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  • Who doesn't know Neil Gaiman as one of the top 10 living post-modern writers and one

  • of the first writers to establish a blog Neil Gaiman achieved cult status among his over

  • 1.5 million followers on Twitter and 1 million readers on his blog but we bet there are things

  • about Neil that you didn't know here's our list of the top 10 facts about Neil Gaiman

  • that may surprise you 1 he has a writing shed Gaiman had a gazebo built about 15 years ago

  • to use when writing he uses it abandons it for a few years then rediscovers it 2 Gaiman's

  • novel ANANSI BOYS was written with a 100-year-old Waterman Ideal fountain pen 3 he's a beekeeper

  • Gaiman began beekeeping in the Spring of 2007 4 he founded a fanzine METRO with friends

  • when he was a teenager Gaiman interviewed English writer Michael Moorcock for METRO

  • and still remembers Moorcock's expression when he opened the door to two 15-year-old

  • kids 5 in his attic Neil has an unpublished novel he wrote when he was 21 Gaiman said

  • just 1 of those pages actually sounds like him and it's the only page he'll let people

  • see 6 Gaiman used to be a journalist during his time as a journalist Gaiman interviewed

  • Divine from Pink Flamingos British comedian Rick Mayall Monty Python star Terry Jones

  • and Richard O'Brien from The Rocky Horror Picture Show 7 he is currently married to

  • Amanda Palmer lead singer of the Dresden Dolls and author of the best-selling memoir THE

  • ART OF ASKING their first child Anthony was born September 16th, 2015 8 he has a huge

  • personal library Gaiman's Minnesota home basement is filled with thousands of books and comic

  • books 9 Gaiman writes across multiple genres from horror to fantasy science fiction to

  • children's literature Gaiman's work spans it all in a variety of different formats including

  • comic books and graphic novels 10 he's good friends with musician Tori Amos Gaiman has

  • written Amos into his novel STARDUST as a talking tree and she has mentioned Gaiman

  • in several songs including Tear In Your Hand, Space Dog, Horses, Carbon, and Sweet Dreams

  • Gaiman is the godfather of Amos's daughter Tash want to know more about how Writer's

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  • advice visit our website by clicking the link in the description below

Who doesn't know Neil Gaiman as one of the top 10 living post-modern writers and one

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