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We've just arrived from Taipei off a bus.
We're about a half hour outside of the city right now
come to explore what's known here
as the 'Abandoned UFO Village.'

Let me repeat: Abandoned UFO Village.
I have a lot more questions about this place
than I have answers

but we're going to go inside and see what we can find.
It's already looking quite abandoned
on the walk up here.

It's very abandoned feeling.
And we don't know where we're going
to be totally honest but we're just winging it.

Gonna look for some abandoned-looking UFOs.
Ok, well, UFO sighted on the ground.
Can you see that yellow looking structure right ahead?
That's our first glimpse of the UFO village.
I am absolutely fascinated.
Like it's…we haven't even really got inside
but just approaching it like it's…fascinating.

I'm kind of speechless to be honest
because it really is totally untouched looking

and I'm not seeing really anyone else around.
And I…I don't understand how
it's not really even on the map.

But it's here.
It's strange.
This, by the way, is supposed to be
one of the most haunted places in Taiwan

if not the most haunted place in Taiwan
so we will keep that in mind.

See if we find some ghosts.
Oh my god!
Ok so I stuck my head inside the window
and just here that's the door.

As you can see, it looks like an airplane door
which, I think, is how they're intended to be designed.

They go all the way wrapped around.
Look at the old TV.
I just wanted to show you what underneath
one of these UFOs, as we're calling them, looks like.

It's floating, just hovering there above the ground.
Looks like it used to be maybe a picnic table.
I don't even know where to start with this place
because it's so cool and I'm just dying to keep exploring

but first I wanted to give you
a little bit of background context

and tell you what I do know
about the Abandoned UFO Village.

This crazy place has a bit of a mysterious background
and so what's believed is that this was intended
to be a holiday resort by the water.

We're right on the water here.
You can see my hair is all full of salt water
already within a few minutes.

It's a great surf spot and so
this was a place to come to relax.

The construction started in 1978
and during the two years that it was being built -
and there were people around -

a lot of weird things were happening
and so there were these inexplicable car accidents,
there was at least one suicide that occurred

from, I believe, the construction workers
who were spending a lot of time on this land.

And as far as I can tell and, again,
it's shrouded in mystery -

there's not a lot of information about this -
one day people just left.

So around 1980 this place was just a ghost town
and it has that kind of eerie feeling of a gold rush town
that was just abandoned overnight.

And there's no information about why people left
and why it's never been used again.

I mean it's years, decades later
and there's still nobody here.

I mean I think there are maybe some
squatters living here now and then but

this place is totally abandoned.
The theories that I've heard
about why it was abandoned

and why all of these bad things kept happening
is number one that this was
a burial ground for Dutch soldiers.

70,000 Dutch soldiers.
Taiwan used to be a Dutch colony
and so this is believed to be a burial ground

and the idea being that the spirits that were here
didn't want this ground occupied,

especially by a holiday resort.
The other is that there used to be a ceremonial
Chinese dragon near the entranceway to the build site

and the decision was made
somewhere along the way to tear it down

to have easier access to the construction zone
and that, of course, brings very bad luck.
Dragons are a very important symbol in Chinese culture
and they represent good fortune and so
to destroy one is seriously bad luck.

And so those are the two most likely theories
that keep occurring when I'm looking up research.

But the most fascinating thing about this UFO Village
is that people can't seem to agree on
whether it exists or not, including newspapers.

I have read so many sources telling me that
this entire village was demolished in 2010

and that not a trace is left.
It looks like there's some left to me.
It looks like the entire thing is left.
So let's go look around more.
Here's an example of where I think people
might actually be living as squatters

because the gate is closed
and it does not look like
they want you to go inside there.

So maybe somebody's still living in this one.
As you're walking around, you can still see
some places where there used to be a structure

and I don't know why it's not there anymore.
This one looks like it really did just vanish
because most of the tiles on top there look to be intact.

But it looks like there was a house there.
This is the perfect spot in the village to show you
the two different types of pod houses here.

They're both made by the same Finnish architect.
This one is more square in shape -
they're called Venturo houses -

and then these ones are my absolute favourite.
They are called Futuro houses
and they look like flying saucers

and when I was peeking my head
inside the window of one

you can see that the furniture
is specially designed and built to go inside

because it's hard to furnish a circular house.
It's not the kind of thing you can just go to Ikea for
and it really reminded me
of Buckminster Fuller-style houses,

which are also circular and have
that prefabricated design

and they're elevated off the ground
and these Futuro houses, honestly,

the way they're sitting on the stilts,
it looks like a flying saucer could've very well
just come down from the sky and rested there.

So as I'm walking along the street here
it looks like there were three UFO type houses here
that were actually demolished.

And there's so much mystery around
what's actually taken place here

but I think that they may have started to demolish these
and had more problems and bad luck,

whatever you want to call it, and then just stopped.
And that's why this land has never been touched,
it's never been redeveloped.

There was one plan at some point to build here again,
to redevelop the land as a beach resort again,
from what I understand, and nobody will touch it.

So the door of this Futuro house is just
blown right out and you can peek inside.

Some of the windows are blown out too.
So here's the living room, the old television there,
and then that was the kitchen there in the centre,
and then if I pan to the right,
through there you can see there's a bedroom

and then on the other side is the bathroom.
I especially like this house behind me
because it looks like whoever lives here now

built their current house around the UFO house
and it's kind of hard to tell from the front here
that's facing the water,

but you get a little hint if you look
at the second floor balcony

you can see that there's like curved windows.
But if you look at the back
you can definitely see the butt end

of a UFO sticking out the back of this house.
It's a really good idea and what I find
even more interesting about this place

is that if you look over here
there's quite a large apartment building

and on the other side there's what looks to be
a very large beach resort with people going in and out.

And this is very - I'm guessing - valuable property.
I mean this is prime real estate on the beach.
There's these beautiful, lush green hills on either side.
It's a prime surf location.
I mean that's why this beach resort
was intended to be here in the first place, right?

And there's people living on either side
but nobody has touched this land in the middle.

It's been decades.
And there were plans at some point, I believe,
to redevelop this land and they were scrapped

and I just can't understand
why people left in the first place

and then why nobody has built here since
on this prime section of the beach in Taiwan.

I just…it's mindblowing.
I really don't understand and it's killing me that
I can't figure it out and I can't find anyone to ask.

So I guess we'll never know.
Marc seems to think that a tree growing
in the doorway is going to stop us.

You just go around the tree.
Oh man, it really is low.
Ooh aah I'm stuck.
Ok I made it.
Oh my god!
Your backpack's gonna get stuck like mine
except yours is way bigger.

Made it.
Look inside.
Oh my god.
This one's trashed.
A lot of these houses the insides
are fairly well preserved but this one

has just been laid waste to.
I don't know if you can see in the middle there -
right there, the yellow -

that is the door.
I'm currently standing in the doorway.
The door should be where I am,
instead it's in the middle of the house,

and then just to the right of there
if you look closely you can see the ground.

So the middle of the floor here
has actually just fallen out.

What goes up, must come down.
Good luck.
Gonna be tricky.
It doesn't help having a drone strapped to your back.
Hey, that's pretty good.
Yeah, I got poked by the tree but
nothing…nothing too bad.

It's so cool to see in that last house especially
how the bottom has dropped out

and the trees just come in.
I mean this place has been abandoned since 1980.
The wind maybe has blown in the doors,
the windows, and the trees just move right in.

This looks like another house where
the trees just seem to be taking over.

I don't know where that drill sound is coming from.
I kind of want to go take a look but it looks…
this one looks a little sketchy.

So the whole side of this house is gone.
Actually two sides.
This place has seen better days.
It's all collapsed.
Wow, yeah, the roof has just come right in.
There's the bathroom.
Not very private.
That is a bathtub with a view.
Somebody still lives in this house.
The mattress is out on the lawn but there's the closet, you can see the kitchen over there,
and the TV is on the sofa.
So we are finding out that this Abandoned UFO Village
might not be so abandoned after all.

I don't know if you can see behind me
the Volkswagen parked right by the flying saucer?

I just spoke to a man there and I said,
'Do you live here?'

and, you know, 'Do you sleep here?'
and he said yes and he's fixing it up
and he let me take a peek inside

and he's got like paint cans and it looks like
he's not only living there

but he's kind of fixing it up and it looks lovely inside.
So I guess this abandoned place…
I mean people are coming in and they aren't
afraid about ghosts or a destroyed Chinese dragon

or 70,000 dead Dutch soldiers buried here possibly
and it's become this kind of little community.
So I've seen him there - I've only spoken to him -
but I did see a couple of other people
who look like they were maybe residents here.

So it's kind of cool to see
that it's not so abandoned after all.

What do you see there?
It's a photograph.
You see a photograph?
Yeah, it's of a couple.
Does anyone know who these people are?
Look at that cool sofa.
It's really cool - and these chairs.
And there's like an old TV there,
reminds me of the TV from my childhood.

You can see how the mattress looks pretty good
until you look down and see the floor

and it looks like the bed frame has just disintegrated.
It's got those 1970s colours: oranges and greens.
This is the drawer in everyone's kitchen
that you need to reorganize.

That is such a cool washer.
I'm glad to know that if I'm ever
in a typhoon or something,

I'm probably safest on the toilet.
That makes me think of Jurassic Park.
Oh yeah!
Isn't there a scene where
the dinosaur takes him off the…?

What if that happened here?
Let's just hope it wasn't a dinosaur
that ripped the roof off that thing.

What? You found another toilet?
Yeah, it's perfectly framed.
We have been walking around this
Abandoned UFO Village for hours

and I even though I still really don't understand
the many mysteries about this place,

I actually think now that that's a big part of its charm.
And I can confirm that this place does exist.
No matter what you read, it is here.
It was not demolished and I've just had
such a good time walking around here.

I hope that you have too.
We love exploring abandoned spots like this
so if you know of other places around the world

that you think we should go and check out
then make sure to leave a comment down below.

I hope that you think this was a fun video.
I've definitely had an amazing day here
exploring with Marc - you agree?

Yeah, loved it.
So we hope you'll subscribe to our channel
for more travel adventures

and, if you like this video,
don't forget to give it a like, a thumbs up,

and we'll see you in the next video.
I gotta catch the drone.
Be right back.
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Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village

2124 Folder Collection
佳萱 published on September 3, 2018
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