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Hello everyone, and welcome back to English with Lucy.
Today I'm going to test you on your grammar
and I want you to comment below with your score out of 10.
And be honest and truthful
because it's very unlikely that you'll get 10 out of 10.
So, get out a pen and paper,
write down the answers,
and if you get any wrong, don't worry,
I will help you with a short explanation.
Before we get started, this video
is going to help you with your reading
and your writing and your speaking,
but if you want to improve your listening
and your pronunciation, I cannot recommend Audible enough.
You can sign up for a free audio book
using the link in the description box.
I personally recommend listening to Harry Potter
read by Stephen Fry in his gorgeous RP accent.
Right, let's get started with the quiz.
One, John saw ... last week.
John saw ... last week.
Is it who or is it whom.
The correct answer is whom. (dings)
There's an easy way to work out
if you need to use who or whom.
In the sentence, if he or she fits, use who,
and if him or her fits, use whom.
John saw whom last week?
Number two, our politicians want to ... change.
Our politicians want to ... change.
Is it affect or effect?
It is effect with an E. (dings)
This is because to effect change is a set verb phrase.
Our politicians want to effect change.
Number three, did you see the books ... I bought her?
Did you see the books ... I bought her?
Is it that or is it which?
It is that. (dings)
Because that is used in defining clauses.
Did you see the books that I bought her?
Number four, neither of us ... intelligent enough.
Neither of us ... intelligent enough.
Is it are or is?
It is is. (dings)
And this is because if you think about it
like neither one of us is intelligent enough.
One goes with is cause it's singular.
Neither of us is intelligent enough.
Number five, ... bag is that?
Bag is that?
Is it whose or who's? they sound the same
Is it who's with an apostrophe or whose with an S-E?
It is whose with an S-E. (dings)
This is because whose S-E is a possessive pronoun
and who's with an apostrophe is a contraction of who is.
Whose bag is that?
Number six, I wish I ... studied harder!
I wish I ... studied harder!
Is it had or is it would have?
It is had. (dings)
I wish I had studied harder!
I wish I would have is a common mistake
made by speakers of American English
but it's not grammatically correct.
Number seven, I think I need to ... down and rest.
I think I need to ... down and rest.
It is lay or is it lie?
It's lie. (dings)
To lie down means to recline
and to lay down means to establish,
like a rule or something.
To lay down the law.
I need to lie down and rest.
Number eight, you can stand between Will and ...
You can stand between Will and ...
Is it I or is it me?
It's me. (dings)
A preposition such as between
should be followed by an objective pronoun like me, him, us.
I, she, he, et cetera, are subjective pronouns.
You can stand between Will and me.
Number nine, I want ... people in my kitchen!
I want ... people in my kitchen!
Is it fewer or is it less?
It's fewer. (dings)
Fewer is correct because people is a plural countable noun.
I want fewer people in my kitchen!
And the last one, number ten.
To ... were you talking?
To ... were you talking?
Is it who or whom?
It is whom. (dings)
To whom were you talking?
When you use to with who at the beginning of a question,
you use whom.
Right, that's it for today's quiz.
Comment below with how many you got right out of 10.
And you can make requests for grammar videos
if you don't understand some of these topics.
Don't forget to check out Audible
and claim your free audio book.
The link is in the description box.
And you can connect with me on all of my social media.
I've got my Facebook, I've got my Instagram,
and I've got my Twitter.
And I'll see you soon for another lesson.
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5835 Folder Collection
Emily published on September 27, 2018    Emily translated    Evangeline reviewed
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