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  • - [Darren] A lot of people's reactions when we told

  • them that we were going to go basically to the North Pole

  • to ride mountain bikes were,

  • are you bringing ice tires?

  • 'Cause most people think, in the North Pole,

  • they're like, it's going to be cold and full of snow.

  • They don't really realize that

  • there's an arctic desert up there.

  • My name is Darren Berrecloth.

  • I'm from Banker Island, British Columbia,

  • and I'm a professional mountain bike free-rider.

  • Free-riding is all about picking your own line,

  • and being free to interpret the mountains

  • in any way that you see fit.

  • - Thinking about starting on the horizon right there;

  • it'll be like a drop up onto a rock slab.

  • - [Darren] The reason that we chose Axel Heiberg Island

  • was because the lines were massive.

  • It trumped anything that we ever ridden before,

  • in terms of height and just sheer scale.

  • - [Speaker 1] Alright, boys.

  • - [Speaker 2] Alright.

  • - Yeah, boys. Epic time.

  • - [Darren] One of the hardest parts about that whole trip,

  • was just it's remoteness and

  • how far it was from civilization.

  • If something goes wrong, we were about 12 hours away,

  • in best case scenario, from any hospital or serious help.

  • - [Darren] The landscape up in the high arctic,

  • it was just, it was breathtaking.

  • Standing at the top of the line just soaking it all in.

  • It's a pretty rad feeling.

  • One thing that's amazing about mountain biking

  • is the fact that you can take it anywhere.

  • You can climb mountains with it;

  • you can descend mountains with it;

  • you can travel long distances with it;

  • and you can stuff it in a box and fly it around the world.

  • To go up to the high arctic,

  • 400 miles south of the North Pole and ride my bikes,

  • it's a pretty amazing thing to do.

  • Check that off the bucket list, for sure.

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