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Long time no see.
A lot of things happened, and my camera was broken.
But everything is ok now.
So uh, you can see me again.
Ok let me give the answer of this problem.
I think this one is not very hard.
Point C.
It's not an urgent point.
Yes, this stone is unsettled yet.
But more likely, in most cases,
you have got some profits in sente via this exchange.
Because if you haven't made this exchange,
B can reinforce here if he wants to defend the corner.
It's a very good shape you know.
After this exchange, even if B wants to enclose the corner,
no matter what he would play,
it would be no better than this shape.
This w stone is light.
It's very easy to settle. W can tenuki.
B can't attack this stone severely.
If B keima, W just jumps.
That's why this move is rarely seen in nowadays.
People often play pincer instead.
Choice A.
It seems like a joseki.
But it's not a good move at this moment.
B will play here.
W attacks, B simply jumps.
Next here or here is miai for B.
If W makes a two space extension,
B crawls, and W's eye space is not enough.
If W blocks the corner,
B's attack would be severe.
Point B.
It's the right answer.
These two stones is the B's weakest group on the board.
This group is not weak because here or here is miai for B.
And this group is not so weak too.
It's wide open to the center,
and it can make eyes on the side.
So attack these two is right.
W ogeima here,
reinforces itself and attacks B in the same time.
It's a good move.
If B plays san-san,
W will tenuki and attack.
These two will be tragic.
If B jumps out,
this exchange is very good for W.
After this move,
W's group has been settled, and W has got some territory.
But this B stone is valueless.
Point D.
It's not the most important place on the board.
If W jumps. B will play here too.
So it's not the right answer.
OK, the right answer is here.
Have you got the right?
Today I'll tell you a new trend about mini Chinese fuseki.
This is a classical mini Chinese fuseki, we already know that.
Recently players like to play here instead of here.
If W invades here immediately,
B just fight with W.
B has more stones around this area. B is fearless.
B can't play here, if so, W will get a two space extension.
But now W can only get a one space extension.
So B can fight with W.
If W kakari here.
B keima, W attaches, and pulls back.
The difference is: if this stone was here,
W can keima.
But now, W can't keima. W can only play kosumi.
Then B keima, W kosumi, B kosumi.
W's efficiency is too low.
If B was here,
W keima, B jumps, W jumps.
W would be so much better.
So that's the mini Chinese fuseki's evolution.
B plays here, to prevent W's kakari.
So next time when you play mini Chinese fuseki, you can give a try.
Now this fuseki is very popular among Chinese professional players.
OK, today's problem is for beginners and amateurs.
It's about the feeling of shape.
Now B has a big moyo.
W invades here.
It's B's weak point.
B has to response, otherwise, W will cut to kill these 2.
So, how should B response to protect this cutting point?
We have 4 choices,
And, D.
Think about it. See you.^_^
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104 Folder Collection
jigme.lee888 published on August 22, 2018
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