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the first of ten words that even natives
regularly mispronounce is the word cache
cache not cache, which even I am guilty
of sometimes saying. But cash like cold
hard cash. now this word refers to a type
of storage I often hear it when talking
about the computer and Internet files. I
often have to empty my cache folder to
make sure my computer is running
the second word is the word espresso
espresso I for a long time we're saying
eXpresso which lots of natives do, we
were adding this X sound: expresso. But
that's not correct it's espresso,
espresso. do you like to drink a nice
espresso in the morning? I certainly do.
I've really missed my coffee during my
time of pregnancy, cannot wait to have an
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let's carry on with those words. number 3
etc rather than the mispronunciation etc
etc which is what I've been saying for a
long time. etc is something you would use
at the end of a list to mean 'and other
things' there's more for the list. so I
might say "I went grocery shopping I
bought apples oranges milk bread etc"
number 4, it's quite a difficult word to
get your mouth around and it's the word
February you have to really
make sure you're pronouncing that r
after the b. February. many
of us naturally say FebUary and we put
our liquid Y sound in there FebUary
but that's not correct. February. the next
word is difficult because the dexterity
that's needed to move your tongue fast
enough it's the word sixth, sixth. so your
tongue has to be up at the back to make
the K it comes forward for the s and
then through the teeth quickly to make
the th. sixth sixth
so if you practice those three
points: back of the tongue high, tip of
the tongue to the roof of the mouth, and
then the th = K, S , TH, then you will
have the perfect pronunciation of sixth.
luckily most of us don't come
sixth in a race so we don't have to say it
very often. the next word is a word I've
struggled with most of my life and it's
due to a mishearing when I was a child.
words that start with PER or PRE can
often be confused and it's the word
perhaps perhaps. Now as a child I only
ever heard Pre PREhaps PREhaps so I was
saying p r e it was only through really
learning to spell this word that I
realsed I was mispronouncing it. it
should be perhaps not
PREhaps. sticking with that theme another
commonly confused P word is prescription
we often say PERscription as if it was
spelt PER but that's not the case it's
PRE so it should be prescription. your
doctor will give you a prescription
which you must take to the chemist. the
next word is a fun word and it's the
word tenterhooks, tenterhooks. if you are
on tenterhooks it means that you are
concerned anxious worried about
something. if I'm waiting for some news
about some loved ones perhaps they are
very ill or they've been in an accident
you could say Anna was waiting on
tenterhooks. she was nervous anxious
worried. but many people mispronounce
this word as tenderhooks tenderhooks
instead of tenterhooks. next we have a
commonly confused pair of words utmost
and upmost, utmost
and upmost. they are two existing words
and often utmost is replaced by upmost
which is incorrect.
utmost means of great importance it's
serious. so you often hear this when
talking about how important something is
so you might say "it's of the utmost
concern" or "it's of the utmost importance"
so you're saying it's severe. it's
very important. it's to be taken
however upmost just means of the highest
point. so you might say the upmost shelf
or the upmost branch. I don't hear that
word as often but utmost I hear
regularly so make sure you're saying up
with a T not up with a P. now the
next word is one of my favorite word's
whether it's pronounced correctly or
mispronounced it's a wonderful word but
before I jump onto that word I just want
to say if you are learning English then
make sure you've clicks that subscribe
button and the bell notification button
so you don't miss out on any future
lessons and please make sure you give
this video a big thumb up. okay that
final word, the one that I love is the
voluptuous it means curvy
round ripe a little bit chubby perhaps
normally you can call a person
voluptuous if they're curvy and
attractive with their curves they're
very voluptuous. the mispronunciation is
voLUMPtuous like they're all lumpy
voLUMPtuous which is what I always said
up until recently. it's for volumptuous
no it's voluptuous to us not volumptuous
so there we go what words
do we have? cache, espresso, etc, February February
February, sixth,
perhaps, prescription, tenterhooks, utmost,
very important and voluptuous.
I have to
repeat that to myself a thousand times
so I don't mispronounce it ever again. do
you have any words that you regularly
mispronounce? let me know and let me know
if you are in native and you
mispronounce any of these words and any
additional words that you mispronounce
it's always incredibly interesting to
hear from you if you have enjoyed this
video about mispronunciations then you
may enjoy this video just down here and
if you're up for something a little
bit fruity, a bit of a laugh then take a
look at some of the stories involving
very embarrassing mispronunciations over
this way here. don't forget to subscribe
see you soon take care and goodbye
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10 Words Even Natives Are Saying Wrong! Learn English Like A Native

68 Folder Collection
蔡天羽 published on September 9, 2018
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