B2 High-Intermediate US 330 Folder Collection
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-Megch, my Pokemans. Let me show you them.
-Shut up!
-I can't wait to travel to the city and get my first gym badge.
It's gonna b--
Hey, how the hell do I get around this thing?
-Oh, Snorlax? You gotta wake him up to get him to move.
-Wait, can't I just walk around him?
-No, you freakin' idiot.
You gotta wake him up with a Poke Flute.
-And where do I get one of those?
-[groans] You can get one from that guy over there,
you freakin' jackass. Man, none of you kids know anything.
[dramatic music plays]
-Hey, that old guy said you have a Poke Flute.
Can I buy it off you or something?
Hey! Can I buy a Poke Flute?!
-I can't talk to you unless you walk in front of me, dumbass.
-[scornfully]: Fine.
-Where do you think you're going?
Let's battle!
-No, I don't wanna battle; I just wanna buy a Poke Flute.
-Well, I you want a Poke Flute,
you're gonna have to battle me first.
-Yeah, okay, whatever.
-Let's battle!
-All right, Pikachu, I choose you!
-Ha, you're done for this time.
Since our last battle,
I got my Pokemon up to Level 100.
Prepare to lose. Go, Metapod!
-The hell is that?
-(electronic voice) Metrosexual hipster.
Dresses like a flamboyantly gay man
to stand out from the rest of the male crowd,
but always ends up looking like a complete tool.
-No, the Pokemon.
-(electronic voice) My bad.
Metapod: completely useless Pokemon.
-Useless? My Metapod's level 100
and he's so bad-ass, that I stopped him from evolving
into a girly little butterfly. You don't even stand a chance.
-We'll see about that.
Pikachu, use Slam!
-All right, Metapod, it's time to destroy him.
Use Harden!
-Uh... all right, Pikachu,
use Thunderbolt!
-My Metapod's gonna get so hard in this battle.
-[chuckles creepily]
-Metapod, Harden!
-Use ThunderShock!
-Use Scratch!
-Let's hit him with a Harden!
-Hit him with a Slam!
-Penetrate his defenses with your Harden!
-Use Scratch.
-Harden! Harden!
How 'bout a Harden?
-Just one more hit and your stupid Metapod is dead.
-Metapod, use Max Potion!
-[growls deeply]
All right, Pikachu, come back!
Now, go, Charizard!
-All right, attack his Metapod with--
Wait, why can't I just use my Pokemon to attack you?
-Me? Uh... 'cause it's, uh...
against the rules?
-All right, Charizard, use Flamethrower on Metrosex--
-Okay, okay, fine! Here's your stupid Poke Flute.
-Wait, this isn't a Poke Flute.
-Look man, if you really wanted a Poke Flute,
you could've just bought one from the guy over there.
-[groans softly]
Now give me a damn Poke Flute.
-Of course, but first you have to battle me...
and my six Metapods.
-To see bloopers from this video and more,
like Pikachu peeing on Metapod,
click the link in the description below!
-Let me out of the ball, motherf--ker.
-Quick! Use subscribe attack by clicking the yellow button!
I sure do love this music.
Only problem is I always get this nostalgia boner
and it's not exactly a good time,
considering my mom's staring at me.
Hi, Mom. [Captioned by SpongeSebastian]
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330 Folder Collection
chenpooyee published on September 14, 2018
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