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  • G'day guys.

  • Welcome to this episode of Aussie English.

  • Today I want to talk to you about 1 simple trick to sound more like an Aussie when you

  • speak English.

  • Let's go.

  • So, this one simple trick is words that end with -er, -or, -ar, -ure, -our, and -a (and -re*),

  • all have the same pronunciation in Australian English, at least the majority

  • of the time.

  • And this is the short /ɑ/ sound.

  • So, we make this sound by just lowering our jaw, quite a way, and literally just saying

  • the sound /ɑ:/, but short, /ɑ/.

  • So, as opposed to words like "bar" and "car", which have the long ɑ sound, this sound is

  • a very short sound.

  • /ɑ/.

  • So, let's go through a couple of words for each one of these endings so you can practice

  • sounding more like an Aussie.

  • And I will admit there are exceptions.

  • Like everything in English, the rule is that there is always an exception.

  • But, the majority of the time these words are going to end with the sound /ɑ/.

  • So it's a good place to start.

  • So, words that end with -a.

  • Area

  • Cobra

  • Coma

  • Flora

  • Words that end with -ar.

  • Polar

  • Cheddar

  • Linear

  • Jaguar

  • Words that end with -er.

  • Water

  • Laser

  • Maker

  • Beer

  • Words that end with -re.

  • Centre

  • Theatre

  • Tyre

  • Fire

  • Words that end with -or.

  • Mirror

  • Actor

  • Alligator

  • Doctor

  • Words that end with -ure.

  • Treasure

  • Cure

  • Nature

  • Structure

  • Words that end with -our.

  • Favour

  • Neighbour

  • Humour

  • Hour

  • And then, as a little bonus here at the end, guys, sometimes words with -ur at the end

  • are pronounced as /ɑ/ as well.

  • Although, a lot of the time they're going to sound like /ɜ/.

  • And one example I could think of was "amateur".

  • So, that's it for this episode guys.

  • I really recommend trying to make these pronunciation changes IF you want to sound like an Australian.

  • Otherwise, you're going to have somewhat of an American accent if you're pronouncing that

  • /r/ sound at the ends of words like "water", "anchor", "treasure", "neighbour".

  • That is a very American sound with that /r/ sound.

  • In Australian English we don't curl the tongue up to make the /r/ sound.

  • We drop the jaw and we keep our tongue flat.

  • /ɑ/

  • "Neighbour", "treasure", "hour", "actor".

  • Anyway, good luck guys.

  • Keep at it.

  • Keep improving your Aussie English, and I'll chat to you soon.

  • Peace out. All the best!

G'day guys.

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1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian: /ɑ/ | How To Do an Aussie Accent

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