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Hey guys, I'm Kelsi!
And I'm Michael from "Popping Bottles English"! And the topic of today's video is
Taiwanese convenience store culture!
That's right!
I think Taiwanese convenience stores are really convenient.
Yeah! You can do anything there. You can pay your phone bills,
you can buy food — everything!
The only think you can't do there is sleep.
Maybe you could...
Yeah maybe you could!
So today, aside from teaching some English,
- we're also going to play some games, right? - Right!
The games will be split up into three rounds. In the first round,
we're going to do some convenience store trivia!
In the second round, we'll have a convenience store shopping spree lightning round!
Ugh, such a long name!
And in the third round, we have our popular item
final price showdown!
- Are you ready? - Ready.
Let's go!
Since we're English channels,
we still have to teach some English, so I'll try to speak quickly so that we can start eating!
We're teaching 4 English terms you can use at a convenience store.
The first one is: "check out" or "ring up."
So what's the difference between
"check out" and "ring up?" They both refer to buying stuff.
To "check out" is usually what you would say as a customer.
Oh, so when you're buying stuff, you'd say "Let's go check out."
- Yeah, let's go check out. - And if you're getting ready, and the customer is ready to check out
you can say "I'll ring you up there."
- I'll ring you up over there. - Right. That's what the cashier would say.
- The second one is "receipt." - So many people mispronounce this
because it's so hard to spell, right?
- It has a "p"! - It has a "p"! Do you pronounce the "p"?
- No. - Don't pronounce it! How do you say it?
- Receipt. - Just "receipt."
Also, make sure you be careful, because I've heard
- some people call it an "invoice." - When you're online shopping
on websites like Shoppee and whatnot,
they email you an invoice. But if you're at a convenience store,
it's just called a receipt.
- The third one is "change." - Change.
So the cashier will say "Here's your change."
So if you're abroad,
and you don't want the change,
- and you want to give a tip, you can just say... - Oh, you can say
- "Keep the change." - Keep the change. Right, "keep the change."
- The fourth one is "on sale." - "On sale" just means
it has a "special price," and some common types of sales are
"buy one get one free." This just means when you buy you one,
they will give you another one for free.
In addition to "buy one get one free", there's also
"buy one get one half off," how do you say that?
- "Buy one get one half off." - That one is so long!
And so hard to read!
Is there a shorter version?
This one doesn't, but the first one does.
- Only the first one does? - Yeah.
For "buy one get one," you can just say
- "bogo." - "Bogo," buy one get one.
So in the future, let's just stick to "buy one get one free."
That second one is just too hard to say.
Now let's do some convenience store trivia!
Let's see who has a better knowledge
of Taiwanese convenience store trivia!
The answer is false!
I know this one already, you go ahead.
- I'm just awesome. - You looked it up, didn't you?
- Oh jeez, I have no idea. The US? - Yup, the US.
- Oh really? - It started in the US,
and then it went to Japan, and a lot of people think
it was original Japanese because we bought the distribution rights from them or something.
The answer is false!
- Ha! - What? How?!
- Then where is it? - Number one is Korea
- I didn't even think of Korea. - I didn't either.
- B! This is a B. - Is this an A?
Kelsi got it right!
- Told ya! And you were so confident. - No no no
Because it's more expensive!
That's why I said it's definitely A.
In fact, the most purchased product category
- is drinks... - But money-wise it's alcohol.
Yeah, just like Kelsi mentioned.
- Logic. - I'm not so good when it comes to logic.
I definitely won this one.
No way.
Kelsi is right!
- I think it's A. - Me too. - You are both correct!
- Yeah, cause I have no idea what the third one is. - I know the English name!
He's so cute.
I only watch... other... Japanese videos. Wait, no, not those ones.
Oh my...
And that's the end of this round!
Honestly I lost on purpose,
because every once in a while, it's no big deal.
So where are we now?
A convenience store!
That's right, and we're headed into Round 2!
Since I purposely lost the first round, I have to make a comeback now.
So what's our mission now?
We have to buy some
specified items.
That's right.
VoiceTube will give us a list, and we have to see
who can buy everything, and come back out the fastest.
Max 3 minutes.
- Max 3 minutes. - But,
I'm sure we can do it faster than that.
I'm sure I can do it in 30 seconds.
Are you scared?
- No. - You're not scared?
It's just buying stuff...
Yeah, just buying stuff, and you only have to lose for two minutes.
- Gonna start the time. - Okay! - Okay, 3, 2, 1...
Go! Go ahead, no joke!
4 minutes, 46 seconds.
- That's long. - So long!
That was hard! I had no idea it would be so hard.
Also, I had to get this microwaved!
- You've gotta microwave it! - Yeah! And it's so hot!
for this,
let the expert tell you how it's done.
You first give them what you need heated, tell them "Can you microwave this? I'll come back to check out.
I'm just going to grab a drink and some few other things."
- Am I right? - Yeah, sure, whatever. - I feel like that trick alone just won me the competition.
No need to run!
What's that sound?
- That's the sound of victory! - How were you so fast!
That was so fast!
Only two minutes!
And I walked, didn't run, just like this.
"Hey could you microwave this for me? Thanks! Oh, look! Ice cream!
They're all hidden in there, I can't see them!"
- Okay, we're tied. 1 - 1. - Fine.
Round 2!
Ahh... Oh, sorry. Just too much winning!
And finally we're going to taste it, but
it's not that simple, we aren't going to just eat it.
We're gonna up the stakes — only the winner gets to eat them.
- We're going to play a Taiwanese variety show game. - Okay.
- It's called the final price showdown! - Okay
She has no idea what I'm talking about.
I'm gonna win.
You know what they say,
a good start is half of success, so I'm going to start with this one.
I've bought the original flavor of this, so I think I know.
- You know the price as soon as you eat it. - Okay, you can pick
- the easiest one. - The easiest one.
- 0 to 60 - 59
How were you so fast?
Wow, so the first one was five seconds. Now it's my turn.
Guess this one.
- I actually quite like this one too. - Oh yeah? - I buy it pretty often.
So I think
I can get it in
- one to three guesses. - Seriously?
- Okay, okay. - Okay, 3, 2, 1... - 1 to 100
- 49! - Right!
How is this even possible?
- Okay, get ready, 3, 2, 1...
- 39 - 39 to 100.
So expensive!
- 49 to 100. - 59?
- 59 to 100. - 69? 62.
- 62 to 69. - 67!
- 62 to 67?- Yeah.
- 65 dollars. - Right. - Done!
- This one was harder. - Yeah I was surprised. - This is pretty expensive.
- This is way too expensive! - I had no idea it was so much. So how long did that take?
- 55 seconds. - 55 seconds in total? - Which one do you want?
- I'll let you pick. - Okay, this one. - Korean fried chicken.
- 0 to 49. - 45.
0 to 45.
40 to 45.
What a strange price!
- 42 dollars, what a weird price. - Yeah, why is it 42?
- Okay, this one. - Okay.
- 59? - 59 to 100.
- Uh... 60? - 60 to 100.
- 70. - 70 to 100.
- How is this so expensive! - Crazy! 80!
60 to 80.
- 75 to 80. - 79.
- Wow this is so expensive! - So expensive!
I thought it would be the same
- as this one. - Yeah. Okay, last one, last one.
- 30. - 30 to 100.
- 30 to 100? 40. - 30 to 40.
Kelsi's total is 46 seconds.
And your total is...
55 seconds.
So I won?!
I'm leaving. You can film the ending on your own, I'm leaving.
I'm done with this.
Fine, whatever, they're all yours,
and if you get fat you can't go on TV shows anymore.
- And then there will only be me left. - You're so mean!
- Go ahead, eat! - Okay, I'm gonna take it for real.
- Okay, go ahead. - Nah I'm just kidding.
- You can eat some. - Giving me pity food!
And now we have to pick our favorites.
Our favourites?
- What about you? - This one is my favorite
This is great for watching TV.
- Okay, how about you Kelsi? - This one.
Matcha ice cream, it's so good.
You don't like sweet stuff?
I do like sweet stuff, but I'm not a huge fan of pineapple cakes.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Taiwan. - That's okay.
No worries, no worries.
You can just hop on a plane and go home and never come back.
I'm so tired. Losing is exhausting. And demoralizing.
- Ahhh... - Sorry.
Not my problem, I'm just too good at this.
Yeah, yeah.
If you liked this video,
do you remember what to do?
Subscribe to the VoiceTube channel,
- hit that like button. - And then share this video with all of your friends.
- And don't forget to subscribe to the “Popping Bottles English" channel,
as well as my channel, Michael and Effy.
And mine, Kelsi May, "Kelsi May's channel."
Okay VoiceTubers,
see you never!
I lost so I'm never coming back.
- When will we see each other again? - I don't know, next time!
- Okay, then see you guys next time! - Okay, see you next time!
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Popping Bottles English X Kelsi May | East vs West | Who's the real Taiwan convenience store master?

3157 Folder Collection
Samuel published on September 16, 2018
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