here is called Doric,
and we have got some very helpful phrases to help you understand things when you come to our city.
We have got a bonny library where you will find ah-hin.
So, on a Saturday afterneen you can come doon the road tae Pitodry and watch the Dandy Dons play fitba.
I've been kicking a ba aboot for a gye lang time and I am fair wappit, and my heed is full of mince. So, I'm awa for a cup of tea.
So, I've got my fly cuppa and a fine piece.
And this looks like an affa fine piece.
Fit rare!
Come to Aberdeen oor city by the sea,
and come and see our famous scurries, 'cause we've got hunners of them and they are absolutely massive.
So, when you come to Aberdeen there is absolutely heeps of things tae de in yer spare time
and there is stuff happening aawye oor the city. In fact, come doon the harbour
and come to the fantastic award winning Maritime Museum.
Well, we hope you have enjoyed yer wee tour of Aberdeen, this really is a city for aabudy.
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Doric from around Aberdeen

53 Folder Collection
Makoto published on September 17, 2018
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