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Hi, Gabriela,
how are you using your voice to promote sustainability?
Most importantly is not only to "talk about-ing," it's the "do-ing."
Or what I think is one of the most disruptive concepts
is actually that sustainability, sustainable practises,
is a good business choice.
Hi, Marie-Claire,
can we disrupt the luxury industry with hedonistic sustainability?
Sustainability doesn't need to be a constraint.
It can be both disruptive and the new normal.
Hi, Nick.
Have you seen an increase in investment for technologies that drive sustainability?
In particular, we've seen entrepreneurs
that are building product businesses within the apparel space
have a real focus on the sustainability of the goods that they ultimately sell to their consumers.
Hi, Alex.
my question for you is, do you think
brands should cater themselves to the millennial consumer?
Actually, no.
Because I find that it's very dangerous for brands to target one specific demographic,
as if you do that,
you kind of alienate the rest of the consumer demographic
being the Generation X or the Generation Z
or the ones coming after.
So in my opinion, it's very dangerous for brands to really stamp millennial, millennial, millennial everywhere.
Hi, Giovanna,
what do you think the future will look like for influencers?
So like anything in fashion, the market is saturated
and only the strongest will survive.
Hi, Cedric,
as a brand, you're really disruptive.
How will you keep moving forward?
We keep moving forward simply because moving forward
is part of our DNA.
It's part of our mission.
Balenciaga as a brand has always been
at the forefront of fashion, being innovative,
being directional,
and this is simply what we are about.
Paul, I have a question for you:
How does an established luxury brand still
disrupt in the market today?
With a brand like Salvatore Ferragamo,
it's less about mega disruption and more
about an evolution of the certain codes that still feel valid today.
It's just about reworking them in a different concoction.
Katharine, you have been disrupting for so many decades.
I'm just really interested to know what
you're disrupting right now.
Cancel Brexit, for Christ's sake.
91% for the British clothing industry is opposed to Brexit.
So can you give me one good economic reason
why we should go ahead with it?
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The future of luxury : industry leaders speak out

313 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on August 27, 2018    Jessieeee translated    Samuel reviewed
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