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Sun is recommending delicious Korean cookies to me.
good to eat.
which one is better?
which one? this one?
this one
so many
which one is your favorite?
my favorite is...
My favorite!
I want you to recommend something from Korea, and you pointed to a gummy candy from Germany???
What's this? Intestine?
no no no, it's not intestine.
What else?
It's fish
How to cook it?
It doesn't need to cook.
Just eat?
Just eat.
Is it good to eat?
yummy yummy
Is it just like the small dishes from the Korean restaurant?
yeah, yes
wow, it's amazing
Don't you know this?
We don't have this in Taiwan.
It looks like a plant
Doesn't look like seafood.
it's seafood
Rush, what did you buy?
copee what?
copee dancoo
banana milk
strawberry milk
and what's this?
what's this?
apply on the face
and what's this? I don't get it
you don't know this? peanut?
It's peanut
PEANUT is peanut!
what? PEANUT is peanut?
yes, tudo is peanut in Taiwan
Tudo is potato
the one we had just now is Tudo(potato) right?
Tudo is potato
This is peanut
Hak, what did you get
what's this
face wash
only this?
yes, only this
Let's see what did Chase get
green tea
nT, what Korean produck did you buy in the Korean market?
It's cheap, and a lot
How much is one box?
I see you all got this blueberry
$4 dollars each
and you didn't buy any Korean stuff
what else?
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56 Folder Collection
黑魔小熊 published on August 31, 2018
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