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Think back 100 years.
Electricity had pretty much just been invented.
Movies had no sound, and even carrier pigeons were even still being used!
Things have come a long way since then, which has us wondering, what will technology look
like in the next 100 years?
There are some pretty life-changing inventions predicted to come about in the next century.
Flying cars, once thought to be a thing of just science fiction, are actually progressing
at lightning speed.
A lot of the technology already exists and some expect that flying cars will be available
to the public in just ten to fifteen years!
Regulations are still in the works, but it sounds like you'll be whizzing around in
your flying car well before 2120.
Another future tech?
Brain-linked VR.
It doesn't exist yet but it's thought that this could run directly through your
brain, bypassing biological sensory systems, creating artificial experiences of touch,
smell, and maybe even taste.
It could construct an alternate reality so realistic that you might mix up what's real
and what's not.
The homes you live in will be pretty different too.
People are expecting that we'll be 3D printing incredible homes and even making them foldable
and transportable!
Imagine the places you'll go!
The hope is that 3D printing in general will allow us to print literally anything we need.
New hammer?
No problem!
Need a car part?
You got it!
New organ?
No, not that organ.
Yeah, That kinda organ!
Yeah, even that's being developed.
And improvements to health care don't stop with artificial body parts.
Some researchers are hoping that by 2120, we'll all have little nanobots circulating
through our body that constantly search for threats like illness and disease, and then
fix the problem from the inside out!
With tech of the future, you may be able to one day have an extra set of robot arms and
realize your dreams of becoming a human spider!
You've probably already heard of the powered exoskeletons being developed, but one of the
more promising advancements in the field is having a mechanical “third arm” to help
out with tasks.
Currently being developed for the military, this third arm is lightweight, doesn't need
batteries, and can even distribute the load of a heavy weapon.
A small pilot study in 2017 showed that it could reduce arm fatigue and muscle activation,
as well as improve marksmanship for some soldiers.
So it's already on its way to beating Triangle Bob in an arm wrestling match! and his arm
fell off.
That is unfortunate.
Of course in order to create these kinds of tech, scientists, researchers, and corporations
will need a lot of help from good ol' trusty computers.
Today's computers have become a lot more powerful over the last 50 years, but advancements
have started to slow down recently.
Moore's Law stated that the number of transistors per silicon computing chip would double every
two years, which it did… until recently.
Which sounds bad for speed and efficiency, but some experts aren't too worried.
Instead, they're taking other steps to work around this, like reassessing the outdated
structure of computers.
Many CPUs still have features that date back to the 1940s! and until just a few years ago,
tons of computers were still using code from the 1980s!
Despite the work that needs to be done, coding is still advancing and powering every aspect
of our digital world, including me!
It allows humans to give computers and programs step-by-step instructions to do all kinds
of things.
Like track Triangle Bob's step count!
5 steps?
What did you walk to fridge and collapse?
What tech would you wanna see in the next 100 years?
Any issue that you need solved?
Let me know in the comment section below.
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As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!
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What Will Technology Look Like In 100 Years?

3194 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on October 6, 2018    Cathy ♥ translated    Evangeline reviewed
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