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Good job!
Oh my god, that prof is so...
I know, right?
Everyone says she's really tough!
I'm actually considering like...
Dropping the class?
Same but I don't feel like it's worth dropping, though.
Plus, did you see?
The guy sitting next to you?
So hot!
Ah, can you turn off your alarm clock?
It's gone off like three times already.
Can you buy me breakfast?
Thank you.
These notes are gonna be super helpful for the midterm.
I'm so on top of this.
Does anyone know the answer?
One fifth.
That's correct.
Great job as usual.
Alright, in today's class, we're going to
learn about the scientific method.

We always start off with a question, and then follow up with some background research...
Hey, would you mind if I take a seat over

Sure, go ahead.
Thank you.
I couldn't help but notice the novel you're
reading, it's one of my favorites.

I love this author.
Wow, he's perfect.
Good-looking, well-read, charming, I think
I found my soulmate.

Hey, is this seat free?
Yeah, it is.
I feel like I've seen you before.
Are you in Bio 102 by any chance?
He remembers me from class!
Does that mean he's into me?
I'm so nervous.
Okay, stay cool.
Yeah I am.
Oh, okay.
Um, so, you usually sit next to your classmate, she's pretty tall, she has long brown hair?
Yeah, that's Allie.
Okay, I was just wondering, is your friend
Allie single by any chance?

And that is how I think we can increase our online reach.
Great job, we can't wait to have you join
our team in the future.

Thank you, thank you so much.
Excellent, everybody!
Hey Kelsi, I have something I really need
your help with.

Sure, what would you like me to do?
Can you get coffee for everyone?
By the way, don't forget cream and sugar.
Oh, no problem.
Go, you can do it! Go go go!
Good job!
- Hey!
Oh hey, is this for me?
Never mind?
Oh my god, that prof is so...
What did I say?
Oh my god, that prof is so...
I know, right?
Should I say "I know right?"
Every time I read about the characters in
the stories,

I feel like I can connect to them every time.
You know?
We can't wait to join... blah... to have you join our team.
Oh, yeah!
That was so good! Congratulations! That was awesome!
I forgot you, I'm sorry!
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VoiceTube 原創短劇 | 醒醒吧!大學時代必懂的殘酷真相

8327 Folder Collection
Samuel published on September 8, 2018
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