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  • Hi Guys,

  • Welcome to the video

  • In this video, we'll be looking at the present perfect tense

  • First we're going to focus on the form,

  • or the actual words that you need to use to form the tense

  • Now, the present perfect is a compound tense

  • Meaning that you need two verbs together

  • to...aahhh...form it

  • Aaahhh, first you have an auxiliary verb

  • which is followed by the main verb

  • In the present perfect

  • The auxiliary verb is 'have'

  • Now, this is important, so pay attention!

  • The auxiliary verb must change form to agree with the subject

  • Then we have the main verb

  • which is in the past participle form

  • For example, I could say 'I have done'

  • Or, 'he has done'

  • Okay, now let's take a look at the form

  • for statements- both positive and negative

  • in a positive statement you have the subject

  • plus the auxiliary verb, and then the main verb

  • For example,...

  • Now, for a negative statement

  • you need to put the negative particle

  • between the auxiliary verb

  • and the main verb

  • Now, the...uhhh...not

  • can also be contracted to 'haven't'

  • or 'hasn't'

  • let's take a look at questions

  • both positive and negative

  • The main thing about questions is you have to switch the order

  • of the subject and the auxiliary verb

  • So the sentence now begins with the auxiliary verb

  • plus the subject

  • Now, just as in the negative statement

  • in a negative question, the negative particle 'not'

  • goes after the auxiliary verb

  • So, we have....

  • Now, in the question form

  • It is pretty much always contracted

  • to 'n't',...'haven't'

  • because 'have not you done?' sounds a little bit awkward

  • it's too long. So everybody says 'haven't you done?'

Hi Guys,

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Present Perfect Part 1: Form

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