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(Intro) Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye,
and welcome to a really cool-looking horror game called "Detention!"
It's a 2D horror game, which really caught my eye because you don't get many of them.
You don't get many really good 2D horror games.
It's all about first person-kind of horror games these days, and stuff that like jumpscares you and everything,
but this, this is a Chinese based in, I think it's based in 1960's Taiwan, I think that's what the Steam store said, but it looks really cool!
Not only is the art style, the thing that kinda caught my attention,
but I just love the general atmosphere and vibe, it reminds me very much of Siren: Blood Curse,
which is one of my favorite horror games ever, as well as White Day um,
which is a Korean horror game that I played on the channel.
I didn't play Siren: Blood Curse on the channel, I did one video on it, and then never went any further...
Just, Siren: Blood Curse, White Day, Fatal Frame, all those types of like Asian horror games I really love
because they have a very different style of horror!
They have a very different take on what horror is, and I really love that kind of take on it so...
This one really caught my attention, I think it will be really cool, so...
Let's play a little of it! Let's see how it goes.
*bird tweets*
Ah, this is awesome!
"Class, the following material is important. Pay attention, this will be on the final exam."
"During this time period, many provincial military leaders..."
Urgh... Fall asleep... *chuckles*
And... I'm passed out.
"The President then started the Northern Expedition, securing..."
Urgh... *chuckles*
*heavy footsteps*
"Look... It's instructor Bai..."
*heavy footsteps*
He's gonna be Instructor "Hi" in a second...
"Ms. Yin, may I have a word with you?"
"Okay class, let's take a short break."
*ominous music*
Ok... Inspector Bye-Bye.
"Ms. Yin."
*ominous music*
"Have you seen this list before?"
*ominous music*
*wind blowing*
Uhhh.... What?
"Um... did I fall asleep?"
"This is strange... where is everybody?"
"How come nobody's here?"
Maybe you're dreaming?
"A typhoon alert?"
"There shouldn't be any typhoons this time of year."
"What's going on here?"
Hah, I don't know dude.
Ah, it really reminds me of "White day". AH Its a point and click! Man I haven't played a point and click in ages.
"Typhoon alert..."
"I thought the weather was quite nice during history class..."
Apparently not, Billy.
"The sound of howling wind..."
"Typhoon must be getting close..."
What is that?
"There's a note on the table..."
Added to journal. Where did Ms. Yin go?
"Where did Ms.Yin go? Whoever was passing this note in class was worried about Ms.Yin."
"Ms.Yin keeps calling in sick lately" "That's weird." "No kidding man." Er- Man... "I hate those other subs they send in."
Me too.
"I'll put it in my notebook."
"It's getting dark out. I should head home."
Its a while since I've played like this sort of very immersive type of horror game.
Where theres a lot of exposition and dialog and everything. I like these.
Oh, that's to turn off lights.
"It's the bulletin board. The holidays are the only thing I pay attention to."
"Marked on the calendar are the daily and weekly quizzes, midterm exams, final exams..."
"Reading this is giving me a headache..."
You and me both brother.
Aw, that's cool. I like-
I dunno, I don't know how to describe the art style the kind of like choppiness, but these look really cool as well.
"I don't have to use the restroom."
"Girls restroom, I shouldn't go in there..."
Maybe I'm supposed to head upstairs, but lets just keep going this way for now.
God, theres so much to explore.
Okay, thank god.
"A piece of paper lies on the windowsill..."
"A sketch of the old Banyan tree."
"An old sketch of what looks like the Banyan tree in the school."
"There seems to be a figure underneath."
Is it Mr. Bai?
Okay, doors locked. Lets head upstairs.
"The front gate isn't that way." Jack: Okay.
I like that too, um. Sometimes when theres too much to do it gets very overwhelming and I don't really know where to go,
and then you forget where you're supposed to go.
"The Principal's office is also locked."
"Don't know what was planted but they've all died out."
This one didn't
"A pot for growing daffodils."
"Only one of them's still hanging in there."
"There's something in the dirt."
Dig out? ahhh yeah!
"Can't tell who's in the picture. There's a quote written on it."
"The roots below the earth claim no rewards for making the branches fruitful"
That's a very good proverb.
"The roots below the earth's claim no rewards for making the branches fruitful"
So, the roots do all the work and they don't claim any rewards
for making- making the tree beautiful and
grow and full of life and they don't
need any rewards. Good analogy for life.
"Shoot they closed the roll up door"
"That's the only route to the front gate..."
"I've gotta figure out a way to open it."
"I think this is the control panel for the roll up door."
'Kay I assume i'm gonna need something for this.
"Its a mechanical winch."
"There are instructions on the cover I think I need a crank."
Oh, that's creepy
*very heavy footsteps*
Turn on the light a bit faster there buddy?
*Jack makes a weird sound*
Nice that the crank is just right there! *Chuckles*
*too quiet for Jack* Ew...
"This is one dirty raincoat."
"The musty smell is horrifying"
Ooh, I like it! It's spooky! *chuckles*
The game, I mean. Not this.
"Diamond Sutra?"
Is that sex positions for rare elements? *chuckles*
"Why would someone put this on the wall?"
"I'm not familiar with Buddhist teachings."
Maybe that's why they put it there so you would be familiar.
"Yuck, I would never wear this."
I like- I like the more somber playthroughs as well,
every now and then. Cause I know I yell and I scream
and I do a lot of the cool stuff like that
and that's what I'm known for, but it
sometimes it's nice to just sit in and relax
a small bit and get immersed in something
"Due to our ongoing war with mainland China"
"Instructor Bai is asking"
"students to rat out anyone who may be"
"pro-communist or show signs of treachery." "There are big rewards for informants" Jack: Yeah
so this is- ahh- very rough times.
In Taiwan.
Drag item from inventory, ok.
Boom! Man so old-school! I love that.
I like the music going on the background too
Woo! Are you feeling it? Are you feeling spooked?
I sure am, probably shouldn't have so many lights on though.
Wait, can we make it more..more oh yeah!
now let's get into it
oh yeah that's nice lets get a bit spookier
like this stuff is really cool I love the..
the setting
it kinda reminds me; if you've seen like- old
asian movies, these kind of settings like
the..the backgrounds and everything
really cool, I really like this art style
that's going on. I don't know how you
describe this art style but I'm a big
fan of it; the shortest route back home
is through the auditorium let ah crap
let's iz-ity enter
Hi Ms.Yin? This is very "White Day" and I
really like that game but it got a bit frustrating,
but I really liked it at the end.
*Door opens then shuts*
Knock, knock, knock, Ms.Yin? Is that her?
"Who's this girl? Is she sleeping?"
"Hello? ...she's not responding."
"Maybe I should get on stage."
hell yeah, it's always a good idea in life to
get onstage, so it's not Ms.Yin anyway.
cause he knows her.
"Hello? Wake up! You shouldn't be here."
neither should I really.
"Um... ... ...where am I?"
"The auditorium you were sleeping on the stage."
"School is canceled because the typhoon is coming,"
Oh, my name's Wei, no way.
"I just came from my classroom, you're the first person I've come across."
"Weird... how did I..."
"We should get going, it's getting dark in here."
"and the rain is starting to pour."
mm "..Wait! my necklace is gone!"
"Have you seen my necklace?"
"I don't think so."
"How? I must have lost it somewhere.."
"I'm not leaving without it... "
You're missing a shoe, or is that? Oh, alright that's just the way
the art style was showing her feet. I thought she
just had a sock on
Okay, let's find her thing I guess
"Some odds and ends, and an old military jacket."
nothing special here. Alright lets
Is this it?
"Something's in there, but I can't reach it."
Of course you can!
"An old exhaust fan, the powers off."
"There's a dim sound coming from the end of the vent shaft."
You can so reach that- get the brolli!
"This stuff is used during our school assemblies."
"There's an umbrella in this bucket."
Take umbrella. *Jack mimics music*
Okay, ah shit! I'm suppose to drag sorry ehh *Shpadoink*
Is that her necklace? White-Jade Deer Pendant
that's a cool necklace; I love Jade
ornaments and Jade figurines. I'd actually love
a whole collection of them. I'd get the ones
from Kung Fu Panda *Chuckles*
okay. Ah were we teleported here?
Strangely? That's a nice run you've got Wei.
" Did you need help findin-" err- "Did you need help finding it?"
"Um... would it be too much trouble?"
"Well we'll certainly find faster if we look together."
"Thank you then."
"What kind of necklace are you looking for?"
"A deer shaped Jed pendant- Jade pendant tied to a black cord."
"Let's split up and search for it then."
"Thanks, that means a lot."
I found it, shit ok
*weird noise*
"is this the necklace?"
" You found it! That's awesome! Thank you!"
Much nicer.
"Where did you find it?"
"In the storage room next to the stage, it seems like
someone threw it into a vent in there."
"What? Why would it be in such a place?"
"Well forget it, you found it anyways."
"Let's get going before the rain gets heavy."
I like these types of games as well.
Where I get to like, play out the characters.
Ooooh, this it is nice
"Wow, it's raining pretty hard already."
"It's too dangerous to stay here any longer let's go."
Doing those types of voices after awhile,
they sound easy, but it's those
specific types of voices- because I love doing
voices- maybe not right now because my
voice hasn't warmed up today, but.. it's like
you..you talk from like here and it's all whispering
and after a while like it's
really hard on your neck and cause it
reminds me of when I used to do Fran Bows voice.
"This rock's been sitting here for quite some time now."
"People say it fell from small temple on the mountain."
This? It looks like a piece of wall.
"It's the Security office by the main gate. I guess even the guard left for home."
"Here is the campus exit."
Ok, as soon as we get out of this creepy
school the better.
Nevermind, *chuckles* this is creepier.
" What...! The bridge... collapsed?"
"No freaking way!"
*chuckled* no freaking W-E-I
"Oh god..."
"Wha... why is the river red?"
"This looks like.."
"It kind of looks like blood..."
"Blood?! Don't say that!"
"Sorry I wasn't thinking."
"What happened..."
"Ok let's calm down and think about it..."
"There's got to be a reasonable explanation."
"Why is it red? Even muddy water shouldn't be this color."
"Ah! I think I know the cause of this."
"There are a few factories located upstream."
It's probably them dumping chemical waste into the river under the cover of the typhoon!"
Oh! I was saying the wrong voice, sorry.
"Are you sure?"
"I've heard people talking about it."
"Perhaps you're right..."
"The worst part is we don't have a way to go downhill now,"
"without the bridge gone- er- with the bridge gone."
"Tons of people cross this bridge every day."
"This bridge should have been better maintained."
"Guess we have to head back to school."
It won't do us any good standing here in the middle of the rain.
"Don't worry, it's just a typhoon,"
"The school has enough supplies for us to get through the storm."
"All right,"
"I guess I can trust you, you seem like a reliable person."
"Just trying to be optimistic."
"Let's get going then."
Dude I'ma play this out like an animu.
I love this.
"*Sigh*, All wet and tired, what a day."
"Just rest up for now. We may have to spend the night here."
"Oh wait! I haven't officially thanked you for finding my necklace for me!"
"I'm Fang Ray Shin, a senior from Ms.Yin's class,"
"You can call me Ray. How about you? What grade are you in?"
"So you're my senior? Ms.Fang, i'm Wei Chung Ting."
"You don't have to be formal with me. It's a bit awkward, just Ray is fine."
Yeah cause that's a- a thing in Asian cultures- um- China,
Japan and Korea, at least, as far as I'm
aware. That it's all about honorifics and
you...you speak to people who are older
than you
very, very politely. This is..this is
common knowledge among people but in
case you didn't know um because when I
went to Korea it was all about like
you're- you're elders, even people who
are like a year older than you, even people that are a month
older than you
they're closer to you. But you usually speak
a lot more politely to them so they're
certain protocols for the way you speak
to them and the types of like tenses and
not tenses but honorifics that you use
I guess you should say um so everybody
who older than you, you treat with
respect and then unless they say that
it's fine to say like oh you can just
call me by my first name because you're not supposed
to call like elders and people by their
first names.
"Normally we don't go to the senior building,"
"I heard that it's a very competitive environment, where everyone works their butt off studying."
"Ha, it's not that awful, some of us still do what we want."
"I do envy you for graduating. Soon you won't have to see,"
Guo Fong on a daily basis."
Sorry if I'm mispronouncing these. Um- any of you people
who have these names in your national- or
your natural dialect; I would love to
know how to pronounce it properly
i'm pretty sure i'm pronouncing Bai properly.
"Instructor Bai? I don't even dare call him by his whole name."
"Rumor says he was a relentless killer during the War."
"I wouldn't dare do that in front of him either..."
"We're all pretty terrified of him,"
"We avoid him any possible way we can."
"Ahem! Hey you! come here! Why are you hiding from me?!"
"Are you affiliated with the Commies?"
"Whoa.. that was a perfect imitation...giving me goosebumps"
"Ha, anyways, just hang on tight buddy! It'll be
your turn to graduate next year."
"Sigh... life's a struggle."
"Hey, I know what we can do."
"Let me go use that phone in the principal office,"
"see if I can contact anybody."
Oh I keep mixing up the voices I'm not
reading the-the thing.
"Then I'll grab that heater in the storage room,"
"and a couple of blankets from the health center."
"That should be enough for us to get through the night."
"That's a well-thought-out plan, do you need any help?"
" I'll be fine on my own you should rest up here missus. "
"The man's got it under control.
"Hold on there now don't take me on as one of those spoiled,
"pampered girls. I'm probably more capable than most of you boys."
"Sorry, that came out the wrong way."
Heh- the wrong W-E-I. His name full of puns, I love it.
"It's okay. You don't have to apologize, I know you were just trying to help."
"Okay. How about this, I'll go make the phone
call, then we can find what we need
together and carry them back."
"Alright that's sounds good. I'll wait for you right
here. Just hurry back it's getting real dark in here."
No problem Ray! Ray and Wei!
Heh, No Ray! Heh, yes Wei! *chuckles*
Ok where was the principal's office? It was
to the right or was it on the- ohh
What's happening?!
Hello? Heh, Am I going crazy?!
Ray? I can't click on anything anymore.
What's going on?!
"His footsteps echoed softly, invoking a trace of suspense in me."
"Reality faded away as time stood still."
"I swallowed hard as the emptiness confined me."
What the fuck is happening dude?
Jeezus Christ
Oh good Lord! Was that me hanging upside down?
Oh sweet mother of god. Aah! or should I say AAH!
W...why? What happened?
It looks like he's not breathing at all. Is
he dead? But how? H-he was fine just a moment
ago. Oh my god... I just met you- and this is
crazy but you're hanging upside down
dead maybe? Tell me this is only a bad
Okay Ray, take a deep breath
I'm sorry, my girl voice isn't very good.
There's notebook on the stage. Its Wei's journal.
I saw him looking through it earlier. Perhaps there
are clues to what happened.
O...kay, well...Um... Imma just head off.
Go catch myself the next train out of
here. Can I use the candle to go around?
I should take the candle with me.
This should light the way
Ooh this is nice.
MAN! The art style is very very nice. As you
can tell by the games that I play, art
style really means a lot to me because
art style and sound and everything
they're very big part of selling the
whole atmosphere of what's happening...
happening in a game of this is one
really nails it. Why is there a grave here?
The engravings on the tombstone were all
rubbed off.
Ok- oh- maybe I should read the journal.
Fortune-telling poem: a fortune-telling
poem from the temple: turn the wheel
with the laws of universe to reveal the
path ahead.
Ok and the note is the same.
When was this built? A shrine? Worshipping
a few deities... I don't recognize any of them
other than the earth God. Huh? What's that the thing
next to be insence burner? Ooh
auditorium key. Nice.
There's a note under the key. What's this?
Facing the lingered.
Picked up at the shrine seems like a page from a
children's book.
"Don't be scared when you see the lingered
just hold your breath and quietly walk
Okay so I'm gonna fu- I'm gonna meet
apparently "the lingered" so if i see the
lingered just hold my breath and quietly
walk away
*Jack scrunched face*
OOOH I don't like that sound.
Oh that's very Grudge.
Oh god!
Oh god!
Oh that's creepy! She looks like me!
Just quietly hold your breath and walk away.
Hggg! God God I was holding my breath! Fuck!
Am I safe?
Okay, sorry, I just fucking screamed into my microphone.
I mean shocker -agh- There's a dead rat in there.
The book club.
A note with a conversation
"Hey I heard a teacher started a club for
the students and are reading some prohibited
books." "Really? I thought that the book
club was just a place for studying...."
A dead mouse... mouse not rat. No wonder it smells so
bad in here.
I used to admire the flag bearer,
Thought it was the coolest job.
Now I just want to get away from all this.
Okay.... Basket filled with trash.
Is Wei still hanging out?
Sorry bad use of words.
Can't get up onto the stage.
Hey Wei!
That'll be our next friend's name, "Hey". *laughs*
Hey, Wei, and Ray.
I hope I can w-wake up from this nightmare.
The doors locked.
Well lucky us. *Ca-ching*
Is that in the principals office?
Though grat- near graduation, little is known
about our principal. It is almost like he comes to school wearing a mask.
Who could be calling at a time like this? Perhaps I can get some help.
Better not be those freaking juon sounds!
Ooh that's creepy
A bookshelf filled with books about history, leadership and the war.
If I remembered right,
the principal was also a war veteran.
Nah! I didn't mean to go outside.
I can't see where the freaking phone is.
Okay. Here.
Wei said he was going to try to get ahold of the townspeople.
Maybe they're calling back
I knew it was going to be creepy sounds
Hello? I am a student from Greenwood High,
someone here was found dead!
Please send help! Hello? Can anyone hear me?
Fang.. I..am...waiting...for..you...*cut off*
I didn't get to see!
What in the world is going on?
Who was that? How did he know it was me?
The counselor's office is on the third floor.
Jeezus fucking christ
What was that?!?
Demon shrine!
Demon shrine. This is an alter for praying.
Save progress. You feel blessed, papa bless.
Okay so I'm gonna leave this episode of um.. Detention here.
Really cool! I like this a lot I really really do!
Cause this- Okay let's read this for a sec.
This file cabinet shouldn't this be locked up?
A watch list for what? the folder is empty
Ok so Ms.Yin said. He said have you
seen this list before um-
Cause these days a lot of horror games are like- oh-
giving the illusion that there's a lot
of scary things happening and then it's
Bah! Jumpscare! um and this-this had
a few little jumpscares here and there
but it does it in the right way.
It builds up a lot of tension it builds up a lot of
mystery and stuff that's going on in the environment and it doesn't just like
give you a big giant pay outs all at once
and it doesn't give you- a lot of times it doesn't give you like huge banging soundeffects
when something happens like that
scare just now a thing happened and it
was creepy but it didn't just go
*scary noise imitation*
like a violin or something
and make you really scared and think the
sounds scare you more than the actual imagery
and that was really cool and I really
like the style like I think as I said
ambiance and like the sound effects
going on in the environment and the
visuals should really sell the tone of
what's happening because you can already
tell in a game like this that
something's going on like everything is
grey and moody and muddy and brown um
and sometimes that's not very visually
pleasing but when it's going to sell a
tone and mood to you it's perfect
because you already know that you're
supposed to be feeling down and kind of
on edge and uneasy and then all this
really weird imagery is happening and a
lot of the scares aren't happening just
like in your face like the stuff with Wei
hanging a upside down it's very unsettling
it's very uneasy and it makes you feel uncomfortable
and i really like that. That's
why I like a lot of the...the asian
horror movies and a lot of the asian
horror media and everything because it
does that very very well. um it's
something that stuff like I've said
White Day did except White Day got a bit
tedious and it's...it's a mechanic siren
Blood Curse was very good at this as
well it wasn't so much that wasn't so
much so that shock you like with sounds
and like jump scares it was the imagery
that really freaked you out and you
didn't really know what was going on it
was very inhuman you- a- kinda turn
your stomach a bit that's what Asian
horror does it's more visceral it's more about
kind of gore and stuff like that
um and it's..it's kind of way all those
like asian horror movies are really
really good and it's kinda why I like
Silent Hill games so much in Silent Hill
2 was kinda of like this is that your
set in this environment where everything
is very mysterious very weird you don't know
what's going on and stuff starts
happening in the environment and you're like
that's a little strange and then that
did jump scares very very well too so I
like this a lot I think it has a lot of
the elements in place to make a
really good horror game especially since
it's just a point-and-click 2D game
to be able to get so much immersiveness and
so much atmosphere out of it already is
amazing I love that I love horror games
it's one of my favorite genres of video
games and I just don't play them often
because very few games do it right so I
really like this this game, but um Let me know what
you guys think. Um if you want to see the
full series or not I know a lot of you
probably will but I don't know how long
the game is or anything like that's. so it
might be a really cool thing but for now
Thank you guys so much for watching this
episode if you liked it, PUNCH That Like Button
InThe Face, LIKE A BOSS, and high fives all round
*wapsh*, *wapsh* but thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!
"I'm everywhere" by Teknoaxe plays
Some strange sounds happening, not sure I like them *chuckle*
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SCARY SCHOOL | Detention - Part 1

171 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on August 25, 2018
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