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Japan is being battered by the most powerful typhoon to hit the country
in a quarter of the century.
Winds of over hundred miles an hour have prompted evacuation orders
for thousands of people, hundreds of flights have been canceled
after a ship smashed into the causeway linking Kansai airport with the mainland.
Jenny Kumar has the latest.
This extraordinary weather is causing some extraordinary sights.
This lorry and car now avoiding being blown into the sea.
Typhoon Jebi, one of the most powerful in 25 years is causing widespread disruption.
Winds have reached up to a hundred and seven miles per hour.
Transport is badly hit. This is the runway at Kansai international airport.
It's built on the man-made island about 3 miles off the coast of Osaka in western Japan.
Hundreds of flights have been canceled.
This causeway leading to the airport is also closed,
the wind smashing a tanker into its side.
The storm have led to the power cuts with 3 hundreds and 50 thousands buildings
reported to be without electricity.
Debris from buildings and trees made it dangerous out in the streets.
Japan has suffered a summer of weather phenomena,
a record breaking heat wave, landslides, and floods killing hundreds of people.
But so far typhoon Jebi, which means swallow in Korean,
doesn't seem as deadly.
Many have stayed put and braved it out but around a million people
had been advised to evacuate.
Some have opted for the calm of the shelter
keeping safe from the ferocious storm.
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Extreme weather 2018 - Typhoon Jebi hits (Japan) - BBC Breakfast News - 4th September 2018

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Yukiko published on September 4, 2018
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