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  • I Entered a Wonderland

  • I had an interesting dream this afternoon.

  • My dream began with a white rabbit.

  • I was sitting on the river bank.

  • Suddenly, I saw the rabbit.

  • He was looking at his pocket watch.

  • I followed him into a rabbit hole and entered a wonderland.

  • There I saw a lot of animals, and they all could talk!

  • I swam with them and joined their running race.

  • Then, a queen invited me to a ball game.

  • In the end, I had to fight her card soldiers because she was mad at me.

  • The card soldiers were attacking me when I heard my sister's call.

  • I woke up....

  • Phew!

  • It was just a dream.

I Entered a Wonderland

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A2 US rabbit wonderland entered card rabbit hole white rabbit

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