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Hi I'm George Takei, Welcome to Takei's Take
every year a new piece of technology comes along
and casts it spell upon the mass.
So what about 2013
what's this year's it product?
and how the hell do you get one.
Today's topic is...Google Glass
or as I like to call it
the stupidest Instagram pic you'll take this year.
so what does Google Glass do anyway
you can check the weather, take pictures
record video, get directions, and
look stuff up on the web. Literally by just blinking.
Google's official motto is "Don't be Evil"
but if you've ever gotten cocktails with Sergey Brin
you'll know that they're real goals is world domination
so how do you get your mitts on these bad boys
if your name isn't Geordi La Forge
Well, in March of 2013
Google launched a competition for would be beta testers
asking folks to post on Twitter how they would use Glass
entries range from the simple
record a video
I'm recording...look at a mess
to the groundbreaking
like this Doctor who wants to create training videos
from a Surgeons point of view
What did you get for winning?
obviously the opportunity to get a pair of Google Glass
for $1500 dollars
In my day $1500 dollars could buy you a limited edition
Star Trek lunch pale Sulu Edition
so the lucky
and wealthy winners got their coveted Glass
and set off into the world to see as Google puts it
how Glass feels
What's 23 times forty-two?
How many dollars to the pound?
Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?
Pictures of puppies in pajamas
Holy Cow! Oh my God that was a life changing event just now
something just happened in my eye
Well hello
tech reporter Lamarr Wilson, how are you? I'm great George, how are you?
just great good to see. I hear you've had Google
Glass for a while now. What do you think of them?
You know despite what people say or think about them I think they're really cool
even so I like fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg she debuted these in
New York Fashion Week
and all of her models had them on and she really set the trend and made these hot
so George these are going to be hot for any season
How do they feel, George?
just said take a picture
you just recorded video over the up
Oh there's a picture
Okay so if you take your finger like this
and move - swipe it forward
says a settings
59 percent battery. no network connection
this is kinda fun though you know some Google Glass wearers with that recording
have already made their way into the sensitive locations like
hospitals, schools, and even strip clubs...Oh My.
last thing Lamarr are there any competitors?
Well absolutely there's Glass Up, Smart Glasses
Epiphany eyewear, the list goes on and on
each one with a better name and weirder look than the last one
so here's my take: the future is coming
whether we like it or not I cant stop it, I can only adapt
from now on whenever I have to embarrass myself in public
I'll simply where this
and that my friends is Takei's Take
remember to subscribe to our channel like this video
and tell me what you think in the comments below
until next time I'm watching you
online dating expert David So
I'm really tall. You're very clever. I speak English
I just average things that make it sound a lot more interesting than it really is
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Google Glass | Takei's Take | Episode 1

3728 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on October 1, 2013
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