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  • Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe,

  • allowing us to breathe, construct materials, and do a lot more than you might realize.

  • So what would happen if it disappeared from the earth for 5 seconds?

  • If we first look at the loss of atmospheric oxygen as an oxygen in the air,

  • you may not want to be traveling.

  • Without oxygen, the internal combustion engines found in 250 million vehicles in the US alone

  • would be unable to turn heat into the work required to push the piston inside.

  • Cars would most likely not start and if already moving would stop running immediately.

  • Considering that an estimated 100 airplanes take off or land every minute,

  • the loss of oxygen could also cause some early crash landings all over the world.

  • Although airplanes already in the air could probably glide safely until oxygen returned.

  • But would you suffocate?

  • Oxygen does play a crucial role in one of the last steps of cellular respiration.

  • But luckily our bodies have alternative pathways that

  • help us survive when we temporarily lack of oxygen.

  • For example, during intense exercise, muscle cells will use up all of their oxygen and

  • switch to a process called lactic acid fermentation, which uses glucose to produce energy.

  • Cells lacking oxygen also have been shown to reprogram itself to prioritize and

  • make the most necessary proteins first.

  • All in all, if you can hold your breath for 5 seconds,

  • then you'll most likely survive the atmospheric oxygen apocalypse.

  • But when we take the question literally,

  • as in what would happen if we lost the oxygen atom completely.

  • Obliterating it from compounds like water, quartz, and ozone

  • then the results become more devastating. If we consider non-living things alone, then

  • nearly everything in the material world would turn into a metallic dust when oxygen is done.

  • This includes buildings, cars, roads, clothes, furniture, and more.

  • As all our materials like concrete, wood, glass, stone, brick and cotton

  • all contain or are made up of an oxygen-based compound.

  • Without the oxygen bond, many of these compounds would be

  • left with their elements unbound and in their simplest form.

  • And while all your favorite stores in possessions turn to dust, they'll be simultaneously

  • collapsing into the center of the earth, to be burned in a fiery oblivion.

  • As oxygen makes up 46% of the Earth's crust, the ground beneath us would cease to exist.

  • The ocean which covers about 70% of the Earth would evaporate and become hydrogen gas.

  • And upon the return of oxygen 5 seconds later, the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen

  • would release mass amount of heat as water is produced again.

  • So the world would end all around us.

  • But that's okay, you probably won't be around to witness any of this.

  • As all our living cells contain water and will like

  • the ocean evaporate into space as hydrogen gas.

  • The rest of us would be dead as well with oxygen and hydrogen gone.

  • We've lost 75% of our elemental makeup and only a pile of carbon, nitrogen,

  • calcium, phosphorus, and other trace elements would be what's left of our bodies.

  • Without oxygen, it's safe to say you wouldn't feel so good.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching.

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  • It's about human extinction and whether or not

  • the world is ending in taking humanity with it.

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  • You can find out whether we are optimistic or

  • whether we think things aren't looking so good.

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Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe,

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What If The World Lost Oxygen For 5 Seconds?

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