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Since the founding of China,
our Party has been repressing and attacking religious belief all the time.
Our aim is to completely ban and eliminate religion
and make China a godless place.
We must ban The Church of Almighty God thoroughly and rapidly,
without any mercy!
Oh no, the police!
Don't move!
Isn't religious freedom explicitly stipulated in the national Constitution?
What right does the CCP have to deny citizens religious freedom?
The Constitution is just for show.
For the sake of establishing our Party's international image,
providing the freedom to belief is a must.
The CCP government makes the Constitution
not to protect people's survival and interests,
but for foreigners to see.
Isn't this deceiving the world and people?
The CCP says that you're guilty, and so you are!
They say you've broken the law, and so you have!
Now the Communist Party is in power in China.
Only by following the CCP will you have a future.
With your belief in God under the CCP,
aren't you running counter to the CCP?
What exactly can you get from your believing in God
despite enduring so many hardships and sufferings?
God does His work in the last days
just in order to express the truth and thoroughly save mankind,
and then He will take mankind into the beautiful destination He has prepared for them.
All those who reject God's work of the last days
will end up destroyed by disasters.
If you read more of Almighty God's words,
you'll naturally know what is truth and life.
We communists only study Marxism-Leninism and believe in none but the CCP.
Only Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought are the truth!
Why is the Chinese society so evil and dark?
Why don't you reflect on it?
What exactly makes this?
Only the word of God is the truth.
Accepting the truth is the only way to get man onto the right path of life.
I have no interest in the truth you're speaking of.
How come there are people like you in the world?
The CCP is irreconcilable with believers of God, like water to fire!
If you insist on belief,
then your outcome is jail or death.
Whether you believe in God's existence or not,
God's rule over everything is a fact.
Almighty God has expressed a lot of truths
and done the work of judging and cleansing man,
it's a fact even more!
No one can deny this!
You dare try to spread the gospel and witness for God here?
Do you not know who we are?
We're Satan, the devil you spoke of,
who specially resist God and persecute you!
O God, I'm willing to stand testimony for You
under the cruel persecution of the CCP devil
to put Satan to utter shame!
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Keep the Faith | Christian Movie Trailer "The Exchange: Account of an Interrogation"

75 Folder Collection
Quiet published on September 2, 2018
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