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  • I was involved in this shoot for a magazine.

  • Photographing the most powerful people in America

  • and one of the people we had to photograph with Steve Jobs.

  • We had him for an hour.

  • Nine o'clock he was due to turn up and he turned up at one minute to nine.

  • And just before he arrived the PR person came up to me and said

  • "I just want to let you know Steve hates photographers"

  • and I took a chance on something, I said "Mr Jobs, I have some good news for you"

  • I said "I believe I have you for an hour". He said "You do".

  • I said "I think I can get this done in half an hour"

  • and he just looked at me like I've even had a Christmas present or something.

  • He said "Oh, my god, that would be great. I've got so much to do today".

  • And I thought well why don't I just approach it like it's a passport picture?

  • so that I had a little bit of fall-off. Shoot it against white.

  • give it a little bit of graphics but to keep it very very simple.

  • I said "I'd like you to just slightly lean forward towards the camera

  • I would like you to imagine that you're across a table from four or five people

  • who don't agree with you, but you know you're right".

  • and he said "Easy for me, I do that every day"

  • and then he just leaned forward and kind of looked. He just put his thumb here

  • and he just he gave a little smile, but it wasn't smile. He was like

  • "don't question what I'm doing".

  • He was actually out of there in about 20 minutes

  • so I did a cut from the knee up and then a close up, that close up shot.

  • When he was leaving, the polaroid was there and he said "Can I have this?", I said "Sure"

  • and he said "That's maybe the best picture ever taken of me"

  • so I thought at this point he was just being very polite

  • but then I got a call years later from California

  • saying "I need that photograph you did of Steve, if you still have it."

  • I said "Of course I have it".

  • We sent it out there and that night I actually went to Lincoln Center

  • and my phone beeped and then up on my phone came

  • he had died that afternoon

  • that photo was there on the website, so he did like in the end.

I was involved in this shoot for a magazine.

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The light Albert Watson shapes - the story behind the image of Steve Jobs

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