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Top of the Morning to ya Laddies.
My name is Jacksepticeye.

and welcome back to Detention
So we ended up outside this time.
Well I don't know if we are actually outside,

it kinda looks like we're outside
The last thing we did, I kinda went back into a flashback
with my parents fighting and all this kind of stuff.
So I don't know whats going on. Hello dudes!
I can't fucking do anything with these guys.
Two figures are carved on the door.
These are supposed to be guardians, but they look more like the HeiBai Wuchang.
... Their hands look like they should be holding something, what could they be missing?
okay, so I need some sort of spears or something.
Yah these guys, the HeiBai Wuchang

Their black and white permanence.
Okay so let's, okay that doesn't tell me anything,let's mosey
its been a while since I recorded it, sorry,
Like Resident Evil VII came out and took presidency over other things,
'cause I just really wanted to play that.
The door is completely blocked,
*reading in normal voice*

Oh I should be doing the voice,
This should be the puppetry club's work shop.
*in feminine voice*

Like little doll heads everywhere, what is this?
*in feminine voice* There's a note on the cart
Illustration: lantern specter, oh god there's a new one.
An illustration of the lantern specter.
If you chance upon a lantern spirit, avert your gaze and stand unmoving
when it comes near, still your breath but do not panic and it will keep on moving
okay, so the same as before... but this time we actually have to look away from them
*Reading in feminine voice* A puppet theater on a hand drawn cart
During summer break the boys in class would use this as their "battle tank."
Unfortunately they quickly broke the wheels
Fucking boys!
Boys and their toys messing shit around
Are these real things?
*Reading in feminine voice* The glass beakers here are from our biology lab
They are each holding puppets inside
maybe not real maybe just puppets
This place is fucking freaky
I don't like this
uuh they're all moving
*Feminine voice* A large mass of puppets hanging from the ceiling..
okay, an incinerator
*Feminine voice* A brick furnace...
I remember back then, mom said she burned spirit money to bless our health and good fortune.
I always thought of it as closer to dealing with the devil
Okay I thought this was something different
Right, so I have to find money to burn in this?
Ahh that's weird how they all just move as you walk pass them
it's cool though
Up or down?
Or that way >_>
I probably should ...
That music usually means that bad things are happening
this goes up to the roof, the gate's locked.
*Feminine voice* roots are growing out of the seems
The door is completely blocked
I'm gonna find a spirit here aren't I?
or maybe not ///:
A pungent mossy smell permeates ....
oh! Let's watch a movie! :D
Is it a Charlie Chaplin film?
*Feminine voice* The film in the media room is being projected from here.
Our military education class often played political propaganda.
The instructor always has a million things to say about whatever happens in the film.
Are there any other films I can play?
That's sad.
If all you get to watch are propaganda
*Feminine voice* There are various films on this rack
They seem to be all tangled together
Well untangle them and then we can watch tangled.
Ghostly spirit dudes- is this where the projector's actually .. shining
Yup... that's a lovely picture
That's a lovely movie can we change it-- nah, that's worse
Ne-next slide
What else you got?
This is the same one as before.
Incense sticks
Weird music... *Feminine voice* an unmarked grave, embedded in the middle of the room
Shouldn't be anything buried underneath
There are three unlit incense sticks here
Take incense.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to wreck your grave.
*Feminine voice* the grave of Wei Chung Ting?
*chuckles* I mean, no, it's Wei, not no way
*Feminine voice* Oh right, Wei he already....
Is the legacy of the deceased always just a mere rock?
Pretty much, oh god, now it changed. And all this changed.
*Feminine voice* When did all this writing appear?
Snitcher, is this about an informer?
The slogan reads: "Patriotism demands of us a sustained sacrifice"
Okay, this the sam- this is different.
*Feminine Voice* The board's all moldy now.
The slogan reads: "Leave your death in the hands of others."
*high pitch voice* I'm not sure I like this.
That's the thing, with-with death, is that a lot of times your legacy is just a rock on the ground
Unless you try and do something....
Unless you try and do something while you're alive that would really make people remember you
Otherwise, it's just kinda like: "yeah. your legacy is kinda just memories and a rock on the ground-
*tall thing enters left part of screen* Ohh, oh, oh god. Other way. Other way.
Don't stay still!
Okay, hold my breath now
ooo, I don't like it
Go away please
I'm gonna run out of breath-y breath
oh-ookay, those guys suck
oh they're freaky, they're so tall.
I didn't like that... *nervous chuckle* oh-kay, moving .. down again I guess
There's a door to the left down here that I didn't check when I was down here last time
The door is locked from the other side. This should lead to the atrium. oookay.
Let's get all the items we can first- oh god, why is it all flooded down here
Is that a person with a bag over their head?
*Feminine voice* A kneeling figure.. with a wooden token on it's back
Can't really tell who it is with a hood on its head
Wooden stocks and shackles.. a bit of dried blood on the edges
Here's another one
*Feminine voice* A kneeling figure.. there's some blood on its hood
Blood on the hood, man.
You kinda look like a save-place but..
*Feminine voice* I'd do as mom does, with incense in hand.
Ignoring the kinds of prayers she'd prefer
I ask the gods only for a way to live as myself
When did we light the incense?
*Feminine voice* What was that sound? Awh shit.
One of them gotten out didn't it?
*Quiet voice* ooo, hi.
*Feminine voice* The prison gate is open. The wood token on the statue's back is loose
Ah, is the thing I put in the dude's hand- cause it looks kinda like a sword
I was gonna say they need swords or spears or something like that
*Feminine voice*This cell's empty. . . smells like rotting plants
What kind of criminals do they lock up here?
Bad ones, Ray, super bad.
Ooh, a little box! Spirit money, okay so lets go back to the ...
to the inferno!
*glitch appears on screen*
Nooooo, don't.
Ah, jesus christ. *get ready for anti in a sec folks*
He's all fucking-- w̸̧̘͉̙̥̺̪̞̥̳̻̭͕̭̿͂é̸͚̭̯̰i̶̠̊͒̄̽̎̎̏̐̄͛̂́̚r̶̢̤̲̳̳̻̦͔̂ḑ̷̢̨̱̻̓̓͌ ̶̞͕̖̺͕̯̀̈́̾̒̀͋̂̂̅̀ä̴̧̪̥́̿͊ṇ̴̤͉̫̜́͌̏̑͐͐͝͝d̷̨͖͍͚͛̐̕͝ ̴̡̢̡̛̺̖̖̙͓̝̃̍̋̒̑̆͐̓́̚͜a̶̧̟͎͓̤̅̊̔l̵̜̹͑̈́̃̈́̂̓̈̍̒́̔̊l̷̛̛̳̺̭̞̩͎̪̬̥̇̿̅͂̽̾͘ ̸̛̗͈̘̲̆̇͊͊̽̾͑̑̔̾͛̽̚o̷̝͔͈̲̬̦̯͉̬̐͌̌̓̚̚v̷̥͒̓̈́̈́̇͒̍ê̷̡̢̖̲͚̼͕̠̺͙̥̈́͗̽̉̇͐͛̅̊̀̐ŗ̸̪̻̪̩̪͊́̔̂͛̇̈̊̈̕̚͝ ̷͇̮̓̍͛̑͝ṯ̶̢̣͇̄́͛́̓h̵̡͖͍͖̪̟̫̦̙̻̖̞͈͎͗̏͛̍͐̒̽̾͂̊̐̃̔͝e̷̢̛͌́͗̒̈́͐̋̀͆̓̽ ̵̧̡̛̙̗͉͎͕͉̲̮̼͔̪̑̒̒͑͊́̀͂̾͜͝p̴̨̛̟̿͊̀͒̓͗̽̅͋̊l̴͎̼̝̫͍͑̏͒̉̕ȁ̵̼̹̬̠͎̮̄͗̏͒̒̎͝c̶͇̒̾͑̈̃̀̈́̓͝͝e̷͈͕̭̩̙̽
I don't like this, thanks!
Stay there. Stay there. Good boy, thank you, stay there.
I'm just gonna leave those guys, um.
Shit, where did I find the furnace, was it in here .. at the end of the hallway?
It wa- yea, it was.
Time to burn me some spirit money.
I mean it's no use to me anyway- anyway what am I gonna buy spirit groceries?
*Feminine voice* O otherworldly spirits, I offer this spirit money to ask for your protection...
Some nice animations on those things, oh, I got a feather duster
*Feminine voice* The furnace's suddenly gone cold, is something in there?
How can this be? It should have been reduced to ashes if it was inside
That's not something I put in the dude's hand as well, is it?
ohh shit.
Who's doing that?
Oh god no- what the fuck?!
What?! (I don't know, man)
That-that's cool I guess, am I dead?
So I don't know what happens when you die in this game, ooo hi.
*Creepy voice* These human-like objects, are filled with evil over time.
Deal with them as with the lingered.
Is that all? Thanks, creepy old lady. *nervous giggle*
So, deal with them as you deal with the lingered, so, hold your breath.
Foul thoughts gather and accumulate-- oh no, foul thoughts accumulate ...
They begin to twist into a monstrous storm
I wanted to sound all cool doing that but I fucked it up!
Ahh, I get it.
They-these human fingers as you would with the lingered(?)
But I'm gonna run out of breath
Ah, thank jesus.*relieved giggle*
Fucking puppets man, don't you hate when they just grab you
Umm... okay, I got some shit and I'm gonna go back and see if .. I can put any of these in the dude's hands
So I don't think the feather duster goes in the other guy's hand but ..
We'll see what happen
Mean maybe it does
This doesn't seem to fit in it's hand, yea it fits in his hand
Text: Hei Wuchang is holding the token.
Ah ... okay then.
*Feminine voice* A chill air drifts inward
*sound of disapproval*
This is not good, this is creepy. This is cool. *chuckle*
Who are you? *feminine voice* a copper statue of the president ...
It can be seen from almost anywhere in the school- except the other side of this building or that building
This game has a lot of atmosphere, I really like it
Like, the sound effects in the background are really cool
ehh sounds like a creepy crawly- oh, the phone.
*Feminine voice* isn't this the phone from the principal's office. (yes).
Can I- can I call anybody?
Okay, I need to a number to call- I don't know the number to call
*Feminine voice* There's something important on the bookshelves...
There's nothing important on the bookshelves
If I could read, it'd be great. *Feminine voice* this cabinet looks familiar... there's a key inside.
Roof Key.
Okie dokie. The windows are covered in protective talismens
Okay, okay, turn away. Turn away and wait for him to get close.
And then... hold your breath!
Na uh. Not today ye big Ol' freaky bastard ye.
Keep on strolling with your lamp, we don't want any.
I'm outie, see ya later. Bye!
Hate those dudes.
Cause they're the ones who like .. hang down over you and then wait for ages
and then you're like: "oh god, my breath gonna run out."
Oh, there's a door .. this side of the screen. Wait, what room is this?
The music room, there's a piano inside.
It will probably last- was last used during freshman course competition
Oh god, what is that?
It's like a little doll thing. *Feminine voice* in the middle of the room hangs a bird cage.
A puppet likes locked inside .. it's got a hood on, I've never seen this style before
Okay, cool.Of course it doesn't do anything it's a fucking roof key ... I don't even know why I even tried to use it
So no, no, sharps or minors or anything like that
Not minors, I don't know what I'm saying- I don't play keyboard, I had to learn piano
My keyboard, um, in college-- when I was in the college the first time for music stuff
And like, I had no interest in learning the keyboard or piano or anything like that, but I had to learn it for
a music theory class and I hated it- I was terrible at it. *Feminine voice* we have a music class scheduled ...
every semester. It's mostly used as a testing center though.
Cause I had to learn like- cause I was a drummer *Josh Dun who?* and all I wanted to do was play drums.
And learn the theory for that, but I didn't wanna learn like cord progressions and circle of fifths.
And all those types of things, and I mean- it's a cool instrument I just- I did not have the patience for it.
*Feminine voice* The hallway light switch.
Very informative, Ray, thank you. ^-^
*Feminine voice* The broadcasting room, there are some playback devices inside
Maybe i'll hear a song- oh, god. It's a fucking tree full of faces
*Feminine voice* A tree's grown through the wall ... there are leaves all over the room.
Moss grows on the door and windows
We just not gonna talk about the faces then?
**Reads text** use to switch tracks, okay. A large 8-track player
It's usually used for school broadcasts.
The power's connected, do I need to stick a 8-track tape in? Okay.
*sings* "I need something else."
Oh, door's here.
Oooh, that's cool-looking.
That's awesome! Some of the imagery is awesome-looking
Kay, so I used the roof key to get here- ohhh.
Is that the key I just used on this? Shouldn't it disappear then if I don't need it anymore?
Okay let's go this way.
So we need a song, need something to be able to get that dummy out of the cage-thing
Isn't the just where I started? .. Oh god.
Ohhh god. *Feminine voice* a pair of mannequin hands...
Is it a set up for the puppet play?
This scene... is it trying to remind me of something?
Yea, your buddy, Wei.
I mean- I can't do anything with it. Can I cut his neck with the key?
Okay, I'm seeing a lot of stuff....
but I don't have any solutions to them ... yet.
Fucking clearly. *Feminine voice* Seems like there's something stuck inside the tree.
An 8-track tape, okay, so progress then.
And nothing this way. *sigh* righty. Cause that's the- ...
that's the worry playing something like this is that you go along and you see a lot of stuff that you need ..
solutions to and then you don't find any of the solutions, you're like: "okay, but I checked everywhere, where ...
.. the fuck do I go now?"
But luckily, that's not the case.
And the 8-track might actually play the piano song ...
which might suck cause then I'll actually have to remember the song *sighs* and I don't wanna
do that. Oh shit. Hello?
Anybody there? It's too dark to see anything- oh god I have to go get the switch.
[clicking sounds] ... ahhh fuck.
*jumpscare noise* Ah, fucking jesus. Oh god, oh god, i'm just running away.
There's another down to the left, I think.
Jesus Christ, that scared me. Don't do that.
In she pops.
**inaudible voice on 8-track speaking***
I don't know what any of this means.
Do I have to fucking play that?
**repeats piano sounds* Doo, duh, do, do, do, do. do, do, do ,do. (bravo.)
Okay. *repeats previous melody*
Okay, it keeps playing thank, God.
I was worried i'd have to remember it ALL THE WAY. (INSERT REMIX HERE).
I guess he left.
And I'm assuming that'll open you, and then you will give me something for the Wei dummy.
Right, oh wait, now it's not playing.
Okay. *repeats melody*
Okay, *continues pressing and singing the piano keys' sounds to find the previous melody.*
Do, do, do, do, do. Do, do do, do, do do, do *repeats this*
Ha ha! That actually wasn't that hard cause I didn't realize these notes didn't do anything.
Uh, that is- *jump-scare* (high pitched voice) Ah! Fucking, Jesus. [static noise].
Oh, God, I was about to make a funny joke saying I had too much saliva in my mouth and I couldn't ....
.. swallow properly or talk, and then all these fucking weird .. smiley face freaks showing up.
What do you have? Take it out. Why would I leave it there.
Ahhh, now I know why.
*sounds of disgust*
*Feminine voice* A detached twisted hand, fingerprints completely rubbed off.
ookie dokie. Imma go put this puppet on a hand .. back this way.(wei).
At least, I think that's what I have to do.
I don't really know where else I can put the puppet
Did I come across anything else- I don't know. There's a lot happening.
And there's a lot to take in and remember and then the game scares you and you're like: "oh yea, I just forgot ...
... everything I just saw cause I'm too worried about not shitting my pants."
There we go.
Uhhh, great. I have to do more?
Shit, man.
I don't even know where else I get something. Oh. *shakes head cutely*
Roof Key.
The door I unlocked didn't use the roof key to unlock it, it just unlocks from the other side.
There was a gate up here that I hadn't gone through, now I remember.
Silly. :p
There we go. Hopefully, we got another puppet upstairs.
Such a weird sentence to say. *chuckles* Oh god it's me.
Hey me! come back. You're the only other person who knows what the fuck is going on.
Or at least can experience... *bewildered expression*
Did she just jump off the building?
*dreadful voice* Oh noooo.
I don't like this.
Cause, this isn't the stuff that's just like ..
"Oh, creepy moster." This is the stuff that's like genuinely upsetting.
It was down here that the projector was, right?
Or was it..?
Put that in there and see what the new film is.
It's a blood-stained film though, so probably nothing good
It's probably a video of my own death
*reading numbers* 0,2,5,1,2,1.
*repeats numbers* 0,2,5,1,2,1.
Okay. . .
*Repeats numbers again* 0,2,5,1,2,1. Did I come across something that needed a code.
God, I honestly can't remember.
I'm bad at this.
Ahh, of course, the phone. Okay.
*spinning noise* 0. 2. 5. 1. 2. 1.
I thought that was it.
I got a thing: "what made you think that would work." [achievement in bottom right corner]
[phone ringing] ... now it does. What?
*Anti's? voice/noises* "̸͓̋M̷̩͠i̶͎̍s̷͖͂ṣ̶͂ ̴͉́F̶̛̫ä̷̦́n̷̹̄g̴̱̋,̶̟́ ̵̗̅ỳ̵̭ő̵̪ṵ̶͝r̷̜̓ ̶̲̾c̴̞̀ó̵̳u̷̥̽n̸͎͝ẗ̷̻r̴̼͘y̴̲̓ ̸̫̋ä̷̫́p̴̣͊p̵̪͝ŗ̴͋ë̷͈́c̵̢̚i̵͚͗a̴̜͂t̴̟͗ë̵̹́s̶͚̍ ̵̢͠ŷ̴̱o̵͓͊u̵̫̾r̸̦͋ ̴̱͘ą̴́š̷̼s̴̨̑i̷͔̿s̸̻̑t̷̼̓á̷̢n̷͇̉c̶̳̚é̸̬.̵̻̈́"̴͙̆
[Phone beeping]
*Feminine voice* What's left is only the dial tone.
What's happening- ohhh it's the fucking weird creature again.
Don't come in here.
Get out! Stay away!
No one's home- I mean, Shit!
*Whispers* What the fuck is that thing?
What the hell did calling that number do?
*mumbles* oh no.
Oh, hey.
Military police puppet
Okay, awe, it's cute. *chuckles*
Alright, let's keep going this way then, I think this is the .. shorter way to get there
Oh, Jesus Christ. Look at all the eyes.
Ewe. See? This is what i'm saying. It's not just like big giant monsters chasing you or anything
It's genuinely creepy- it's genuinely upsetting to look at. It's so unsettling
Just, weird, creepy, like nightmare type imagery
Okay, let's sit back and- *gunshot*
What's the show.
Basement key, okay.
Well that was fucked up.
He shot that dude's head and killed this person at the same time.
He just executed people.
I mean, it's pretty on the nose when you say it like that
Since it's all about like, the times this is taking place in
Okay, stay there, good sir.
You also stay there- wait. What can I actually use the key on down here?
I'm trying to see if I should use it on one of those gates. Ah, the metal door, yea.
I don't like this
What's that sound?
Ahh, bugs.
Keep going. If you run fast, they won't be able to catch ya.
Uh oh.
*mumbles* what?
*Feminine voice* Wei, thanks for doing this for me.
Not at all, I'm always willing to help if you ask.
*Wei's attempted voice* Though, I'm sorry I have to drag you all the way here to my classroom.
*Feminine voice* It's ok, my classroom has individual-studies now, it'd be a bother if we were there.
You're sure nobody else knows about these meetings right?
Of course miss, absolutely not.
*Wei's attempted voice* One thing though, this book list it quite sensitive in material, please be careful with it.
*Feminine voice* Yes, thanks for the reminder.
I know reading these books could be trouble ...
but it should be our freedom to pursue knowledge, right?
*Wei's attempted voice* Yea, I'm with you on that.
In fact, I think Ms. Yin also said something like that before.
I think you're just like her, you're both courageous and talented.
*Feminine voice* You think we're alike?
I can't compare to her anyways.
She's the principal's daughter, and they're known to be a family of successful scholars.
*Wei's attempted voice* It's okay, I believe she thinks highly of you.
I remember she gave your work a nice compliment once.
She said "Strengthen thy wings, the sky's the limit."
*Feminine voice* ... she really said something like that?
.. Hey, let me ask you a question.
I see Ms. Yin and Mr. Chang chat a lot ...
Do you maybe know what kind of relationship they have?
*Normal voice* That was .. weird, when did that take place?
*Feminine voice* A paper bag left behind by Wei.
*Normal voice* "The book club sensitive reading material" a fucking handgun.
What the balls man- aw, why am I walking slow?
Nothing further?
This is weird- hi, oh Jesus.
Was the police thing foreshadowing?
Oh no.
I have to shoot you, don't I?
*Feminine voice* Ms, Yin? What are you doing over here?
*Ms. Yin voice* As a teacher, I always show concern for students who are a little rebellious.
Remember what you did?
*Feminine voice* What?
Have you forgotten or do you not want to remember?
*Feminine voice* You ...
Just a harmless piece of paper right?
Instead, I had to die, he had to die, and many other students had to die ....
*Feminine voice* Was it you?
You just keep causing me trouble, you're driving me crazy!
Sometimes, when you trip up, you're ever able to get bcd up again...
*Feminine voice* How dare you! This is all because of you! You ruined everything.
If you had a problem, why couldn't you just have talked to me instead?
*Feminine voice* Shut up !
*Normal voice* Okay, I didn't get to read that. Oh, Jesus.
What the fuck is going on?
*Feminine voice* if you weren't here, all would be well.
[Shoes stepping on glass shards]
*Whispers* I don't understand.
Am I dead? (possibly.)
Music's awesome.
*Feminine voice* Justice Cheng Heung, mom likes to bring all her worries and concerns to you.
Something I think is fruitless, but
sometimes there's no one else to look to for help.
*still reading text in feminine voice* My hands together, in silent prayer, here are my questions
I, Fang Ray Shin invoke your guidance.
Ask about family.
Will my parents who quarrel and fight have a second
chance together? [item clinks]
Yang Poe, the laughing answer ...
You cannot cry over spilt milk, is that so.
.. but that was my family ..
My mom and that person. We use to smile
and laugh together ...
So if you- if you throw it and it lands together
does it give you like a proper answer?
Will I be able to live life by my choices, and follow my
heart down my own path? [item snaps]
The laughing answer again.
So, I can only face reality obediently
And wait until god knows when?
do I have any other choice?
Will I be able to live a simple life with loved ones and family?
The crying answer.
Do not seek what cannot be
Ah, this was just a humble request
You can be so cruel
Do I ask for too much, is life just a never-ending bitterness?
or is it all just me?
Divine answer.
So, it is because of me.
I don't know man, I don't know if you should trust
what a statue is telling you.
Youth is hardly ever given a choice, pushed through the
grind until their innocence fades away.
I've become a wooden horse on the carousel of life.
A jumbled mess of lifeless emotion.
Infused with frantic energy, I spin ever faster.
I hear whispering.
Oh it's like watching lost all over again
Is it the others?
[static-like noise continues]
I can save here.
*Feminine voice* a radio...?
seems like the static in the room is coming from this.
maybe I can get something if I tune it a bit
Dude it's just like .. oxen free again
ah that's nice.
*Feminine voice* The atmosphere in the room's changed.
[dances to music]
aw that's a nice song
[dances a tiny bit faster]
I like these types of songs.
like this kind of music reminds me of some like
older Asian movies that I use to watch
.. a while back.
nothing else?
Okay, I guess we just get two songs- I like this one more
Oh, Jesus that's cool
Awe it's cute. ^-^
It looks like
is it Betty Boop? (yes.)
The eyes.
*Feminine voice* A ceramic piggy bank.
big round eyes, waiting to be fed
Don't have any money for it though
Am I allowed to leave my room?
*Feminine voice* someones home.
Oh I am.
Oh God this is creepy-looking
*Feminine voice* I feel like mom's always been a traditional housewife..
she doesn't complain even when wronged.
I really don't like that.
There's no way to go into the past anymore.
Back then, besides the new years, dad never drank at home.
I miss the days when he had jokes and stories to tell
That's sad.
Oh God.
Oh, the eyes flicker in the dark
did you see that
*Feminine voice* Pictures of Mom, Dad, and I.
The eyes have been rubbed off
*Normal voice* no that haven't!
You just need to turn out the lights
Oh Christ
*Feminine voice* What's this supposed to mean?
Can I turn them?
It just keeps saying the same thing over and over
Oh the juice cup now would probably be full right?
*Feminine voice* It glows with a dull melancholy
Filled glass cup- yup.
The door's locked,
"meet the right person at the right time"
Okay, Imma leave the light off cause it's adding a
really cool, creepy spooky atmosphere
ohh- oh no. [glass breaks] No, no, no, not having
any of that fucking shit.
Some fucking poltergeist crap
Oh I hate it
Can I fill the piggy bank now?
Can I pour this into it?
This doesn't do anything. Okay.
Maybe I have to go to- uh, the different song
Yea, that's awesome
the room's upside down now, this is so bizarre.
Oh the piggy banks broke.
*Feminine voice* A ceramic piggy bank
broken up for one's desires
Nothing in it though
*repeats tune on radio*
There's a puddle of clear water on the ground.
Can we make it a different puddle?
Ah fluorescent puddle
So we can follow the footsteps, can I turn off the lights?
I need to be able to turn off the lights so I can see where the actual footprints lead
Okay through this door- that's a cool puzzle!
God i'd be so fucked without that.
I mean you could probably guess
Oh Jesus, it's getting faint.
Thank God
Ah why are there a bunch of syringes
*Feminine voice* a note on the floor.
Ad for private investigator
Husband cheating? comes home late? we specialize in tracking people
This looks like an ad for a PI firm
Is that her mom doing that to her dad?
Oh God..
Mad props for the disturbing imagery
*Feminine voice* Back then laying in bed, I could head mom and dad chatting through the walls..
They had such a bond back then.
I don't know when their idle chatter turned into deafening silence.
Later dad only came home when he got roaring drunk
Mom always huddled in a corner, trying to hide her tears...
So sad.
o-kay? alright there's a light switch again
ah I can't turn it off
maybe if I match then?
I don't know what I do man
Make them both midnight
That'll do something right?
Probably not, I think I need a solution
There's another door that I didn't go back through out here
I need to pay attention to see if there's any other clocks anywhere
It's really creepy as well cause all the like eyes and everything are gone off...
the people and the pictures.
The picture in the last one with the fluorescent stuff on it either side of
Ray's face .. that-those were the clock symbols, so I have to go back into the other one again
*Feminine voice* The teacher's desk, on it are plenty of assignment papers.
Why is this a room?
Okay, I have to go back into the other time line, yeah that and ...
that. Okay let's just take a picture of it.
Just to be sure...
Did I-did I do it right? something- something made a lot of noise.
There's no indication if i'm doing it right or not.
Ohhhh ..
I have to go by the orientation of the pictures.
cause the mom was upside down and the dad was sideways
oh, now I get it.
There we go, ah, that's clever!
Okay! At least I got it ... oh Jesus.
He was cheating wasn't he
*Feminine voice* One day, Dad came home inebriated and tripped at the front door
I couldn't stand seeing him on the ground all the time so I went over to give him a hand ..
besides the stench of smoke there was another smell
a faint smell of powdered make-up
Aw no.
This is touching on some like very real issues.
Now did this change?
Nothing's different and I can't do anything here
Maybe if I go back to the radio,
maybe I got another song or something.
Hold on, I forgot in the other timeline
there was a thing saying "meet the right person at the right time" and now I fixed the clocks
so they should be at the right time.
cause they keep - they keep permeating throughout all the timeline stuff
Yea that seems about right
ooh cool
Hello spirit :D
Is this the councilor?
*reading text* I've received your paper plane
I was truly worried you were still having trouble at home,
but it looks like my concern was slightly unfounded.
Like the white daffodil, you are innocent, vain and candid in nature
Perched aside a pond in snow white, admiring your reflection
Being different from other can be a tough way to live. (true)
But I think I can understand that feeling
You said you want to learn more about my time abroad
All I can say right now is that my past is rather .. complicated
Unfortunately, many horrible things have happened on this land in the last decade...
believe it or not, our society wasn't always like this .. oppressive and cold
perhaps we should take a stroll down the boulevard on the weekend.
There are things our censored textbooks don't mention, but are definitely worth knowing.
Okay, paper airplane. That's the symbol of the whole game.
Like the actual window that i'm playing the game in- the little task bar icon is the little paper plane
*reading text* Toss my worries out, and receive your guidance
*low voice* okay...?
Where the hell am I now?
kay, same place.
ooh? stuff's changing.
Radio Station: 103.0
Okay, let's tap into that shiz
The songs are cool-- where am I now?
well i'm still in my house, I know that, but like what time?
Okay bad time.
No time.
So if I cross it normally, it's me, but turning off the light shows a man
Okay there was nothing in that one
what's going on?
A strange quote on the door: follow that shadow in the dark, then you will be closer to the truth
Okay, so some of the directions seem to go another way
So lets see
Okay so now he's going forward
then he goes that way(wei*)
then he shows back up here
and keeps going ...
he goes the other way so turn this one off.
keep following the shadow
Yeah! That's cool.
I mean they're not that complicated-- they're not that hard to figure out but
they're very cool to uh to do. There's a drawing on the wall.
*Feminine voice* I drew this when I was little
it was always kept, even when we moved the furniture around
that's nice
A coin
Coin and a paper plane
put those together and you have a wild night ahead of ya
oh shit.
I hear demons
*Feminine voice* The theater- the theater's ticket counter
This doesn't do anything.
Can I not buy a ticket?
The piggy bank.
It's all coming back.
do you have a ticket inside you?
Kay I fed you now so you might have something in the other timeline
when I go forward.
There we go, the ticket.
I'm onto you game, I see how you work. That's really cool
So we don't have to go through the shadow man door anymore
I don't know what that symbolized
There's still a lot in this game that I have no idea what's going on
She obviously had problems at home
like her parents were arguing all the time and fighting and stuff like that
Well that's quite the fucking departure from the art style
that's a brain bean squashed
A pig's head
eyeballs on sticks (gross)
*reading text* "Good day and welcome, we hope you enjoy your movie."
I don't even know if I wanna go in anymore
[inaudible voice speaking]
we're just watching a movie
That's the teacher dude right?
Wait a minute ..
Oh no
Were you doing stuff with your teacher? (probably.)
White Jade Deer Pendant
and I got an achievement: more than a teacher
The door's shut tight- shit I can't go in again
[ominous music playing]
That's kinda fucked up
Oh God.
Who the fuck was that?
*Feminine voice* A note on the floor: search warrant
*reads text* A search warrant issued by the district court with a list of public officials involved in a bribery scheme
When I went home that day, father had already been taken away. I asked mom what had happened ...
She quietly replied: "Dad got his hands dirty, but he'll live."
Hearing this, I felt as if she was smiling underneath.
She got the private investigator to look into him
God, this is messed up!
Assignment book, oh okay.
Let's go back into the middle timeline and put my assignment on the teacher's desk.
I like this back and forth that's going on
So dad was some sort of like official
Why the giant goldfish again
Why this?
Why the blood rain?
Why the crumbled up paper airplane?
Oh the closer I get, the more death that's happening
*Reads text* The teacher's desk, on it are plenty of assignment papers.
I finished my homework.
Miss Fang.
The counseling process is near it's end-
I'm glad you're back on track.
and hopefully won't be needing me anytime soon.
If there isn't anything else you should return to class now.
I still have plenty of assignments to look at.
Isn't that the dude that she was doing the do with?
Counseling records.
Can I read them?
It's over, no matter what's been written on here, there is only farewell.
I guess I'm going back to class.
What- where exactly?
The other timelines didn't have any, like classrooms in them
Unless this is gonna change- there we go.
Time to save.
You feel blessed.
[clasps hands together] Okay, well I'm gonna leave this episode here
I didn't intend for this one to go on as long as it did
but I just got so enraptured in whats going on and
trying to figure out the story and there's lots of moments where i'm just sitting here and I'm like:
"very cool, yeah." and just reading stuff that's going on.
because I forget that i'm lets playing and
I forget that this is suppose to be like a video. i'm just here like enjoying the game, it's really good
I still don't really know what's going on, but I look forward to seeing everything by the end of it, to see
what's actually going on. Hopefully, there's not just the thing where I like go through this and it's the ending.
So I don't know how long the game is, and I don't wanna do like an hour long episode and then the next episode ..
is like ten minutes. *chuckles* But anyway, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING THIS EPISODE. IF
[OUTRO MUSIC STARTS] and high-fives all around. WAPOOSH! WAPOOSH!
I feel like we learned a lot in that episode: creepy teacher, arguing parents, blood eyes.
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Detention - Part 3

132 Folder Collection
Ned仲 published on August 25, 2018
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