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Did you hear, Cesare Borgia at the last tournament
defeated all his opponents?
- Mara, bring me a drink. - Very good.
Don't worry if he's late,
it's logical he won't come at the usual time.
Today there's a French diplomatic mission at the Vatican.
It will mean trouble for us.
There'll be a new wave of syphilis.
For you there'll be trouble, it won't concern me.
It won't concern either of you.
At least as long as you're here.
Giulia, go and get ready.
The Pope will be here sooner than you think.
I know him well.
Just a carafe of good wine
to remind him that more important things await.
Do you think every night he comes to me because of good wine?
When we are alone, he seems so different.
His voice softens, and even his stern look
is no longer able to hide his love for me.
Don't delude yourself with the love he gives you.
At one time he was in love...
also with me.
But the years pass and beauty fades.
And even if I gave him children,
I lost him to other women younger and more beautiful than me.
Now all that is left me...
is bitterness.
And I only see him because I procure for him
moments of distraction and pleasure with others.
Go, prepare yourself. For now he'll come.
Go on.
Of course, Vannozza, I'll go.
Girls, go and help Giulia.
- How are you, Vannozza? - Don't worry about me.
Giulia awaits for you. But why the escort?
Each corner of Rome could hold an ambush.
Have them leave, you know my home is safe.
Sorry Vannozza.
Wait outside.
Our enemies have multiplied,
and Della Rovere has been saying that for the Triregno
I squandered the gold of all the Roman banks.
Forget it, Alessandro...
How are my children? ls Cesare back from Nepi?
You've no need to worry.
They are strong... smart...
All qualities they have taken from us.
- And Lucrezia? - Lucrezia...
I burn with desire to see her again.
She'll be back soon, you'll see.
When we conceived her...
Remember, it was a full moon...
And you had a beauty...
and a passion... like never before...
It's been a while since that night.
Now your love is expressed in procuring playthings,
and I continue to seek in vain
in the eyes of the women you offer me,
the look that you once had.
Alessandro, for once stay a while with me...
Not now, Vannozza.
The older you get the bigger the swine!
Come on out. Let's go.
They'll discover us! The other night it was a miracle!
Why are you always so afraid. Now they think we're asleep.
Would you let me go alone on this night so dark?
Come on, now! Get a move on!
- So, how did it go? - We did what you asked of us, Cesare.
But it wasn't so easy.
Perhaps he expects to be spied upon.
I wouldn't pay so much for an easy thing.
- Well? - We followed him to Porta Pinciana.
- Who was he with? - With one of the Farnese and two papal guards.
And then?
Then they split up and he was left alone.
- Which way did he take? - The usual.
Then he realized he was being followed
and made some detours to cover his tracks.
Then convinced he was alone, continued on his way.
He reached the usual house and disappeared inside.
- Then what? - Now he's still there.
I left one of mine.
- And her? - She arrived soon after, in a hurry.
And threw stones at a window.
She wasn't alone, but accompanied by a young novice.
And my father knows nothing.
Don't doubt it my lord.
I thought today would never come, Alessandro.
I was afraid you had forgotten me.
Forgotten? During this morning's hearing with the Spanish bishops
I did nothing but think of you.
Is it really true?
They talked and talked... But I never heard a word.
And desired me? Tell me, do you desire me?
Yes, my little Giulia.
Today I thought a thousand times of your eyes.
Of your breasts... of your hair...
Of your fragrant body.
Of your angelic face.
And because you're a whore!
- Because you're a whore, right? - Yes, my lord.
- I'm a whore! - And you like to make love, right?
Yes, my lord. I like to make love.
- And you enjoy it with everyone? - Yes, I like to do it with everyone!
- With dogs and pigs, right? - Yes, with dogs and pigs!
Down, bitch!
- Say it again!_ - With dogs and pigs!
With dogs and pigs...
- Come. - It's already dawn, how do we get back in?
- Mother Superior will find out. - Even if she does, it will be worth it.
It was a wonderful night. Can't you read it in my face?
Yeah, these things you can't understand. Come on.
In Rome he's the best on horseback. He wins every tournament.
He's daring in battle, strong, invincible.
And even in lovemaking, I believe that no one could surpass him.
Fine, But now back to the convent!
I wish to speak now to my father.
His Holiness is in a meeting, and doesn't realise you are in Rome.
I came back last night. Tell him that it's urgent.
I'm sorry but I was here first, brother.
You've been away, so I'll inform you.
Our father is quite furious. There are difficulties.
In short, you should postpone the meeting.
I have to talk to him.
Very well, if you have some good news to give him.
You know, it seems that the annulment of Lucrezia's marriage
is going on forever.
They say the impotence of her husband is a fairy tale created by us Borgias.
To get rid of the Sforza.
Young Sforza is impotent!
Lucrezia has been married for over a year
and the marriage has never been consummated!
So according to you, our dear sister would still be a virgin?
His holiness is ready to receive the Duke of Candia.
Now I'll tell him my night of love, and he will tell his.
It's the only way to change his mood.
In two hours we'll be fine.
Giovanni Sforza, Duke of Pesaro.
It's a pleasure to see you again, my dear Giovanni.
It will be good to be alone. Out, all of you!
I have important things to discuss with my cousin.
I hope you have had a good trip.
I rode day and night. From Rome to Milan without stopping.
Will you stay on your knees in front of me forever.
Come on, stand up!
It's a slander! I beg you, believe me!
If the Pope took away Lucrezia, it's because he wants her for himself!
In Rome they're slandering me!
The rumors have come this far!
They believe me impotent!
They say Maddalena Gonzaga, my first wife,
was impregnated by another.
And all seem to believe this nonsense!
- They are rumors spread by the Pope! - Calm down!
Calm down. For everything there's a remedy.
You are not alone.
Now we must think of a way to force them to take it all back.
We must defend our honour from these slanders!
His Excellency, the cardinal legate loannes Sisto Borgia of Monreale.
If your brother, the Pope,
thinks to get rid of a relationship becoming uncomfortable
accusing of impotence my nephew and ridiculing my name,
I tell you that he has miscalculated!
We will make him renege on his slander!
Here! In this room! In front of everyone!
Come here.
Go on! Take him!
Do you like me?
- Yeah... - Then kiss me.
I Ludovico il Moro, declare that my nephew Giovanni Sforza,
in the presence of Cardinal Sisto Borgia of Monreale,
Pope's brother,
and all the dignitaries of my court,
gave public proof of his virility.
Be nice, don't let me make a bad impression!
If nothing happens, I'll be bored!
Look what you're doing to me! You'll have me kicked out of court!
In front of everyone, I can't! I can't!
It seems pointless.
We have proposed to you to prove his manhood,
with Lucrezia, in the villa of Nepi,
under the control of us Borgia and you Sforza,
but if he fails to make love with Lucrezia
will you believe that...
I'm sorry sir, but I don't know what to do.
- What did you say, bitch! - Stop, are you crazy?
Leave this poor girl! Guards!
Take him away and I never want to see him again!
I'm not impotent! I'm not impotent!
I'm not impotent!
I'm not impotent!
- You wrote what I told you? - Yes, sir.
Cross it out!
Give up your amorous adventures
- and think about a serious marriage. - You're very astute, Uncle.
No doubt you've already planned it all with my father.
Not exactly, but you know how politics is in Italy,
one advises strong alliances.
There would be the Duchy of Benevento.
And do you mind, if I give to my father
the statement of Moro?
I see that the news makes you very happy. Please.
His Holiness Pope Alexander VI.
Father, your hopes have been answered.
Ludovico has signed. Here is the document.
With this, Lucrezia is free!
And the Aragon will be able to intermarry with our family!
Tell me brother, how was Ludovico?
Lucrezia !
The news has arrived, you're free! You can leave whenever you want!
I hope your stay with us, Lucrezia
has taught you to live as a Christian, and from now on you'll be
an example of goodness and family values to the women of Rome.
I'm not impotent! I'm not impotent!
I'll strangle you! I'll strangle you!
He wanted to kill that wonderful girl!
Go sit down.
In short, I laughed so much that I got lumbago!
And he not only wanted to strangle her...
All the girls, because for him, all women are suffocating.
And, the poor things...
I suppose you thought about consoling the girl.
Alas! How many sacrifices are imposed by the sacred robe!
So, in conclusion, Moro, to try to appease me,
wanted to give me at the end of the feast,
this wonderful, wild flower.
But you uncle, would not have stretched out your hands immediately, I hope.
But shown a little holy indignation...
0 did your beard hide the smile of the sinner?
lam not a saint, I'm a poor man at the service of the powerful.
A round of applause for the sincerity of this poor man!
Sisto, stop playing the fool! Sit down and eat!
Women like you, Vannozza, unfortunately one finds no more!
News of our dear Lucrezia?
Yes, now the matter of marriage is ended, the Pope has assured me of her return.
What joy, I can't wait to embrace her.
- I would say... - Yes, she'll lead a secluded life for a while...
Excuse me gentlemen, but I have to leave.
Thank you mother for this happy and carefree day.
And spent in good company.
Lords. Your Eminence.
A toast before you depart.
To the favourite of his holiness.
To the future Duke of Benevento.
To the participating author of the Borgia fortunes in Italy.
That the future be propitious.
I knew that the nuns spoke much good of Lucrezia.
And all the Pope does is lavish donations on the monastery.
He's a fine young man, the Duke of Candia.
Don't you find so too?
- You like him a lot? - I mean...
I thank you for bringing me her message.
If you knew how happy I am to see her again.
Try not to have it known.
Think of the rumors that there were in Milan.
They say between Lucrezia and his eminence Alexander VI
there are more than filial relations. They talk of incest.
Incest... That word makes me laugh...
After all, what does it mean?
Who can prevent a brother possessing his sister,
if she reciprocates his love?
A father sleeping with his own daughter, if she loves him and wants him?
I know I can trust your discretion.
Soon I will reward you.
- Now please, leave me alone. - Goodbye, my lord.
Father! My father!
Eventually we've managed to have you back among us!
How beautiful you are...
I've missed you so much.
Prepare me something to eat!
Your mother will be so happy to see you again.
And your brothers also.
And now, tell me... Tell me about yourself.
I want to know everything.
How have you been?
I had some terrible days.
I was afraid that you had forgotten me.
Leaving me to rot in that horrid convent.
Where everyone hated me, only because I was a Borgia.
It was hard to do away with Giovanni.
We had to do it. The Sforza no longer serve us.
We need new alliances and only you, Lucrezia, can help us.
Yes, father. We will crush them all.
She's right your mother, you're like me.
It is this strength that our enemies fear.
We need the Aragonese, the Spaniards are not enough.
Castel Sant'Angelo, the papacy, are coveted by many.
Now that I'm here. Tell me what I must do.
You know what I want.
I see the light that's within your eyes.
We know the force that binds us together.
Do not fear the night, the worries, the troubles...
The frailty of the flesh.
Father, when I'm with you everything is so different.
I feel...
More than a daughter...
And all this...
Troubles me.
Excites me.
Father, for you anything.
You've heard it all! He admitted to having sinned!
He admitted to having committed the most repulsive incest.
You have taken advantage of our sister.
Yes, you took advantage of her
during the period of her monastic retreat!
I have not taken advantage of her...
It was her...
who first showed me her love...
Blasphemer! It's not true!
You tempted her!
You've tempted her and forced her to join you, her brother!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
The disappearance of the Duke of Candia, unfortunately,
is still a mystery.
Investigations have been made through all of Rome.
In all districts.
We've raided houses, inns...
We've raided brothels.
Not a sign...
My brother cannot have vanished like that!
He's given no news of himself to anyone for six days!
But aren't you able to find out anything?
My son, in Rome everyone knows him.
He can't just disappear!
We've questioned everyone. Friends...
and enemies...
Father, this disappearance
is the revenge of our political opponents!
It's time to put an end to their affairs!
I'll handle it personally.
I ask permission
to search the palace of Cardinal Ascanio Sforza
on Strada Ripetta.
After the annulment of Lucrezia's marriage
the Sforza joined those who plot against us.
My son, who did this to you?
Who has dared to kill my son!
- Where did you find him? - The port of Ripetta.
At dawn, a boatman saw him in the mud on the banks of the Tiber.
Damn murderers! Whoever you are!
Orsini, Colonna, Sforza...
I swear I will pursue you as long as God gives me life.
I felt that something had happened.
My boy.
So young, so good! He didn't deserve this! He was an angel!
Stop crying! Stop it!
I cannot stand it! We must resign ourselves!
Why should I resign myself? And to what?
A man like you? Who for his ambitions and vices,
took advantage of everyone, even his own daughter?
Now I've lost a son, and after? I'll have to resign myself again?
But do you think I do not suffer too?
But according to you... Who was it killed him?
All of them. All those who hate us!
Who envy us.
Those who accuse us, condemn us!
All, Vannozza, everyone!
- I want them dead! - It wasn't them...
What do you mean?
Not them.
I know... I feel it...
Don't worry, no one will know about it.
- Are you sure? - I have the proof.
So it was Cesare who killed his own brother!
But how could he?
Cursed be the day that I conceived him!
And you, get out of here! Get out!
And you... You swear to silence!
My Lady, Alfonso, Prince of Aragon.
Let him come, I want to meet him.
Do you want something to cover you?
- Your status does not allow... - Let him come, now!
Girls, go now. I wish to be alone.
Can you be rid of all those people?
Go now. And you too.
Will you be staying long?
No, I have to join my father, but I'll soon return,
for our wedding.
Help me.
Thank you.
I've sent your order to rally the troops.
By tonight the men will be ready.
- You also be ready. - Against whom?
Against Caterina Sforza.
We'll set out on a forced march to Romagna.
I want to offer this victory to my father.
Go now.
- But Cesare... - Out!
Now because his father, Pope Alexander, no longer wishes to see him
he treats us like animals.
Why attack the Sforza so, without reason?
It's simple: go to war in search of success and triumph,
in order to re- obtain the good graces of his father.
This message for my sister Lucrezia, take it to her immediately.
Yes, my lord.
Between your brother Cesare and the Pope there's a storm brewing.
- That's none of your business. - Excuse me ma'am.
There's a gentleman who wants to see you.
Let him come.
For you, madam, from your brother.
Rise, Pierotto.
My beloved sister, your indifference humbles me.
I spend lonely nights of anguish, I need to talk to you.
To see you if only for a few moments.
Tonight I will knock at your door. Please, receive me.
Three letters in a week.
Tell my brother to come to Santa Maria in Portico.
Tell him to await... the fourth ring of the bell.
Wait a moment... What's the rush?
- Your brother awaits the answer. - Yeah, Cesare...
Always and only Cesare. Let him wait for once.
Why not stay a while with me?
Your brother would kill me immediately.
No, do not be afraid... No one will ever know...
It will remain a little secret between us.
Take a message to my brother and come back to me soon.
Mind you, that's an order, Pierotto. Go.
You were right, Vannozza. It is useless to hide the truth.
Caesar killed his brother out of jealousy.
Apparently he had secret meetings with Lucrezia.
He, too? A fine family we are!
- If I could start all over again... - Shut up, you pig!
It was you corrupted that poor child.
The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Even the Gospel says so.
Don't put it out.
Lord, it is useless for you to wait, my mistress will not come.
She always informs us when she comes.
She'll come.
She'll come...
I've found you!
And now you'll come to bed with me! You're afraid, eh?
Come here! Where are you going?
Now you will run away no more.
Is this the first time you've been with a woman?
Or is it fear of my brother finding out?
Your fear excites me.
His holiness is coming!
Get up!
What are you doing here?
I came to visit my sister.
- Your sister, huh? - Yes
She sent me a message to meet me here tonight.
And how can one trust what he says...
An individual like you?
You know very well what I mean, right?
Father, why do you hate me so much?
Your mother wanted to convince me to forgive you.
She wanted me to send for you...
To reach out my hand!
But how can I after the crime with which you're stained?
Don't be generous, father. I've already prepared my departure.
Enough! Get out! Don't let me see you again!
And never set foot in Lucrezia's house!
The only daughter who is dear to me! Go!
Out, murderer!
You, go.
Tell me, I want to know everything.
He passed out almost immediately, luckily for him.
And Caesar? Did he beat him too?
I don't want to talk about it. It was an awful thing.
You know, ever since I've known you
I wish I could always be near to you.
But tomorrow we leave with Cesare to Romagna.
- What did you say? - Against the Sforza.
Still nobody knows anything. But the army is already on the march.
Tomorrow at dawn we leave with the cavalry.
We'll join the bulk of the troops
launching a surprise attack on Caterina Sforza.
On horseback!
Come on you slackers! Pull the wagon!
Right, you guys! Get a move on!
Tomorrow Caterina Sforza will be fleeing to Milan!
What's this uproar? Are you soldiers or old gossips?
Why aren't you ready yet?
- You, hurry to deliver that message. - Immediately.
- Your sword. - Thank you.
- Are you excited? - No... no.
Hey you, over there! Can't you hurry up?
Make sure in battle Pierotto isn't exposed too much, understand?
I trust you.
- Where's my brother? Has he left? - No, he's still on the parade ground.
Please, don't go.
You know how much I love you.
There's no reason to risk your life.
And think of our father,
The sorrow he'd feel if he lost another son.
You see, he'll forgive you, I'm sure.
No need to win him over with your warfare.
Come down from your horse and embrace me.
Welcome my queen.
What can I do for you?
Only you can help me.
Tell me what distresses you?
My brother Cesare has left to fight the Sforza.
I'm afraid he'll die. I have a strange premonition.
You must save him.
Once you saved my life, now I belong to you.
I will invoke all the forces in my possession to help you.
But take care, your love for Cesare
might push you into the deepest abyss.
I do not love him, but he must not die.
But, you love him, Lucrezia. You love him more than yourself.
But rest assured and let your thoughts turn to him.
How could I think of anything else.
He is in my mind, my thoughts, my very breath.
Everything is him.
He has marked my destiny.
Sometimes I try desperately to forget...
the day when he took me.
When I was still a child.
But even if I feel a morbid desire,
I will not return to him.
If I did, I'd feel I could no longer tear myself away from Cesare.
I would be his. Only his forever.
And I don't want it, don't want it...
But you must save him, just the same.
Because, even though I fight it with all my strength,
I already know that sooner or later something will reunite us.
They say Cesare is returning from the war.
- Really? - Yes
They are preparing honors and celebrations of all kinds.
Just think, at Testaccio they've erected a bronze statue.
I'm happy for him.
I hope my father will forgive him.
There are quite a few things done by him in recent years for the papacy.
Last night that French knight arrived from Paris. He was here last year.
The one that was so handsome.
He says he's back just for you.
Tell the gentleman that Lucrezia Borgia is now betrothed.
What is it? Don't you feel well? What's wrong?
Nothing, just a little tired. A dizzy spell.
When did you realize you were pregnant?
Almost a month ago.
Cesare' s?
28 May 1498
Cesare Borgia returned from Romagna victorious
You all know very well how Caterina Sforza opposed the papacy,
And with how much determination she opposed the Borgias,
plotting against the temporal power of the Church in central Italy.
A danger I have always mentioned
and luckily, through the enterprise of our nephew Cesare...
An enterprise that we'll always remember,
has finally ceased to exist.
Now we can strengthen our position,
bringing about the marriage between Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso of Aragon.
I consider it appropriate at this point, to have the bride enter.
She's pregnant. But then, Sforza isn't impotent.
Cesare Borgia.
- Father. - Welcome home, son. Take your place.
And now that
the victor of Caterina Sforza's army is among us,
if his holiness is willing, we can resume the audience.
Because of the impotence of the former husband,
vouched for also by Ludovico il Moro,
we can declare you finally free
from this unfortunate marriage.
We are happy in the choice made for the new marriage.
I protest!
With what certainty can you brand a man impotent,
whose wife clearly bears the signs
of advanced pregnancy!
It wasn't my husband who impregnated me,
but someone very close to my brother.
This is the father of the child I am carrying.
We're drowning in scandals.
This will be known throughout the whole Catholic world.
My enemies won't wait.
You will go to Spoleto and marry Alfonso of Aragon.
The distance from Rome will put to rest the rumors.
Let us hope.
I will do as you command me, father.
I'll try to love my future husband and will be faithful.
But you know that for no one will I feel the love that I feel for you.
Don't you think father, that my state will make this marriage difficult?
Don't worry about this, we are still strong.
The strongest.
Aragon will accept you even as you are.
These weddings are as useful to them, as to us.
Spoleto 21 July 1498
Lucrezia Borgia was married to Alfonso of Aragon
The marriage was consummated publicly
Noting visually penetration,
we can declare the marriage consummated in all respects.
Written, sworn and certified in Spoleto,
on 25 July 1498.
It was wonderful. I'm so happy. I love you.
It still doesn't seem real, I don't deserve a goddess like you.
Why don't you think you deserve me?
Embrace your goddess.
I never tire of enjoying the warmth of your body,
of admiring your beauty.
Alfonso you are too good, It is I who don't deserve you.
You have accepted me in this state
Even though you said nothing, I know you must suffer.
It's you that matters, not your past. Enough Lucrezia...
- I don't want to talk about what's been. - Me neither, never again!
I will never forget these days...
It was a nice trip, I hope you're not too tired.
I'm fine and I cannot wait to be alone with you.
Soon then.
- Let's get rid of the servants. - Come.
Welcome home, ma'am.
- These flowers are for you. - Thank you.
My dear Tommaso!
What a pleasant surprise! Why never in Rome?
I've been here two days.
Your father sent me to stay at your service.
- Alfonso? - Yes? - Let's go.
But Tommaso's here who's arrived from Naples.
I want to make love...
What is it?
I have a feeling that this marriage will transform you.
You don't want to become a faithful wife, I hope.
It would be banal, so boring...
But, my dear Giulia, with Alfonso I have found the joy of living.
But the return to Rome has made me slip back into a climate of fear.
If it's for your brother, you can rest assured.
Yesterday from Vannozza I came to see your father.
He's already arranged Cesare's marriage with Carlotta of Albiers,
daughter of the King of Navarre.
My father always organizes weddings, but he never accepts!
But this time he has accepted and happily so.
- What is it? - I feel dizzy.
Are you sure she's out of danger?
The abortion has been difficult, the pregnancy was far advanced.
But fortunately her body reacted well, she will survive. She's very strong.
Lucrezia wants to see you.
Why the long face?
Don't be so downhearted, it wasn't even your child.
- Tommaso, come with me. - Yes, my lord.
You come too.
What do you want, always down here? Why not get back to where you belong?
Our blond brother wants to provoke us.
Here. Use it, if you wish.
Haven't you hoped for an occasion like this?
I just hope to stay away from the stench of your person.
And if in Rome this is impossible, I'll be sure to leave.
And of course my wife will come with me.
Lucrezia does not leave this city.
Lucrezia will remain in Rome.
And be careful what you do, Alfonso.
My Lord.
- I'm afraid. - That's how it is.
The men I've had, you know.
But he's different, he's sweet, clean...
With him I've learned to smile.
To look at nature, flowers.
And I'm afraid to be happy, for this I'm afraid.
- Because of your brother? - Yes
Between them there's a strange rivalry, almost a hatred.
Alfonso wants to leave
but the thought of leaving Rome for ever distresses me.
Alfonso's is a simple love, Rome is passion, intrigue, politics.
One excludes the other. You have to choose, Lucrezia.
I am a Borgia.
I know I cannot escape my fate
but I would snatch these few moments of happiness.
Spoleto is the only place where I was at peace.
You're young, leave, then, but soon!
I feel it would be better for everyone. And may God bless you, my daughter.
And so finally they took the horses, saddled them...
Stop there!
The guards! Come!
The wound has been treated.
But the infection could always resurface.
Tell me what I can do for him. I'll do anything possible.
I don't want him to die.
Stay close to him. Your presence will help him more than any medicine.
I urgently wish to speak with His Holiness.
I'm sorry to disappoint you. The pontiff is very busy.
He doesn't want to see you.
Doesn't want to?
So it's true... It's true!
Who wishes me ill has made sure that my father doubts me once again!
If in our family something terrible happens,
suspicion is always directed against me!
Always against me!
But this time...
I swear before God that they will pay!
Tell my father that within two days
I'll bring him the heads of my brother- in- law's murderers!
Fortunately news has come that Alfonso of Aragon will be saved.
What did you say?
What? He's not dead?
You'll see that you'll soon be better, my love.
Lady, here's the infusion.
Three days and three nights without rest.
You cannot go on like this, my lady.
Give him this infusion and sit up with him for tonight, please.
Very good, my lady.
Wake up... wake up!
Try to stay calm.
Would you like a sip of water?
No... no...
You know how much I desire your happiness, but over him I have no power.
He's different from us.
At least try, I beseech you! Try.
It's useless, I have no power over him, I cannot...
Where's Lucrezia? Why is she not here?
Go look for her, I need her.
I assure you that milady will be here soon.
I told you to go find her!
There is another man waiting, a lot longer than him.
It's too late to save him from death.
What do you want from me?
I have come to kill you.
To kill you because I hate you.
Lucrezia was everything.
But with you it was different.
But how can you want your sister to the point of killing?
Because she is like me! In all things we are alike!
You tried to take her away from me, tried to cut me off from her. All of you!
Even my father! But she wants me!
And she realizes she can no longer escape my love!
He's dead!
It's not true! It's not possible, no!
Blood... Always blood...
Enough now! Enough!
Pope Alexander: While loving our children more than our flesh
we will no longer allow the fomenting of scandal around us.
The arduous inheritance of the throne of Peter asks of us that sacrifice,
which every father would wish to escape.
We will separate our beloved children and we will separate ourselves from them,
so that the terrible fire of their union,
does not distract our attention
from the destinies and responsibilities that lie ahead.
The defence of this beloved people that we love above all things,
and whose love we reciprocate,
requires us to use our children as an instrument,
as a bargaining chip to obtain the only just end,
which is the good of those who see in us
the only defenders of their cause.
A powerful church
that combines otherworldly as well as temporal power
able to undisputedly rule the world.
It is to this mission that we, Alexander VI, Pontifex Maximus,
on this day of May, fourth year of Our Pontificate
dedicate our person.
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simonetta stefanelli- Lucrezia Giovane (1974)

1913 Folder Collection
h13927425933 published on August 28, 2018
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