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Hey everyone, Phil from Wong Fu here,
just want to say - how are you doing, long time no see
We've been super busy, in case you haven't been following us on social media
We've been shooting our show 'Yappie', which we just wrapped a few weeks ago
and we've also been planning this really special event
which we're at here today, called 'Identity LA'
'Identity LA' is a music, art, and food festival that we put on with Far East Movement, the city of LA, and ISATV
This is the second year that we've been helping out,
and last year we had like 9000 people, so today's gonna be even bigger than that
There's Mike Shinoda, Jay Park, the Kinjaz, Hotel Garuda all headlining, and a bunch of other amazing artists
and it's all for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,
so very soon there's gonna be a ton of Asians here, all celebrating our special month
It's gonna be a lot of fun
So since there's gonna be a lot of people here,
we know that there's gonna be a lot of Wong Fu fans here as well, so...
We thought we'd ask some questions.
Okay, so we're gonna play a little game with our fans
and here's the thing. One really cool thing about the Wong Fu fanbase is that
it's pretty evenly split down the middle between guys and girls, like almost 50/50, which I think is awesome
So what we're gonna do is we're gonna ask like some Wong Fu trivia
and some questions about Asian-American culture,
between the guys and the girls to see which are the Wong Fu fans,
which side knows more about Wong Fu.
So it's gonna be like a battle of the sexes,
Wong Fu style.
Let's go!
- 'Strangers, again' was a short about the stage of falling in and out of love, do you recall?
- Yes
- And how many stages were there?
- ...five?
- Ooooh
[buzzer sound]

- Five?
- Five?
[buzzer sound]

- Six.
- Six.
[buzzer sound]

- That is incorrect, by one
- Five
- Five
[buzzer sound]

- Seven! [ding!]
- Seven.

- Umm...
- If you get it wrong, it's okay

- Oh my god, seven [ding!]
- Seven?

- Was it six?
- I don't know bro, I'm just guessing right now!

- Ah!
[ding! x 5]

I'm gonna give you a list of titles,
All of these titles are wrong - you're gonna have to correct them.
- 'Single by 30'!

- 'Single by 30'?

- 'Single by 25'
- 'Single by 30' - 'Single by 30'

- Ooh, he got that one, oooh! Just by a hair, alright
- 'Just Another Rice Guy'
- That sounds correct, yeah
- 'Just Another Nice Guy'

[record scratch]
[lmao] [buzzer noise]
- Hey

- [together] 'Just Another Nice Guy'
- Eh, 'Just Another Nice Guy'?
- Okay, he knew the whole time, he was trolling us
(he was trolling us)

Alright, we made a movie. It was called,
- I just watched this...!
- Oh, you just watched it!

- 'Everything...
After Us!'

- 'Everything...
- 'Everything

- Before Us'

- 'Everything Before Us'
[ding!] - Okay

- I got another one
- Okay

- ...'Conch'?
- Oh my god

- Oh, like Con-
- 'Shell'!

[ding!] - 'Shell'
- Oh, you got it!

- Ohhhh
- 'Shell', she got it!

- So there were a lot of Asian- Americans in the Olympics this past year, right?
Name three Olympians, that were Asian
- Nathan Chen

- Alex and Maya Shibutani

- Karen Chen

- Mirai Nagasu

- Chloe, Chloe from-
- Chloe Kim!
[ding!] - Chloe Kim!

- Victor... - I don't even want-
- No, Vincent- Vincent Shu? Is that his name? I don't-
- There is a Vincent Zhou, very good! Ay, pretty awesome
- Yeah, Vincent Zhou!

- You guys watch 'Infinity War'?
- Yes

Alright. Name
- Benedict Wong

- Two Asians
- Pom... Klemen...

I don't know how to pronounce her last name
- Who?

- Pom, yeah [ding!]
- Oh! Yes, very good. She was Mantis.

- There's also uh Spider-Man's friend...?
Has a friend named...?
- Oh oh oh oh!

- Ned! [ding!] Ned, Ned.
- Ned! Very good

- Uh, Drax? [ding!]
- Who's the actor?
- I'll raise you one more - where is the actor? [laughs]

- I'll raise YOU one more - WHY is the actor?
Dave Bautista, Dave Bautista is half Filipino
- Ohhh

- Obviously look like you guys watch K-pop, a lot of K-pop
- No

- Totally-
- Not at all.

- There's a group called BTS.
- Sure

- I thought you said you don't watch!

- I don't! I'm just-
- Six. [buzzer]
- So close! Seven.

- Six!
- Wait, is it six? Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

- It's six right?
- No, there's seven! There's sevennn

- Oh man, you almost got me to believ-
- We're going to play a game called
I'll show you a photo of a celebrity, and you just tell me if they have some Asian blood in them or not
This guy
- Yes
- Oh, he's in 'The Matrix'

(- Keanu Reeves)
(- Yeah)

- Know his name?
- Keanu Reeves?

- Is he part Asian?
- I'm gonna guess yes

- I'm leaning towards no though

- I don't think so...?

- Keanu Reeves
- No, he's not [buzzer]

- He is!
- What?!

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
- Yes

- I'm gonna go with no

- Nnno?

- I think he's Asian, but maybe partly-
- Asian?

- You're incorrect, he's 100%...

- Janelle Monae
- I'm gonna say no again

- I'm gonna say... yes?
- I'm gonna say
[buzzer] - Ughhh...
- She's not

- Chloe Bennet
- The other one was a trick question, I'm gonna say no

- I wanna say yes

- This is Chloe Bennet. - Oh, yes she is
- Oh, wow, you knew that very quickly - but yes, she is. She is half Chinese, very good.
- Trick question - what's her real last name?
- I'mma say...

- Okay, there you go-
- Am I right?

- You got some bonus points there
[ding! x 5]

- You know who that is?
- This is Zack Morris, from 'Saved by the Bell'
- Very good

- Um, I don't remember his actual name, but he is not
- Is he Asian?
- ...I'm asking you!

- He doesn't look Asian, he doesn't look Asian-
- You're not the host, I'm the host!
- He doesn't look Asian!

- ...No.
- No?

- He is part Indonesian
- Woah, really? Woah...
- His mom is part Indonesian

- Emma Stone?
- Emma Stone.

- No.
- Emma Stoooone
- Emma Stone!

- I'd say no
- Imma say no

- Are you sure she's not like part, you know, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, you know?
- Oh, that's a- that's a lie.
- Emma Stone- no, that was- that was-

- No!
- I was like 'umm'

- No?
- No.

- With that whole controversy about the movie and everything-
- No, you're abs- you're absolutely right, she is not Asian, but she can play one in the movies
- Apparently
- Apparently

- You guys repped Minnesota really really well
- Thank you

- I hope we did
- No, for sure, welcome to California and you know what?

As a welcoming, we have actually here
some gifts for you for playing

We got some pins for you, got some pins,
we got a lanyard

- That's our new- new line, not on the store yet, but it will be, by the time this video comes out
- Ooh, very fresh
- So this is- this is one of our new shirts that Jen made
Uh, it's a Feels Catcher shirt, catch them feels
- Woahh

- Do you? Well, I work for this company
- Thanks again to everyone that came out to
'Identity LA' this weekend

It was so much fun to see all the fans, all the talent,
all the support

For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
- And thank you guys for stopping by our booth and buying our merch
If you guys didn't get a chance to stop by,
make sure to check out wongfustore.com,

and also like and subscribe!
- See you guys later!

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How Many People Know Wong Fu??

39 Folder Collection
lawrence published on September 15, 2018
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