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Hello guys!
And welcome to my channel.
I know that many of you
are about to apply in the university of your dreams somewhere
abroad, probably in the USA.
And you have this question
"how do I send TOEFL scores
to that university"
Many of you ask that question.
in the comments below.
So here is the answer.
The first thing I want you to remember
is please don't take TOEFL
just for the sake of taking TOEFL
and finding out your score.
There are so many resources
online where you can take the TOEFL test
and you will automatically get
your results for reading and listening part.
I'll leave a couple of links below
the materials you can use to actually
take TOEFL test at home.
As for the speaking
and writing part
you need to hire a tutor
or someone who has experience passing TOEFL
to give you feedback.
This teacher can't be a random English language tutor.
This teacher has to be a professional
TOEFL teacher
who will actually guide you through the tips and tricks
that you have to do to pass TOEFL.
I'll leave a link below
Jonathan, who's my teacher
actually helps students with speaking and writing parts
and other parts as well.
So please don't waste your money.
Don't go and take TOEFL multiple times.
Even if you fail,
then you'll lose that motivation.
You'll think
"I've failed TOEFL and wouldn't get to the university of my dreams".
But that comes from the lack of preparation.
Maybe if you spend another two or three weeks,
or a month preparing for TOEFL
with the right teacher and the right book
you'd save that money of taking multiple TOEFL test.
And go and take TOEFL, get the score you need.
I've passed my TOEFL
with a first attempt
and I scored 117 out of 120.
Before actually taking the test
you can tell ETS
which is the organisation that organises TOEFL
where you want TOEFL scores to be sent for free
and you can send them to 4 different institutions
before you take TOEFL.
So what I did
I had a list of 6 different universities
where I wanted to apply to
and I knew that I can send my TOEFL scores
to 3 or 4 different universities
and I'd have to pay extra fees
for the other two.
If you go to a university,
or other institution's website
Click "international admissions", select "TOEFL"
they would have an institution's code
which you type in
when you register for TOEFL.
I'm going go and log into my account
and show you the whole process.
Let me show you how you find out
instituon's code on institution's website.
I've chosen Stanford business school.
We go to Admission.
And then you click "application materials".
Or it could be international admission
or language test requirements.
Here we see TOEFL, IELTS, PTE,
click that.
Here's all information about TOEFL,
and you need minimum 100 to be eligible
for Stanford application.
and it also tells you score validity.
TOEFL is valid for 2 years.
Here they tell you how to repoty your TOEFL score to Stanford.
Here's the institution code.
It's 4004.
I'm going to copy that.
I advise you to have a sheet with all university codes.
So you don't loose them.
Now I go to ETS.org.
This is the website of TOEFL organisers.
I select TOEFL.
I already have an account here
because I took my TOEFL in 2015.
I'm going to show you how to register for TOEFL.
So here on my homepage
I click "register for a test".
Now I select "TOEFL test".
Here's the important informaton, don't forget to read it.
I agree to terms and conditions.
I'm going to choose a location.
After selection the exact location
I'd also need to give them
my prefered dates for taking TOEFL test
in order to see when I can actually do it.
So after giving the dates
the ets.org website gives me a list
of places where I can take TOEFL
and let's select "American academy of English"
and click "continue".
Here you select your score reporting preferences
and it says online score only.
This is what I advise you to select.
I've never seen an institution
that requires a paper copy.
You don't actually need it because
you can print it out yourself.
You don't really need a paperback copy.
Here's the page where you type in the institutions
or score recipients.
Universities that you want to receive your TOEFL score.
You put in institution code here
and click "search".
Here's Stanford.
Stanford university and
and it's graduate school of management
that I'm kinda applying to.
I have three more options.
Three more universities where I can send my score for three.
You can actually add more
but they'd start charging you 90 dollars
starting with a fifth institution.
Because I'm just showing you how it works
I'm going to click "continue".
This is some questionnare you can skip.
Here you need to understand and agree with the terms.
This is where they upsell you with different books
and materials for TOEFL preparation.
I don't know. I've never used them.
I click "skip".
Don't forget that I'll leave the link to materials
that I used below.
Here's the price of my TOEFL test.
It's 190$
It might be more expensive in other countries
because I took my first TOEFL test in Russia
and it cost around 250.
Might be wrong, I don't remember.
Here's what you see that
I'm reporting my score
to Stanford and they charge my 0
and I save money.
And I click "confirm order".
It's all done.
Thank you guys for watching this video.
I hope it was useful.
If you have any questions, regarding TOEFL
please feel free to ask them in comments.
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel
because you're going to see a lot of interesting stuff about
getting admitted to American Universities,
life in the States,
the whole application process.
I hope to see you in the next video
Thank you for watching.
Bye bye.
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How To Register for TOEFL and Report Your Scores - STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION

47 Folder Collection
Quiet published on September 2, 2018
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