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- Alright, check it out guys.
It's Trevor James.
We're in the backstreets of Mumbai, India.
It's so good to be here
and I'm so excited cause today
we're gonna have a ton of delicious street food
and go for a full on
street food adventure.
Let's check it out.
This is Mumbai, India.
The bustling street food heaven
that's full of delicacies around every corner.
You can feast on both elegant delicacies
and street food delights all throughout the city.
And today, we're gonna go for a full on
Indian food adventure.
Trying some insanely delicious food
that's worth flying in directly to eat for.
And then, we're taking you to the back lanes
of the Muslim neighborhoods of Mumbai
for a full on Indian dessert tour for Ramadan.
Let's eat.
Just something about Mumbai
that makes you wanna keep coming back for more.
There is such a street food culture.
Everything you do feels like an adventure.
And the people here are so friendly.
We are going to have a ton of delicious street food today.
First up.
We're starting the day with a gigantic naan veg thali.
A huge platter full of tons of different curries,
breads and drinks.
Absolute curry heaven.
Alright, first up we are gonna be having a monster
This is one of the biggest thalis in Mumbai
and it's just right up here.
We're gonna try it out and then afterwords
we're gonna go for a ton of delicious street food.
Hi. - Hi, how are you?
- Nice to meet you, Nishant. - Welcome to Mini Punjab.
- Thank you so much.
And I'm really excited to see this monster thali.
- Yes, the Dara Singh Thali as we call it.
Let's go. - Okay.
Monster thali, hi.
Good morning.
Wow, hi.
- The preparation that is going on.
- Oh yeah.
Good how are you?
Thank you.
- Welcome, welcome.
- Thank you so much.
What're we making here?
- [Arun] Okay, this is the tomato bharta.
- [Trevor] Tomato bharta.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
- [Nishant] Made with tomatoes, yeah.
That's arduous to the Dara Singh Thali.
- Just one of the gravies here.
And it's gonna have, you said 40 plus?
- [Nishant] Items. - [Trevor] Items.
- [Nishant] So in terms of food,
you can see more than 30, 35 dishes.
- 38 Dishes
- 38 Dishes as the chef said.
- 38 Items on thali.
- 38 Items on the thali?
- Yes.
- Very nice.
- So, now I'm making butter chicken.
- Oh, okay.
- [Arun] Little tomato gravy here.
- [Trevor] And we're gonna make butter chicken here.
So, is this tomato?
- [Arun] Yeah, tomato.
- Tomato puree
and chili.
Kashmiri chili.
And then in goes tandoori chicken.
- [Arun] Yeah.
- [Trevor] Oh, okay roast chicken.
Oh, that is so beautiful.
So, we've got chili and tomato puree and roast chicken.
More butter.
Oh, it's called butter chicken for a good reason.
And starch.
- [Arun] We add Cream.
- Cream. - Yes.
- Oh okay.
So butter and cream.
- [Arun] Yeah it makes sweet and sour butter chicken.
- Mmm.
Sweet and sour.
Oh, it's ready?
- [Nishant] Yes, it's ready.
- Oh.
Thank you, chef.
- You're welcome.
- It doesn't get any more fresh than this.
Let's try out this butter chicken
right out of the pan.
- Good?
- Yeah. Real flavor.
The burst of flavor.
It's creamy and buttery.
And the tomato puree is so smooth
and just a little spicy.
That is amazing.
This is just one of 38 dishes on the massive thali platter.
And after watching chef cook up
more and more delicious curries,
like cashew nut paste creamy and buttery chicken,
mutton keema pure minced mutton curry,
dal makhani lentil curry,
a huge selection of different breads
like rotis and naans all right out of the tandor oven,
Tandoori chicken and Afghani creamy chicken,
the huge thali was ready for eating.
The biggest assortment of flavors
you could ever need all on one plate.
Steaming hot and absolutely delicious.
Oh, that is gonna be so
Thank you, chef Arun.
Here we go.
I can't believe what we've got here today.
Just look at this beautiful, monster thali.
And they also just served us some beautiful desserts.
There were just so many delicacies here
like butter chicken,
fish curry,
keema minced mutton with egg,
amritsari chicken,
mustard leaf curry,
pickles and chicken,
a few different types of dal lentil curry,
wheat flour with sugar and crisps with lentil,
chicken biryani with fried shallots and coriander,
Murgh masala steamed chicken with creamy cashew nut,
dalcha curry lentils with rice and vegetables
like mushrooms and carrots and peas,
chicken soup,
tons of different chutneys
like garlic chutney,
beet root chutney,
mint chutney,
plain onion,
sweet jaggery,
onions with curd,
plain curd and even more.
With tons of different breads and meats to go with it.
All absolutely flavor packed and delicious.
Oh, that is just.
That is just so big.
I have no idea how we're gonna finish this.
There's also all of these drinks.
So, we got a lassi,
and we've got butter milk
and then we've also got a couple mint refreshments as well.
I don't even know where to start.
But, I have a feeling I want to go right in
for this beautiful curry here.
Let's try that out.
Oh yes.
Wow, that is so flavorful.
And the paratha
its saturated
with ghee and butter and coriander.
And then that creamy cashew chicken.
And after tasting a ton of different curries
it was time to enjoy desert.
And now we've got desserts.
Look at these beauties.
There were so many beautiful desserts too
like gulab jamon,
and malpua fried dough.
All of which are covered in saffron syrup.
Along with saffron pistachio ice cream,
lentil dessert,
brebree cream and more sweet milk as well.
I just love gulab jamon.
That's what we're gonna go for first.
Look at that,
totally saturated with syrup.
That is
ultra sweet, rich, decadent.
This is just way too much food here.
But, what's really nice is,
this is actually meant for four people but
if you can't finish it they donate it to an NGO
and they give it to people in need.
Thank you so much.
- How you enjoy?
- So tasty.
I'm stuffed.
Well see you next time.
- Thank you.
- [Trevor] And after that amazing thali platter
we kept moving on for more street food.
And found a super special Mumbai pav bhaji
made with tomato,
bell pepper,
green peas
and potato mash.
Except, here it was offered in two versions.
The classic red version with chili and butter
and also the specialty black version.
Made from their special black masala.
Made of black pepper,
star anise
and over 20 other spices.
Awesome, guys.
Next up, we're gonna go for an iconic
Mumbai street food the pav bhaji.
Right here, there gonna be cooking it on the grill.
So we are gonna start making the black pav bhaji.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Look at those knife skills, super fast.
One after another.
And look at this over here.
Lots of coriander.
So this is gonna go for the pav bhaji.
Pav bhaji.
Mumbai special.
- Mumbai special.
- Mumbai special.
Oh, and lots of salt.
Oh, and green peas.
We're gonna add in green peas.
Oh, adding potatoes.
Boiled potato.
What's this?
- [Cook] Black masala.
- Black masala.
Oh and here comes the real magic.
Look at this.
just a huge brick of butter.
That's where the flavor is, right there.
Oh, garlic!
We're adding in garlic.
Ton's of garlic and butter.
This is just pure buttery goodness.
And when you watch the whole process
you'll see why the pav bhaji is so delicious.
Cause the butter and the spice scooping never seems to end.
And we're adding in more butter.
More butter.
Ho ho ho.
That's where the real heavy joy comes from.
This to me is what India is all about.
The spice mixtures.
All the masala's handmade.
There's just so many different spices.
And they put them all in this beautiful pav bhaji.
That is ready to go.
Loading it up into the bucket.
Here comes the pavs.
Ho, even more butter.
Look at that.
And we're gonna grill the buns now
and then load up the black bhaji sauce inside.
Little bit of coriander.
That is heaven.
Oh, yes.
Soak up the butter.
Awesome, thank you chef.
- [Chef] Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Look what we got here guys.
Look at that potato, tomato, all of those masalas.
Full of black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, it's all in there.
And so much butter.
And we've got beautiful pav soaked in butter as well.
This is classic Mumbai street food,
but this is super unique because this is
the ultra masala spice version.
I can't believe just how much flavor
you get in one bite.
You can taste the black pepper.
You can taste the cloves.
But it really is all about the potato,
butter mixture.
Thank you.
And what's this?
- [Cook] Coriander masala.
- Coriander masala.
So they're just so friendly here.
They just brought us the coriander masala.
What's inside here?
- Masala and coriander.
- Oh.
So it's the black pav bhaji from here and coriander mixed.
- Yes.
- Oh.
So the black pav bhaji itself
is just so rich and heavy and full of spice
but then they brought me the coriander masala,
which is even stronger because
you got that fresh kick from coriander and all the butter.
This is heaven.
And even after eating both of those,
I couldn't resist as they prepared
the classic red version in the back
with chili paste and mounds and mounds of butter.
We had to try that one out as well.
And this is the red pav bhaji sauce, look at that.
Oh, put it right on that bun.
And these buns are so soft.
It's a little bit less peppery and strong.
Less masala but it's so smooth
and tomatoy and potatoy and buttery.
Very nice.
And after saying thanks to all the chefs,
and since it was Ramadan,
we visited one of Mumbai's largest
muslim neighborhoods in Mumbai
to eat some super rich and authentic tikka masala.
And then, finishing off the night with
a full on Indian dessert tour
deep in the lanes of Mumbai.
This is just absolutely
the most busy place you'll ever visit.
And there's so much food.
Look what we found here guys.
We've got a ton of action.
Oh, chicken tikka masala.
Look at the color here.
Bubbling chicken tikka.
Right from heaven.
Full of spices.
What's this?
- [Street guy] This is brain masala.
- [guy] Oh, brain masala!
We got liver and brain masala
and then chicken tikka masala over here.
look at all the coriander.
And we've also got grilled chicken kabobs over here.
And you can see they load it up
with that mint and tamarron chutney.
And look here, this is the dubon soup.
So, it's a lamb stock,
and you can smell the onions,
and they're gonna put a goat tongue in there for us.
This is just the dream here.
Street food heaven in Mumbai.
Mohammed Ali rode on the last night of Ramadan.
(speaks in Indian)
- Oh, strength? - Yeah.
- Power! - Real strong.
- Yeah.
Strength here.
- Chicken tikka masala
- And this is us, this is for me?
- Yes, you get one chicken tikka masala.
- Chicken tikka masala.
(speaks in Indian)
- Best item right here.
- Yeah. - Oh, number one.
- Number one.
- Number one.
We're gonna try that.
And the chicken tikka masala.
It's all here.
With the pav.
Ho, wow.
- Squeeze a lemon on it, one, two, three.
- Okay.
And eat with the pav?
- And eat with the pav.
- Oh.
What an amazing selection.
Look at this guys.
We got buffalo kabobs,
stuffed with chili and spices and masala.
We've got a beautiful chicken tikka masala,
garnished with coriander.
Tandoori chicken leg,
look at how juicy that looks.
Perfect piece of meat.
And then we've got the dubon soup.
I ordered it with tongue.
So, instead this is like a lamb stock.
I can actually smell the onions
and the coriander in there.
And we've got it with fresh pav well.
Oh, you can tell these are right off of the grill.
Oh, wow.
Ramadan special at Bademiya.
This is a famous joint in Mumbai.
And load up the pav.
This is gonna be so delicious.
It's actually tangy,
almost maybe a little sour.
Definitely spicy,
and you can tell it's full of masala.
And the bread is just soaking it up.
Chicken is juicy,
the bun is slightly smokey.
That's some of the best chicken
you'll ever eat, right here.
(speak Indian.)
So tasty.
Number one.
- Yes, thank you, thank you.
- And then heres what we came for.
The goat tongue soup.
Let's get a nice chunk of tongue.
Oh, my mouth is just burning from all the other spices.
Let's try it out.
Wow, that is actually just quite soothing.
It tastes like a basic lamb stock with a bit of onions.
And then the tongue itself, oh.
It's soft.
Next up,
we're starting the Indian dessert tour.
And first up,
found a special version of a classic Indian street food,
the jalabi.
But here the mawa jalabi.
Made with pure milk solids instead
of just regular flour.
Look at this guys.
We just found the mawa jalabi.
So, this is mawa,
which is actually milk solids.
And regular jalabi is just like refined flour,
but this is milk solids
and you can see they're soaking it in super sweet syrup.
Rose and saffron syrup.
Oh, yes.
Desserts in India are the best.
We're gonna make these mawa jalabi.
Look at this guys.
This is
milk solid
And here's the finished ones right here
and they're gonna throw them over.
There we go.
We're gonna try some of those.
Thank you.
Look at how crazy it is here guys.
Right out of the oil.
They're still so hot.
It actually tastes like a rose.
A milky crispy rose.
And when you bite into it
the syrup actually just bursts into your mouth.
That is one of the sweetest things you'll ever eat,
but also one of the most satisfying.
And as we kept exploring,
we kept finding more desserts and Ramadan specialties.
We found a nice man selling a refreshing drink
to beat the heat of Mumbai.
And it's raining now.
These are the busy streets of Mumbai
and I think there's a dessert,
watermelon dessert up here.
Look what we found here.
This is a watermelon
sherber dessert.
And he's just chopping up half a watermelon.
Amazing, and it goes right into this beautiful pot
of amazing ice and syrup.
And I think it's orange food color.
Oh, I scoop?
Scoop. (laughing)
Oh, look at that.
Oh, that is thick.
Whoa, and you can see it's just
full of flavor.
Okay, and the watermelon?
(speaks in Indian)
- No, no, no.
- Oh,
With watermelon?
Thank you Voz.
I try?
Try? Okay.
Alright, out here.
Oh, yeah.
That is so sweet and syrupy and refreshing
with watermelon.
And you can see there just making
6glass after glass here.
Next stop on the dessert tour,
we found another famous dessert right on the street.
The phirni rice pudding with cardamom.
A perfect street snack when you need something sweet.
And look at this guys, there's more.
Phirni. Oh look at this guys.
We're making fresh phirni,
so its basically like a rice pudding dessert.
Oh, and right out of the bowl
you can see we're just scooping.
Very nice.
These are clay cups and it's basically a rice pudding
with cardamom.
Sweet dessert.
Right on the street.
Doesn't get any better, any more local than this.
And we're gonna try out a bowl of that.
Oh, it's hot.
Wow, you can really smell that milky creaminess.
This is just
phirni delight.
Classic Indian dessert here.
And just loading up the trays.
And you can see the locals are loving it.
And this is Ramadan special.
Wow, and they're just gonna let it cool.
Oh, thank you.
We just got the fresh maya phirni.
One thing I love so much about India
is the variety of desserts.
And this phirni
is included in the huge spectrum of flavors you can try.
Rice pudding,
rich mawa,
boiled down milk,
and sugar and cardamom.
Let's try it out.
Oh, yeah.
It's like buttery and milky
and a slight cardamom kick.
It's sweet but its not deadly sweet.
It's just nice and soft
and enjoyable.
And to finish off the dessert tour
we found a super special dessert.
The coconut cashew and cream shake.
And here made with extreme speed and flair.
And we're still roaming the streets here
and looks like we found the most beautiful shake here.
And look at this guys.
It all starts out right here.
This is the mountain of coconuts.
They're cut open,
and you can drink the water.
And then after the shells are empty,
they take the flesh and blend it
with cashew and cream and pour it inside.
Oh, and this is just absolutely
amazing to watch here.
And we're making, oh,
so many coconuts.
Look at these.
We're loading them up.
One after another.
That is amazing.
Just topped to the brim.
Full of coconut cream.
Look at that.
And we're just spraying it
into the coconuts.
And everybody here is lined up for coconut.
And we're gonna top it with cashew.
Cashew, coconut
and milk mixture.
Pure, creamy goodness.
Oh, okay.
Here we go.
So that's coconut cream.
Pure coconut cream.
Oh, yeah.
Milk right from the carton.
Oh, and cashew.
Amazing, thank you.
This is just pure coconut flesh with,
actually I think there's a cashew paste in there,
and then he tops it with cream.
It is so sweet
and coconuty.
And you can see the action here.
Throwing the emptied out coconuts
one by one.
That is coconut,
sweet, cashewy goodness.
What an amazing day it has been here.
I would love to know what you thought
about this video in the comments below.
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notification button.
And you can check out our merch in the description below.
Thanks so much for watching guys.
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Enter CURRY HEAVEN - Mumbai's BIGGEST Thali (38 Items) + BEST Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India!

309 Folder Collection
Samuel published on August 29, 2018
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