B1 Intermediate US 36 Folder Collection
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wow so funny
Ow [Laughing]
Oh my god!
I see you asshole
Crazy! One... Two... Three.
Oh my god, are you okay?
You gotta back up!
Back up! So you can see its eyes
Ready say cheese
Hey Sophie, it's your first fish you caught it all by yourself
Good Job!
Alright! Good job!
Oh my god!
ow ow ow
Alright, One... Two... Three...
David smile
I am! are you drawing a picture?
no just...
you're taking a video aren't you?
Act like you're kissing it
[Screaming and Laughing]
[Screaming and Laughing]
Everybody's flippin' off the camera
Everybody's flipping it off?
here, go like this
... farts a lot
Awesome! Good job
no no no no no no no no
Oh my Gosh
Holy Shit
See, I try to the shit off the trampoline and land on my feet. but that didn't work
Too early
ooohhh safe!!
With that update you should have Siri on there now Siri
Who? Siri
What are you talking about?
And who would Siri be?
The one where you can talk to it
I can talk to it?
with the update you should be able to now
is it one of these
No the home button the circle one
Hold it down
home button the only button on there
Yeah? hold it in
And say hi Siri. hi Siri
Do I let go of the button?
Let go.
Say hi Siri. Hi Siri!
Hello, asshole
What the fuck is going on?
You're the asshole not me.
what is that?
What the hell is that?
that talked to you asshole
[screaming and laughing]
go go
go that one. it's just one strap
no do two! come on, be a man!
no I done the left
my sunglasses flew out
oh my god
oh my god!
should I just turn around?
are you okay?
reel him! Do you feel him?
look at him!
Hey hey leave that alone
Hey, cut it out bird, hey key out
Gonna break my satellite radio
Cut it out
Get outta here
okay. okay, there's this one
okay yeah that
Which one do you wanna be? we'll both try it
yeah well both try it
do you wanna... ill be the bottom first
It's so hard
oh my god allyson are you okay?
are you okay?
Well it's serious now
oh dang
hair flip?
oh he got it!
what is it?
hi baby
oh here comes the other one. uh oh
The dogs the change paddle
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36 Folder Collection
lin published on September 12, 2018
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