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Look at your eyes.
Look at them.
Each one unique.
And I created every one of them.
I created -- everything.
The universe.
And you.
I gave you your personality.
I made you pure.
And every day
I give you life.
I love you.
But something happened.
You cheated on me.
You didn't trust me.
You sinned.
[Falling Plates crashing]
You cut yourself off from me.
And although you're still alive...
you are slowly dying.
So you looked for other things...
To fill the void.
But nothing works.
[Falling Plates crashing]
It just kills you faster.
And it separates us more and more...
[Falling Plates crashing]
What are you searching for?
[Falling Plates crashing]
I don't want you to die.
I created you.
Not to be destroyed.
But to know me.
So I became one of you.
A fragile creation.
I was tempted.
But I never sinned.
I came to save you.
You have so many sins.
And they have a cost.
Someone has to die.
You --
or Me.
So I took on your sin.
And traded in my life for yours.
And I died,
in your place.
Because I love you.
Then --
I rose from the dead.
I am the Way.
The Truth.
And the Life.
I am Jesus.
I'm not here to condemn you.
I came to bring you back to life.
Rely on me.
I will forgive you.
And give you eternal life.
I love you.
And I did All of this
to have a Relationship with You.
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5166 Folder Collection
The way published on October 4, 2013
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