B2 High-Intermediate US 362 Folder Collection
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-Hey girls, let's have a slumber party!
-(deep voice) Can I watch?
-Shut up!
-Dude, the commercial I'm in is gonna be on TV tonight.
-Sweet, what time?
-At like 3:00 in the morning,
so we're gonna have to stay up super-late.
-What's this I hear about staying up late?
Uh... nothing, Mom.
-You know bedtime's at 11, young man.
-Okay, I'm a grown-ass man, so you can't tell me what to do.
[high-pitched crying]
-What are we gonna do?
-We're gonna stay up anyway.
My mom can't tell us what to do.
We're gonna do whatever we want.
It's gonna be the greatest slumber party ever!
-Best night ever!
-Yeah, I'm never going to sleep again.
-(Ian's mom) Ian?
-[softly]: Not the bicycle.
-[yawns] That was a close one.
-Oh man, it's only 11.
-We need to get serious.
[screaming] ¡Mis ojos!
Ah! Oh! ¡Ay, dios mío!
-Never have I ever...
peed my bed in the past five years.
-(Ian's mom) Ian?
That's what I thought.
-[groans] What time is it?
-Only 30 minutes left till my commercial.
-Let's do this for realsies!
[eating Pixy Stix noisily]
[tinny Nyan Cat music plays]
-Do it!
-[laughing evilly]
[jumper cables buzzing]
-Dang it, Ian. If you two are up--
[lullaby music plays]
Sleeping like babies.
-God! Is it time for the commercial yet?
-It's only been two minutes.
-[sighs] Fine.
[agonized screams]
[ukulele alarm sounds]
-Commercial time!
[TV clicks on]
-(Asian announcer) Greetings, happy face.
Do you wet bed?
-(announcer) Have we got superior gift for you.
-(announcer) We give you answer to most excellent problem.
Welcome to Sumo Pee Blocker!
You no go pee-pee in pants no more.
Cool! Fun! Sexy!
Sumo Pee Blocker!
-This is the stupidest thing ever.
Why would anyone use this
when they can just get up and go to the bathroo--
[tinkling sound] What's that noise?
-I'm peeing.
Thanks, Sumo Pee Blocker!
-(announcer) Scrawny White Boy Approved!
-To see bloopers from this video and more,
click the link in the description below!
-Pudding pops.
-Click the subscribe button to get a free Sumo Pee Blocker!
[tinkling sound, sighs]
Works as advertised. [Captioned by SpongeSebastian]
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362 Folder Collection
dnwsaa58 published on August 23, 2018
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