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  • The Lord is knocking at the door.

  • But how will He knock?

  • How is the Lord going to knock on the door?

  • Please come in.

  • We've come today to share with you the words that the Holy Spirit has for the churches.

  • Words spoken by the Holy Spirit?

  • Please go ahead!

  • Pastor Jia,

  • shouldn't we also be trying to listen for the voice of the Lord?

  • If Eastern Lightning really is the work of the Lord and we refuse to listen,

  • won't we miss the Lord's return?

  • As we wait for the coming of the Lord,

  • we must hold close to the Bible.

  • There's no need to listen for God's voice.

  • Sister Yang,

  • if the Eastern Lightning people come knocking again,

  • whatever you do, don't open the door for them!

  • The pastors and elders don't want us to see you.

  • You had better leave.

  • Getting into the kingdom of heaven in our belief in the Lord

  • is determined by whether or not we can accept the Lord's work in the last days.

  • I feel like the Eastern Lightning's preaching has some truth in it.

  • We should look into it further.

  • We can't keep letting the pastor control us.

  • For something so important, why do you blindly obey the pastor and elders?

  • I think it's important to hear more of what God has to say.

  • To hear the voice of God, we must listen with our heart and spirit.

  • Like two minds thinking alike.

  • The words of God are truth, they have power and authority;

  • those with heart and spirit can definitely feel it.

  • Amen!

  • The work of God is so authentic, so practical.

  • Yeah.

  • Those who can hear the voice of God have met the Lord's second coming

  • and then raptured before God's throne, attending the feast of the Lamb.

  • These people are the wise virgins and the most fortunate of mankind.

  • Only now am I able to see

  • that God continues sending people

  • to knock on the doors of those who thirst for His return,

  • to bear witness for the words of Almighty God,

  • and finally open the door of my heart,

  • allowing me to hear the Lord's voice and welcome His return.

  • I'm so thankful for His salvation!

The Lord is knocking at the door.

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