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Korea's Go Grandmaster Lee Se-dol is to play his fifth and final match against Google's
AI system AlphaGo on Tuesday afternoon. The winner of the five-game series has already
been decided. The AlphaGo team will give the one million
U.S. dollar prize money to charity after winning the first three matches.
However, Lee Se-dol took revenge in the fourth game on Sunday, adding extra intrigue to this
final game. Experts say today's game is a deal-breaker
for both sides. With another win,... Lee Se-dol could prove
to the world that his success in the fourth game was not a fluke , while a fourth victory
for AlphaGo would add more credence to the power of the AI system.
The 33-year old grandmaster from Korea has expressed his hope for another victory.
Lee has requested black pieces for the game and Google DeepMind's team has accepted the
request. The match begins at 1PM, Korea time, in Seoul
and will be broadcast live on the DeepMind channel on YouTube.
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Lee Se-dol and AlphaGo to battle in final game of historic Go series

107 Folder Collection
jigme.lee888 published on August 22, 2018
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