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So you buy a box and you think it's the laundry detergent tied and you open up the lid and there's
packages in here, and then you open up the packages and you look inside, and there's these little
pods of
Detergent in them and they're squishy, and then you throw them in you like it
I don't know
I like I think they're fun
But I think they just add to the packaging of everything and then it's like
Really, can I just go like that I mean what about the thing with the kids putting it in their mouths?
See that they do that yeah, right yes
Everybody knows how great drugs are I?
Mean come on
So I mean they're not likely to be
Underrated so I guess my position is overrated. Okay. Drugs are overrated drug use
underrated drug
Overweight now that's catch. That's a catch. That's smart. That's smart
Well they can't be overrated
Tell me no kind of monster would say are they're overrated he's a beautiful beast yeah, yeah
- right God's chosen animals
Yeah, no. They're underrated completely do they have those in England those type of horses
Where do you think the Clydesdale is?
It's an English home and the Budweiser Factory I
It's a hit. There's this isn't another one. That's caveat
I think farting is underrated if you're alone it feels good
But if you're in public and in the wrong spot, I think
Yeah, I think that us can be very very overrated. It's not kids so one has to be careful with it. Yeah
It was great power
You can't pass - pass
You put it in your mouth, and then you let it sit there yeah, and then you add saliva to your mouth
Yeah, and then you break the milk chocolate barrier with your tongue
Yeah, and then shut and inject the saliva inside into the Wafaa all right, and then have it dissolved without such
I'll still like a chocolate ball is still in check trapped
And that's when you still AM your gum down and you just mush the or but yeah
Yeah, underrated. I definitely
That's not how I eat how do you eat them?
Well I think they must be overrated I mean they're just there to cause destruction yeah
But unless you're talking about swimming, and you're splashing everybody. Oh, those are under mate. Yeah, those are underrated
Especially if Josephine is sitting next to the pool
Here's the thing right with this is that the one people who have come up to me
Super like like shaking and you're like
Like you do the song about the bowling ball
It's like
They never really knew if were people who were back like had the whole
Catalog and just like would just stand there and look yeah, that would be like it what I would do being a super fan
I would never fucking talk
I mean if Neil Young was around I would fucking shut my mouth and stand over there and watch
Everything exactly I witnessed a fucking word
not a word
You know right so the the ideal of super fans aren't what you think they're the ones who are like. Oh my god. Oh?
My god so super fans
Well, they're they're the ones just literally they're uninvited yes, necessarily the superest fans ah
Josephine what do you think overrated if you've got a bad one that didn't do what you asked it to do
You know no I dunno, yeah
I'm thinking maybe overrated when people have babies they just think oh
There's like chop off the piece of themselves and they put it out there in the world. It's all ego
Isn't it look at me look at how cute I am?
Aren't I adorable, and it's all them an ego and ego, and it's all that I mean I know that we're supposed to
you know
procreate for the species to to live and to exist and go forward
But we don't really have to we don't have to go forward the universe's doesn't need us to be around the earth doesn't need us
To be here crawling around like a virus going off this would never exist without me
Breeding is overrated. Yeah
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The Breeders Rate Tide Pods, Drugs, and Farting | Over/Under

52 Folder Collection
Caurora published on August 25, 2018
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