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  • Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak.

  • It's Feifei here with Rob.

  • Rob: Hi everyone.

  • Feifei: So Rob, help yourself to a biscuit.

  • I know how much you love them,

  • so I bought some for us to share today.

  • Rob: Oh right. That's very kind, Feifei, but very odd.

  • You don't normally buy me things.

  • Are you feeling guilty?

  • Have you done something wrong?

  • Feifei: Of course not! Wellsort of.

  • I hope you don't mind, but I used up all your coffee

  • when I made drinks for the team this morning.

  • Rob: What?! You used up all my coffee

  • and you didn't make me one?

  • That really takes the biscuit!

  • Feifei: I haven't taken any biscuitsjust your coffee.

  • Rob: No, Feifei! When I say someone really takes the biscuit,

  • I mean what you have done is really surprising, annoying

  • or sometimes just silly.

  • Feifei: Oh dear. You're not happy? Sorry, Rob.

  • Let's hear some examples while you calm down

  • I can't believe she copied my work and pretended it was her own.

  • Now that really takes the biscuit.

  • You're really taking the biscuit if you're expecting me to take you to the match and wait outside until it's finished!

  • Your plan to turn the spare bedroom into a snooker room really takes the biscuit!

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English

  • and we're finding out about the phrase 'to take', or 'to really take the biscuit',

  • which means we are surprised or annoyed by someone's actions.

  • Oh Rob, I'll buy you some more coffee.

  • Rob: I hope so.

  • By the way, we can say 'something' as well as 'someone' takes the biscuit.

  • So you take the biscuit by using up my coffee

  • but there is something that really takes the biscuit.

  • Feifei: Oh yes? What's that?

  • Rob: These biscuits you bought are ginger nuts.

  • I hate ginger biscuits. Didn't you know?

  • Oh that really takes the biscuit!

  • Feifei: OK, Rob. You are really taking this badly.

  • Pass them over here then and I'll eat them.

  • Rob: Oh crumbs, I've dropped them. Sorry!

  • Feifei: It looks like I won't be taking any of my biscuits today!

  • Come on, Rob. I'll buy you a coffee.

  • Rob: Thanks. Bye.

  • Feifei: Bye.

Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak.

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