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Hey guys, I'm going to show you, my five tips/five steps on how to use your foam cannon.
Over here I have two pressure washers.
One is gas the other is electric.
Personally, I like the gas pressure washers because it typically produces more pressure
which helps aerate the soap to produce more foam.
A lot of you guys live in apartments where noise restrictions limit you to using electric
pressure washers.
That's not to say that you can't get tons of foam and thick suds using an electric pressure
washer but as a personal choice I love the gas pressure washer.
Also when you're choosing which foam cannon to buy.
If you're looking or you have one, maybe all of your friends have one and now you're super
jealous of what they have, the TORQ Snow Foamer is the way to go.
You can use this with either a gas or an electric pressure washer, it only requires about 800
PSI to get the same thick suds you see in all of our videos.
It attaches to standard 1/4 inch coupler valves which produce thick suds which lubricate the
surface to prevent scratches as you wash.
To start off, I'll use the gas pressure washer to rinse it off, we'll also set up our two
buckets and start washing this Nissan Versa showing you how to use your foam cannon.
Now that you've chosen your pressure washer and your foam cannon lets move on to the soap.
You want to get a lot of suds to lubricate the surface so it doesn't scratch so I like
to use Honeydew Snow Foam.
This enhances gloss, especially on this black paint job, while also creating tons of suds.
We're also using the two bucket method which prevents us from bringing the filth back to
the vehicle.
These cones filter out the abrasive particles of dirt so we don't scratch the finish.
To start off we'll place a Dirt Trap in each bucket.
For the wash bucket we'll place about an ounce of soap to add foam and cleaning power.
Now that we're done setting up our buckets we can roll into tip number 3, that is setting
up your foam cannon!
Earlier I mentioned we are going to use our TORQ Snow Foamer, this produces tons of suds
using less PSi and those suds lubricate the surface so we don't ruin the finish on this
black Nissan.
First, unscrew the canister and today we are going to accessories our foam cannon by getting
rid of the traditional canister.
Instead, using this secondary clear bottle which has the dilution ratio on the side for
the perfect amount of soap for producing those awesome suds.
For those of you guys that have damaged the old bottle, this is a great replacement of
the original.
We're going to add about an ounce of soap which is about half way to the first line.
We'll add soap to that line and fill the rest of the bottle with water before attaching
it to the pressure washer and begin the foaming process.
Check that out!
Now you have this awesome container that shows off the product you are using, looks really
cool and professional.
This bring us to tip number 4 which is the washing process.
Starting off by rinsing it which is going to take care of the heavier loose dirt and
debris before you start washing to prevent scratches.
Working from top to bottom to keep dirt off of areas that have already been cleaned.
For some shorter detailers, you want to be sure that the surface is completely clean
of the loose dirt and debris before you start foaming it, this will reduce the dirt from
scratching as you wash.
We have our pressure washer set up so we can start rinsing then we will foam.
Before we start foaming there are a couple more things I want to go over.
Obviously this Versa isn't incredibly dirty, it has that light layer of dust and
debris that accumulate as a daily driver but still it is good for demonstration purposes
of how to use your foam cannon.
As a professional detailer, always start with the dirtiest area and that is in most cases
the wheels.
They are already clean because we took care of that off camera, we have tons of wheel
cleaning videos so we are skipping to the wash process.
Lets attach the foam cannon to the wand.
Just pull back on this sleeve and it slides directly onto the foam cannon snapping into place.
On top we have the fan adjust, by keeping this adjustment wide open this allows for
a thick stream of suds.
Closing this tighter will adjust the fan to a more vertical spray to cover more surface area.
Also, on the very top you have the soap adjust, wide open is pure water and all the way to
the right is the thick suds.
We're going to turn on the pressure washer and in the same manner as we rinsed, we're
going to start at the top of the vehicle working in straight lines to cover the entire car
in thick suds.
We'll give it a moment to emulsify anything that is on the surface before we scrub the
stubborn stains.
As our last step we're going to show you how to maintain your foam cannon.
This is a big deal because a lot of the time people put their foam cannons away either
when they are full of water or full of soap and over time that is going to create calcium
deposits which will make it so the cannon can't work at its optimal pressure or produce
the correct amount of foam.
We're going to dump out the rest of the soap that is left in here.
Lets clean this out so we won't have any soap build up or calcium inside of the container.
Just a little bit of water, run it through the system while using the pressure washer.
If you guys want to learn more about these products go to our website chemicalguys.com.
If you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up, also don't forget to drop a comment
below so we can better tailor these videos to what you guys want to see.
We'll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.
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5 Tips On How To Choose and Operate your Foam Cannon - Chemical Guys Car Care

176 Folder Collection
盧力銘 published on August 27, 2018
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